19 Dec 2017

Trump vetoes the world
Then, of the 14 nations that voted in favor of the resolution, she said this – “What happened today at the Security Council is an insult. It won’t be forgotten.” She wasn’t smiling…and neither was she saying, but it’s been noted, that the United States can stop funding the UN. Step two would get it out of New York and into Brussels, which serves as capital to the European Union. From Trump, through Haley at the UN, we find Israel and the United States in the same boat…two liberty-loving countries against the world…and it’s near Biblical.

Fossilized Antarctic Forest Stumps Scientists But Fuels Bible Flood Theories
The recent discovery of fossilized trees in Antarctica leaves researchers with unanswered questions which some Bible scholars think they can answer: a global flood that occurred precisely as described in Genesis.

Nikki Haley Slams UN for Resolution Denouncing Trump’s Jerusalem Proclamation
US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, gave a powerful speech, slamming the UN Security Council when she invoked the US veto power to slap down a resolution that would have called for the US to rescind President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. (video)

Envoy: Russia Happy to Replace US as Peace Mediator
Russia is ready to take over as an unbiased mediator in the Israeli-PA peace talks, Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vladimir Safronkov said on Monday at a UN Security Council meeting, TASS reported. Safronkov repeated Russia’s readiness to set up a meeting between the two leaders in the conflict: “We are ready to be unbiased mediators,” he said, adding, “Russia maintains trust-based and friendly relations with absolutely all Middle East nations: the Israelis, Palestinians and Arabs. Our ties are not marred by the negative legacy of the past.” Talk about revisionism… Today’s Russia and yesterday’s Soviet Union have been one of the primary drivers of discord and violence in the region since the early 1950s…

Trump Accuser Who Took Mortgage Payoff, Tried To Get Job As Trump’s Makeup Artist
A New York makeup artist who accused Donald Trump of groping her in the 1990’s – and whose mortgage was paid off by a donor arranged by Gloria Allred daughter Lisa Bloom, repeatedly solicited then-candidate Trump to become his campaign makeup artist so she could pitch her new line of men’s cosmetics, according to The Hill’s John Solomon. In an October 1, 2015 email – Trump accuser Jill Harth emailed the President’s New York Company headquarters, writing: “Hi Donald, you are doing a tremendous job of shaking things up in the United States. I am definitely on Team Trump as so many others are.”

2018 Global defense spending to hit post-Cold War high of $1.67 trillion
The annual Jane’s Defense Budgets Report released on Monday is forecasting that global defense spending will increase again in 2018 to hit a post-Cold War record of $1.67 trillion. The Jane’s Report was released by global information analyzer and distributor IHS Markit. According to Jane’s Report, defense spending will grow for the fifth consecutive year, overtaking the previous post-Cold War record of $1.63 trillion from 2010.

Pence delays trip to Israel, Egypt until mid-January
US Vice President Mike Pence has delayed his travel to the region until next month for a second time, citing an upcoming Senate vote on tax reform. Pence is scheduled to visit Israel and Egypt to meet with their political, religious and civic leadership. He plans to focus his meetings on issues such as the nuclear deal brokered with Iran in 2015, Arab-Israeli peace and the persecution of religious minorities, including local Christians.

Clashes as Argentina congress debates pensions
Argentina’s Congress has been debating pension reforms for the second time in a week amid more violent protests in the capital, Buenos Aires. The lower house was due to vote on the bill last Thursday but had to postpone the session because of the disturbances. The government says the reforms will help tackle the large fiscal deficit.

Robots and humans CAN make babies creating new hybrid species
Dr David Levy, a world leading artificial intelligence researcher, will explain how the genetic information of cells can be manipulated to create a baby with human and robot DNA in his key note speech at the Third International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots. Speaking at the conference in London on Wednesday, December 20, Dr Levy will explain how advancements in cell biology and bio robotics have led to his extraordinary conclusion.

Palestinians plan UN move to embarrass US over Jerusalem
The Palestinians plan on bringing to a vote at the UN General Assembly on Thursday a draft resolution calling on the US to revoke its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in an effort to embarrass the Trump administration. The same resolution, raised at the UN Security Council by Egypt, was vetoed by the Trump administration on Monday night. It received the support of the remaining 14 members of the council.

WOW! FBI Is Abusing ‘Secrecy Powers,’ Mueller & Rosenstein Hid ‘Explosive Information From Congress For Months’
With each passing day, it’s becoming clear there is more evidence to suggest both former President Barack Obama and failed candidate Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia than President Donald Trump. Yet, that hasn’t stopped both chambers of Congress and special counsel Robert Mueller from investigating ‘RussiaGate.’

Haley Vetoes Jerusalem Resolution; Slams Obama For Not Backing Israel a Year Ago
As U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley on Monday vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution seeking to overturn President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, she also sharply criticized the Obama administration’s decision a year ago not to back Israel in the same forum, calling the implications of that move “a stain on America’s conscience.”

FCC Caught Using Dead People’s Social Media Accounts To Spread Propaganda
The Federal Communications Commission has voted to repeal neutrality and has been using dead people Facebook accounts to spread misinformation and anti-net neutrality propaganda.

PAPER: Obama Colluded With Russia To Free Leading Terrorist Responsible For Murdering Americans
Amid the endless Trump-Russia collusion hysteria propagated by the mainstream media comes a cold, hard truth Democrats surely won’t admit; Former President Obama colluded with Putin, not President Trump. POLITICO‘s Josh Meyer reports that Obama administration worked with Russia to allow a “suspected top Hezbollah operative,” responsible for murdering Americans go free.

PROJECT CASSANDRA: How Obama Protected Islamic Terror Group Hezbollah To Push Through Phony Iran Nuclear Deal
The taskforce, named Project Cassandra, worked for eight years out of a top-secret facility in Virginia with help from 30 American and foreign security agencies, unraveling the global crime syndicate that was funding Hezbollah’s Jihadi operations, the site reports.

Flashback: Antifa Admits Train Track Sabotage Near Tacoma to ‘Stop Fracking
Editor’s Note: This since-deleted article from It’s Going Down, an Antifa affiliate, reveals how leftist activists planned on derailing freight trains near Tacoma, Washington, by pouring concrete on tracks.

Deadly Train Derailment Likely Caused By Object “Placed On The Tracks”
Update: As we mentioned lower in the boss, Monday’s deadly Amtrak train derailment in Washington state appears to have been caused by an object on the railway, according to a government official briefed on the crash.

Donald Trump National Security Strategy
President Donald Trump’s new national security strategy is set to be released on Monday. A copy of the document obtained by The Daily Caller reveals a stark contrast between President Trump’s America First National Security Strategy and former President Barack Obama’s most recent national security strategy in 2015.

Catholic League: ‘Homosexuals Committed Most of the Abuse’
Commenting on an Australian commission report that recommends ending mandatory celibacy of priests in the Catholic Church to apparently curtail sexual abuse, Catholic League President Bill Donohue said this possibly is Australia’s way of saying there are too many homosexuals in the Catholic clergy, and he added that in the United States “homosexuals committed most of the abuse” in the church over the last 50 years.