27 Nov 2017

Have Sodom and Gomorrah been found?
Archaeologist calls discovery near Dead Sea a ‘no-brainer’. Is the Bible’s account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah just a myth? Not likely, says an archaeologist who believes, following 12 years of sifting sand near the Dead Sea in Jordan, that he has found the ruins of the largest twin cities in the area, one that fits all the criteria of the Bible account.

‘Ignorant infidels’ in U.S. may have to be ‘forced’ to accept Islam
Radical imams from Virginia, Maryland and Texas recently attended a fund-raising event organized by an Islamist charity in which they were treated to a smorgasbord of teachings from foreign-based Islamic thinkers. Ludhiavi believes America is a “land of infidels,” whom he described as “ignorant.” His comments are a ringing example of what Muslim leaders say when they are behind closed doors and in the company of other Muslims, as opposed to the public comments meant for gullible infidel ears, security experts tell WND.

Saudi-led ‘Arab NATO’ declares total war on terrorism; Iran, Iraq & Syria not invited
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman has vowed to “wipe” terrorists from the “face of the earth” using resources available to the Islamic Military Alliance, a so-called ‘Arab NATO’ which claims to be targeting a “faceless enemy,” rather than any particular “sect” or “country.”

The World in 2018 from The Economist highlights key global themes to watch for next year
“It will be a critical year on many fronts, including North Korea’s nuclear challenge, the Brexit negotiations, China’s economic reforms and America’s mid-term elections as well as the presidential polls in Brazil and Mexico. We will see intriguing battles for influence, ideas and leadership.”

Israeli Researchers Debunk Transgender Craze That’s Sweeping America
The Bible warned that a day would come when good was called evil, and evil was called good. In other words, a day when reality and truth were turned on their heads. Anyone living in a Western society currently steeped in the transgender phenomenon might understandably think that day has arrived. Israel, at least in this context, is looking to play its role as “light to the nations” by releasing a fact-based rebuttal of the notion that gender is a matter of personal feeling and choice.

Quake of magnitude 6.2 strikes off Papua New Guinea – USGS
An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 struck off the Pacific Ocean nation of Papua New Guinea on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. There were no immediate reports of any damage or injuries from the quake…

Indonesia orders immediate evacuation as highest alert issued for Bali volcano
Indonesia closed the airport on the tourist island of Bali on Monday and ordered 100,000 residents living near a glowing volcano spewing columns of ash to evacuate immediately, warning that the first major eruption in 54 years could be “imminent”.

World’s 1st robot citizen wants her own family, career & AI ‘superpowers’
Sophia, the first robot to be awarded citizenship in the world, has said she not only wants to start a family but also have her own career, in addition to developing human emotions in the future. In an interview with The Khaleej Times at the recent Knowledge Summit, Sophia shared her thoughts on the future that awaits both human and robot kind. Sophia was built and developed in Hong Kong by Hanson Robotics and her appearance was reportedly modelled on Audrey Hepburn.

A high-speed stream of solar wind is approaching Earth. Estimated time of arrival: Nov. 27th. The onset of the solar wind could kick off 3 days of polar geomagnetic activity, boosted to G1-storm levels by the glancing impact of a CME on Nov. 29th

ISIS Group to Jihadists: ‘The Crusaders’ Feast is Approaching… Show Them the Meaning of Terrorism’
A pro-ISIS media group continued its online verbal jihad against the Vatican and Christmas today with a threat accompanied by an image of a jihadist and a wolf overlooking St. Peter’s Square. On Tuesday, the Wafa’ Media Foundation released an image of smoke rising from Rome with a fighter jet overhead and a jihadist standing next to the sort of makeshift armored vehicle ISIS uses for suicide bombings in Iraq and Syria.

Mount Agung: Bali volcano alert raised to highest level
About 100,000 people near Bali’s Mount Agung have been ordered to evacuate as officials fear a major eruption. Indonesian authorities have raised the state of alert to its highest level, and expanded the exclusion zone around the rumbling volcano. The island’s airport has now closed, leaving thousands stranded in the tourist hotspot.

PDVSA: Maduro names general to head Venezuela oil firm
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has named a general to head the state oil company, PDVSA, and the country’s energy ministry. Mr Maduro said the appointment of Major General Manuel Quevedo was “a new oil revolution” to tackle corruption. Last week executives of Citgo, the oil company’s US refining subsidiary, were arrested over corruption allegations.

Syria: Russian air strikes ‘kill dozens of civilians’
At least 53 civilians have been killed in Russian air strikes in the east Syrian village of Al-Shafah, a monitoring group says. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said 21 of those reportedly killed on Sunday morning were children. The village is in Deir al-Zour, one of the last provinces where Islamic State still holds territory.

Surge in Migrants Creates Abysmal Conditions on Greek Islands
Three months ago, Shehab Kabalan, a 20-year-old from Syria, traveled in a small boat from Turkey to Greece in the hope of receiving asylum in Europe and starting a new life. Instead he is trapped on the island of Samos, living in a flimsy tent among dozens of other migrants and refugees, prevented from traveling to the mainland and now bracing for a hard winter.

Congress poised to jam through reauthorization of mass surveillance
Congress doesn’t have much time left on the legislative calendar for the year, but… In the few remaining days, Republicans hope to pass a tax reform bill and either another short-term continuing resolution or an omnibus to fund the government. Another item on the agenda is the reauthorization of Title VII of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), including the controversial Section 702.

Justices to weigh cell phone privacy in landmark case
The privacy of emails, photos stored in the cloud, even heart rate history from a smartwatch could be at stake, according to civil libertarians, as the Supreme Court takes up a potential blockbuster case after Thanksgiving. When they return to the bench after the holiday, the justices will weigh whether the history of cell phone locations stored by a phone service provider is searchable without a warrant.

Russian diplomat warns ‘apocalyptic scenario’ on Korean Peninsula possible
An apocalyptic scenario of developments on the Korean Peninsula is possible, but Russia hopes that a common sense would prevail among the involved parties, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said… “A scenario of the apocalyptic development of the situation on the Korean Peninsula exists and we cannot turn our blind eye to it,” Morgulov said speaking at the opening of the eighth annual Asian Conference of the Valdai discussion club in Seoul.

Saudi vows new Islamic alliance ‘will wipe terrorists from the earth’
Saudi Arabia’s crown prince vowed to “pursue terrorists until they are wiped from the face of the earth” as officials from 40 Muslim countries gathered Sunday in the first meeting of an Islamic counter-terrorism alliance. “In past years, terrorism has been functioning in all of our countries… with no coordination” among national authorities, Prince Mohammed bin Salman…said in his keynote address to the gathering in Riyadh.

Exorcists on call to raise French spirits amid surge in private treatment for demonic possession
Out, out,” chanted Jean Clément, as he performed a ceremony to rid a Parisian businessman of “negative spirits” supposedly conjured up by a jealous rival….He is one of a growing number of people in France who are turning to exorcists to save their careers or restore love to troubled relationships.

Have Sodom and Gomorrah been found?
Is the Bible’s account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah just a myth?Not likely, says an archaeologist who believes, following 12 years of sifting sand near the Dead Sea in Jordan, that he has found the ruins of the largest twin cities in the area, one that fits all the criteria of the Bible account.

Geologists see 2018 as year of monster quakes
Geophysicists who studied seismic activity over the past 117 years report 2018 could be shaping up as a year of monster earthquakes – especially around the equator.

Democrat Conyers Threatens To Take The Whole Damn Swamp Down With Him!
The lawyer for Rep. John Conyers hinted the Michigan Democrat may take down “many others” with him if he is pushed too hard!

SWAMP MONSTER DEFEATED: Obama-Holdover John Conyers Steps Down From House Judiciary Committee, Millions Cheering
On Sunday, not even hours after Nancy Pelosi went on national television to defend him with calls for the right of “due process” and praising him as someone who has defended the rights of women, Washington’s top Democrat is stepping aside from his committee in the face of two sexual misconduct allegations.

Assad to Netanyahu: Ready to discuss Golan demilitarization on Syrian side of the border, as Israel had made it known they will NOT tolerate an Iranian presence there
…During his visit to Sochi last week, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad conveyed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a message that Damascus was ready to discuss the disarmament of the Golan Heights up to 40 kilometers from the separation line, and to examine autonomy for the Kurds and Druze in the country as part of a comprehensive agreement that would leave the current Syrian regime in power, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida as reported by Nana 10 news.

Muslim students demand prayer rooms in every ‘major building’
Students at the University of Maryland have released a list of 64 demands in their effort make the campus more amenable to “marginalized student populations.”