29 Dec 2017

Tenth of Tevet: The Seeds of Messiah Planted in the UN Jerusalem Vote
The Tenth of Tevet, a fast day that began Thursday morning, commemorates the beginning of the Greek siege of Jerusalem, an event one rabbi sees mirrored in the hateful United Nations vote last week that attempted to isolate Jerusalem from the world. In the spirit of one of the most venerated sages in Jewish history, this rabbi sees the UN vote as proof that the Third Temple will rise again.

Evolutionary Scientists Retract Groundbreaking Results, Leaving Hole in Theory
“In retrospect, we were totally blinded by our belief [in our findings] … we were not as careful or rigorous as we should have been (and as Tivoli was) in interpreting these experiments,” Szostak told Retraction Watch. Without being able to produce RNA in the laboratory in the absence of the necessary enzymes, the ‘warm little pond’ theory of the origin of life does not work. The chemical processes produced in the lab did not, in fact, produce the building blocks necessary for life.

JPost Exclusive: No route to peace without Trump, Ambassador Friedman says
Friedman dismissed Palestinian threats to bring in a new peace mediator, saying, “There is no path around the United States. Israel has made it clear that they will not engage under the sponsorship of any other nation. You cannot clap with one hand. Moreover, only the United States has the regional credibility to bring forward a historic peace agreement.”

‘DOJ, FBI need to investigate themselves’
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is blasting the Department of Justice and the FBI for their “failure to fully produce” documents related to the so-called “anti-Trump dossier,” saying, in a letter obtained by Fox News, “at this point it seems the DOJ and FBI need to be investigating themselves.” “As a result of the numerous delays and discrepancies that have hampered the process of subpoena compliance, the committee no longer credits the representations made by DOJ and/or the FBI regarding these matters,” Nunes said. He called the Department of Justice’s initial response to the subpoenas “disingenuous at best.”

IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza Strip following rocket fire
Three rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel on Friday morning, the IDF said, adding that two of the rockets were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Israel Police confirmed that a third rocket struck an Israeli community in the Negev region bordering the Gaza Strip, causing damage to a building but no injuries. Police bomb disposal experts are working at the scene.

Gunmen attack Coptic Christian church near Cairo, killing at least nine
Gunmen killed at least nine people including three police in an attack on a Coptic Christian church south of Cairo on Friday, medical and security sources said. The two attackers opened fire at the entrance to the church of Mar Mina in Helwan district, which was being guarded by police in the run-up to Orthodox Christmas celebrations next week, security sources said.

Second senior Shi’ite militia commander visits Israeli-Lebanese border
Just weeks after a top Iraqi Shi’ite commander was filmed in South Lebanon overlooking northern Israel, a senior Syrian Shi’ite militia commander has paid the same visit to the border. Al-Hajj Hamza, the operations commander of Liwa al-Baqir, a Hezbollah-allied Syrian militia trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, was seen in pictures published on Twitter on the border with Israel.

North Korea: South seizes ship amid row over illegal oil transfer
South Korea has revealed it seized a Hong Kong-registered ship last month suspected of supplying oil to the North in breach of international sanctions. Officials said the Lighthouse Winmore had secretly transferred 600 tonnes of refined oil to a North Korean ship. A UN Security Council resolution bans ship-to-ship transfers of any goods destined for Pyongyang.

New Year’s Eve party in Berlin to have ‘safe zone’ for women
Organisers of Berlin’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are to set up a “safe zone” for women for the first time. The new security measures planned for the Brandenburg Gate party come amid concerns about sexual assaults. A large number of assaults and robberies targeting women at Cologne’s New Year’s Eve celebrations two years ago horrified Germany.

Egypt attack: Nine dead in gun attack on church near Cairo
Nine people died when gunmen tried to storm a church south of Cairo, but were intercepted by police, officials say. Three of the dead were police who were on duty at Mar Mina church. One attacker was killed and his explosives belt was defused. Another gunman managed to escape.

Israel: Minister leads prayers for rain to end drought
Israel’s Agriculture Minister, Uri Ariel, has joined with the country’s religious leaders in an attempt to use the power of prayer to end a drought. Mr Ariel is an Orthodox Jew and led prayers on Thursday at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Severe drought for four years has left the country’s water supplies at low levels.

China Offers Tax Incentives to Persuade U.S. Companies to Stay
China said on Thursday that it would temporarily exempt foreign companies from paying tax on their earnings, a bid to keep American businesses from taking their profits out of China following Washington’s overhaul of the United States tax code. There is, however, a catch: To be eligible, foreign companies must invest those earnings in sectors encouraged by China’s government…

China Quietly Builds The World’s Largest DNA Database
From kindergartens to high schools, from prisons to anyone who’s simply lost their ID, China is conducting the world’s most aggressive campaign to collect DNA from its population – with or without permission, in what it is calling a “high-tech security blanket” used to better monitor its 1.4 billion citizens, the WSJ reports.

DHS Announces Program to ILLEGALLY Scan Our Faces And They’re Forcing Us To Pay For It
As TSA agents continue to prove their incompetence in the “War on Terror,” the Department of Homeland Security is now allocating $1 billion in taxpayer funding to create a facial recognition program that will illegally scan Americans’ faces.

Burning Man just released their 2018 theme and you won’t guess what it is
Recently we reported that the Google founders chose their CEO by taking him to burning man, a ritualistic new age event of desolation. Burning Man released their plans for 2018, appropriately theming the Black Rock based event “I, Robot.” Here’s what they say about the event, originally posted on burningman.org:

LEAK: President Trump & PM Netanyahu Reach “Secret Pact” To Stop Iran
According to Israel’s top foreign policy reporter Barack Ravid, the United States and Israel have reached a historic agreement to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Top Democrat Activist Sarsour: You Have No Right to Tell Us We Can’t Kill Jews
Top Democrat activist Linda Sarsour took to Facebook recently to defend a Muslim’s right to kill Jews.

Hotels Plan ‘Stealth Pat Down’ of Guests in Wake of Vegas Massacre
Determined to stop the next Mandalay Bay bloodbath, Las Vegas resorts have begun experimenting with a high-tech device that gives each guest a “stealth pat down” electronically without patrons even knowing it. Called Patscan Cognitive Microwave Radar, the new system is already being tested at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. Among the concealed hardware confiscated so far: Several folding knives, a machete, and a 9mm pistol.

Facebook Is Now Resorting To FAKE “Fake News” Alerts To Block Any News Articles They Don’t Want You To Know About
The whole concept of fake news is extremely dangerous for a couple of different reasons. Of course, when real fake news is spread via the Internet and the mainstream media (like the idea that Donald Trump and his team colluded with the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign), it puts misinformation into the minds of the public and thus damages our society as a whole.

New Trump EO Targets Lobbyists, Clinton Foundation-Linked Individuals Involved in Human Rights Abuses and Corruption
President Trump quietly signed an Executive Order on December 21st targeting lobbyists and Clinton Foundation-linked individuals involved in human rights abuses and corruption.

Top Execs Continue To Flee Laureate
…The for-profit education company is best known for paying former President Bill Clinton nearly $18 million to serve as the “Honorary Chairman” at Laureate International Universities (LIU), the company’s main corporate entity. LIU also donated up to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to the Clinton Foundation’s website.

UN Bloated Bureaucracy Gets its Wings Clipped
It’s about time that Americans stop paying so much to subsidize the dysfunctional UNRWA, especially while the Palestinians turn around and threaten to use their “weapons in the UN” against the United States

English Bishop Attacks Pro-Trump Christians
The Bishop of Liverpool has attacked Christians who support President Donald J. Trump and “a system which builds walls instead of bridges”.