19 Jan 2018

Netanyahu: If Abbas rejects the US as mediator, he doesn’t want peace
“If he doesn’t want the US as a mediator, he doesn’t want peace,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday about Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s rejection of the US as the go-between in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. “There is no substitute for the United States,” Netanyahu told reporters upon landing back in Israel after a five day trip to India.

NOAA forecasters say there is a 45% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on Jan. 20th when a stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. The gaseous material is flowing from a crescent-shaped hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras this weekend.

On Temple Mount, Jews Respond to Arab Incitement by Praising God
In what may very well be a historic turning point in the struggle for equality of religions on the Temple Mount, 42 Jews responded to an aggressive attempt by the Jerusalem Waqf (Islamic Religious Trust) to prevent them from touring the site, by singing praises of God. The Israeli police escort immediately responded by expelling the group of Jewish tourists from the Temple Mount, detaining them and threatening to revoke their rights to visit the site in the future.

What’s The Connection Between the Biblical Esau and President Trump?
Earlier this week, in a talk in Jerusalem that lasted well over two hours, Rabbi Kessin laid out his Bible-based case that Trump has a singular role to play in preparing the world for redemption. He did not claim that Trump is the Messiah, though Rabbi Kessin said, “Trump is a messianic figure,” meaning he is connected to the process of moving redemption forward.

IAF Reportedly Hits Hezbollah Weapons Depot in Syrian Military Airport Near Damascus
Syrian opposition sources are claiming that on Tuesday night, the Israeli Air Force attacked a Hezbollah weapons depot adjacent to the Mezzeh military airport near Damascus, Syria. Neither the Syrian government nor the IDF commented on the attack.

“Explosive”, “Shocking” And “Alarming” FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, “End Mueller Investigation”
“Not only will the release of this memo result in DOJ firing, but people will go to jail.” –Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)

Abercrombie Kids Launches Genderless Fashion Line For Children
Abercrombie Kids launched a gender-inclusive children’s fashion line Wednesday called the “Everybody Collection.”

‘Catholic’ Georgetown to Offer LGBT Housing to Students
Georgetown University, founded in 1789 and ostensibly a “Catholic” school, will offer a “gender & sexuality” housing complex for students starting in the 2018-19 academic year, which will operate as a residential center for homosexual, transgender, and “questioning”  students, according to Campus ReformThe center was the brainchild of Georgetown senior Grace Smith, who leads the student government’s LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Policy Team.

EXCLUSIVE: Steve King Calls on Leadership, Advocacy Groups to Protect Unborn with Heartbeat Bill
Rep. Steve King (R-IA) says House leadership and one very powerful pro-life group is posturing to prevent his anti-abortion “Heartbeat Bill” from passing in the House.

Venezuelans Throw Worthless Money in Trash Amid Massive Inflation
The financial situation in Venezuela is so bad people are tossing money in the trash because it is worth so little, according to a new report.

EMERGENCY WARNING: Scientific Journals Confirm Plan To Sterilize You
The globalists’ eugenics operation is out in the open

Sweden Prepares Its Citizens For ‘Imminent’ War With Russia
Sweden has issued an official public information manual urging its citizens to prepare for war with Russia urging the public to stock up on essential food supplies as tensions grow.

Senate Votes To Reauthorize NSA Spying Program
While most Congressional observers are focused on the battle to avert a weekend government shutdown (an outcome that’s looking increasingly likely), the Senate on Thursday quietly passed an extension of the NSA’s spying surveillance program, sending the bill to the president’s desk a week after the House voted to authorize the controversial plan.

Damascus warns it may shoot down Turkish planes attacking Kurds within Syrian borders 
The Syrian government warned Turkey against launching a bombing campaign in the Syrian province of Afrin, saying its air defenses may be used. Ankara had threatened airstrikes against Afrin-based Kurdish militias.

Dem IT aides pretended to be congressmen to steal data
In a report on the bizarre scandal centering on Pakistani-born Democratic congressional IT aides, a House investigation concluded the aides accessed the data of members for whom they did not work, sometimes logging in as lawmakers to cover their tracks.

Did the World Just Avoid Two False Flag Attempts Designed to Start World War III? 
…I have concluded that there was a indeed a missile fired at Hawaii in which it is my personal opinion that this was an attempt to provoke the American people into wanting WW III against North Korea. I believe that this missile was brought down and then the coverup started.  I have learned that the mechanism of warning of an impending attack is a 5 step process and the excuse that a wrong button was pushed in shift change is ridiculous….I believe that this was a false flag attack attempting  to frame North Korea for starting World War III.

Trump: Embassy Not Moving to Jerusalem Within the Year
The Times of Israel reports: US President Donald Trump on Wednesday denied the US would relocate its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem within a year, rejecting comments made a day earlier by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

SHOCK: An Elon University Professor Is Using Software To Provide Private Details On American Patriots To The Domestic Terror Group Antifa
In an absolutely shocking revelation, a report from Wired Magazine has revealed that a professor at Elon University has devised a so-called “secret weapon”, in support of Antifa, that allows her to keep tabs on at least 400,000 Americans who she believes are members of the alt-right.

FBI Investigating Millions Of “Mishandled” Dollars Funneled From Australian Govt To Clinton Foundation
The Clinton Foundation received some $88 million from Australian taxpayers between 2006 and 2014, reaching its peak in 2012-2013