26 Jan 2018

Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes near Ferndale, California
The United States Geological Survey reports a preliminary magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck near Ferndale, California on Thursday. The quake hit at 8:39 AM local time at a depth of 5 kilometers.

New Dead Sea Scroll Translation Reveals Anti-Temple Calendar
“Members of the Yahad [Qumran Essene sect] adhered to a year of 364 days, which was different from the luni-solar year of the Jerusalem temple and the Hasmonean state,” the researchers reported in an article in the Journal of Biblical Literature. “The number of 364 days is neatly divided by seven, a typological number with significant religious connotation. Each 364-day year contains exactly fifty-two weeks, a fact that allows anchoring the festivals to fixed weekdays, thus avoiding their coincidence with the Sabbath. In addition, the number 364 divides neatly by four as well, yielding a good symmetry of the four seasons, each season containing exactly 91 days.”

Irish Exorcist Calls for Back-Up to Face Surge in ‘Malicious Activity’ by the Devil
In the face of the rising tide of demonic activity, Father Collins said he is “baffled” that the Irish bishops are not reacting to the need by appointing more priests as exorcists. Complaints range from claims of ghostly encounters, to people being pulled from their beds, and even “full-blown possession.” The priest said that the surge in demonic disturbances is a relatively new phenomenon, and “it’s only in recent years that the demand has risen exponentially.” The priest has seen what he calls a growing apostasy within the Church, which he ties to demonic activity.

‘We want peace and prosperity’ says Trump as he storms Davos with offers of better trade deals and pleas for big business to invest in America
President Donald Trump found a softer way to package his ‘America First’ agenda he strode through the conference center on his first day in Davos, calling for prosperity and ‘great peace.’ ‘I think the real message is we want great prosperity and we want great peace,’ Trump said after holding back-to-back meetings with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. ‘And I think that really is the message,’ Trump told pool reporters who trailed him at each scheduled meeting at the gathering of bigwigs in the snowy Alpine town.

FBI Mulled Special Counsel For Hillary Email Probe But Feared Her Wrath, New Texts Reveal
Newly released text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page reveal that the agency’s top brass was considering appointing former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald as a special counsel in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The idea is pitched in a March, 2016 exchange between Strzok and Page – relatively early on in their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information. Of note, Attorney General Loretta Lynch or one of her deputies would have had to make the ultimate decision to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the “matter.”

Anti-Trump FBI Official Identified As Leaker To WSJ, WaPo Reporter
Newly released text messages between controversial anti-Trump FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page reveal several leaks of confidential information to Wall St. Journal reporter, Devlin Barrett, who is now with the Washington Post. Following the release of the timestamped texts by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, Conservative Treehouse compared the timing of the messages between the agents and tied them to several instances of Barrett breaking news or confirming rumors based on “sources” within the government.

Irish Priest Calls For Backup: Too Many Exorcisms
An Irish priest has called for backup to deal with the overwhelming number of exorcisms growing throughout the country. According to Catholic News Agency, “Fr. Pat Collins said he has been overwhelmed with the number of requests for exorcisms from the faithful in Ireland.”

Shock Video: Google Home Censors Jesus Christ
Who is Jesus Christ? Internet users are posting videos of Google products refusing to answer the simple question. In one video uploaded Wednesday, Google fails to answer but provides an in-depth summary when asked about other religious figures including Allah.

The Photo That Never Saw The Light of Day: Obama With Farrakhan In 2005 – Talking Points Memo
A journalist announced last week that he will publish a photograph of then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama (D) and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan that he took in 2005 at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting, but did not make public because he believed it would have “made a difference” to Obama’s political future.

Franklin Graham warns of deep state coup against President Trump
One of the nation’s most prominent Christian leaders said he fears President Trump is facing a grave domestic threat by forces who want to take over the White House. “I believe we are in a coup d’etat,” Franklin Graham said Wednesday on the “Todd Starnes Radio Show.” “There are people in this country who are wanting to destroy the president and take over the government by force.”

Jihad in Toronto?
…“A 20-year-old Brampton man,” the Canadian Press reported Tuesday, “is facing dozens of charges, including seven counts of attempted murder, in what police describe as a string of unprovoked, random shootings in Toronto that narrowly missed being fatal.” As it turns out, this could have been a series of jihad attacks, but you will never learn that from the Canadian Press, or from Canadian authorities.

AMERICAN SHAME: Republican support for Israel skyrockets, yet Democrat support plunges
A new Pew Research Center Poll confirms what has seemed patently obvious for years: Democrats have abandoned the state of Israel while Republicans are staunch supporters of the Jewish state.

The little-known episode of Islamist terror training camps in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
It is definitely time for Americans to wake up and realize that Islamic groups have been establishing terror training camps across America – for years.

‘Doomsday Clock’ Now 2 Minutes to Midnight
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved the Doomsday Clock 30 seconds forward Thursday, placing the iconic indicator at two minutes to midnight.

Police Data: UK Violent Crime Wave Grows Even Faster, London Knife Attacks up 40 Per Cent
The UK’s surge in recorded violent and sexual crime, including knife attacks, has accelerated at a faster rate than previously thought over the past year, new police statistics reveal.

Powerful opioids are easily sold through the Internet and shipped in the mail, investigation finds
Synthetic opioids such as addictive and deadly fentanyl, fueling a drug epidemic, can be easily ordered online and shipped through the mail to United States addresses from China, a congressional investigation found.

As Israel celebrates its 70th, 1948 is Groundhog Day for Palestinians
Palestinians are dispirited and divided and disillusioned and now they face a year of Israel pouring salt on their wounds by celebrating Jewish victories that were also Palestinian catastrophes

Satanic Temple Says Abortion Laws Violate Its Rights
Editor Comment: So regarding the value of human life violates the Satanic Temple’s rights? Who would’ve thought. Missouri’s Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday in a case brought by the activist group the Satanic Temple to challenge requirements for women seeking abortions.

Podesta Calls For Population Control
Former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post calling for more programs to “stabilize” world population to fight global warming.

History Made: Oscars Nominate First Transgender Filmmaker
..Yance Ford is a transgender man, as in a woman presenting herself as a man, and she directed the Netflix documentary “Strong Island,” becoming the first ever transgender filmmaker to earn an Oscar nomination. The irony here cannot go unsaid: in the “year of the woman,” the Left considers Yance Ford’s nomination as one for a male.