18 Nov 2017

Despite Trump’s objections, Congress passes Israeli missile defense aid using wartime funds
Congress appears to have bucked the Trump administration this week by passing hundreds of millions of dollars in missile defense aid for Israel…using funds…reserved for current US wartime operations. The White House made clear…that it was not opposed to the amount of aid…for Israel, but rather the vehicle for its delivery– an unprecedented use of dollars typically saved for US military readiness.

Lebanon’s Hariri leaves Saudi Arabia for France
Saad Hariri, who sparked a crisis by resigning as Lebanese prime minister on Nov. 4 during a visit to Saudi Arabia, is on his way to…from Riyadh to France. Hariri’s abrupt resignation while he was in Saudi Arabia and his continued stay there caused fears over Lebanon’s stability. His visit to France with his family to meet President Emmanuel Macron is seen as part of a possible way out of the crisis.

Germany sanctions Iran’s Bank Sepah
Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) announced…the agency imposed a credit ban on Iran’s Bank Sepah for violating the country’s credit law. Bank Sepah was previously sanctioned for its role in aiding Tehran’s missile program…”a credit ban against Bank Sepah’s branch in Frankfurt was imposed because the institution violated the requirements of the rules of a business organization…

Zimbabwe latest: Thousands celebrate end of Mugabe era
Jubilant scenes are unfolding on the streets of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, as protests demanding the resignation of President Robert Mugabe have turned into a celebration of the army’s role in ending his grip on power. BBC correspondents say protesters are hugging and cheering soldiers in the crowd. One demonstrator told the BBC the day was “about a new beginning”.

Brexit: EU gives May two weeks to act on divorce bill and Ireland
Theresa May has been told she has two weeks to put more money on the table if the EU is to agree to begin Brexit trade talks before the end of the year. EU Council President Donald Tusk said he was “ready” to move onto the next phase of Brexit talks, covering future relations with the UK. But he said the UK must show much more progress on the “divorce bill” and the Irish border by early next month.

Syria: Russia again blocks extension of chemical attacks probe
Russia has cast a second veto in as many days to block a UN Security Council resolution that would have extended an international inquiry into chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Russia rejected a Japanese draft resolution to prolong by 30 days the Joint Investigative Mechanism, whose mandate ends at midnight on Friday.

Massive US military social media spying archive left wide open in AWS S3 buckets
Three misconfigured AWS S3 buckets have been discovered wide open on the public internet containing “dozens of terabytes” of social media posts and similar pages – all scraped from around the world by the US military to identify and profile persons of interest. The archives were found by UpGuard’s veteran security-breach hunter Chris Vickery during a routine scan of open Amazon-hosted data silos…

US warns of Christmas terror threat in Europe
The United States on Thursday updated its advice to travellers heading for Europe, warning of an increased terrorist threat over the Christmas and New Year holiday season. Washington has a long-standing warning to its citizens to beware extremist attacks in European cities, and in recent years it has expressly warned of dangers at festive events.

Hezbollah reportedly on high alert, primarily due to Israeli threats
The Kuwaiti daily newspaper Al Rai reported on Saturday that Lebanon-based terror group Hezbullah has raised its level of alert throughout Lebanon to a record level due to threats from several countries, first among them being Israel. According to the report, the alert level was raised more than two days ago.

US may shut down Palestinians’ DC office
The Trump administration put the Palestinians on notice Friday that it will shutter their office in Washington unless they’ve entered serious peace talks with Israel…Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has determined that the Palestinians ran afoul of an obscure provision in a US law that says the Palestine Liberation Organization’s mission must close if the Palestinians try to get the International Criminal Court to prosecute Israelis for crimes against Palestinians.

Trump adds five conservatives to list of possible Supreme Court picks
In a move certain to please conservatives, President Donald Trump on Friday added five names to his list of candidates for a prospective U.S. Supreme Court vacancy as he presses ahead with a campaign to move the federal judiciary to the right. Two of them are appellate judges who were nominated by Trump earlier this year and confirmed by the Senate: Amy Coney Barrett and Kevin Newsom.

Christmas is Back at White House! No More Mao Ornaments, ‘Christmas Tree’ Goes Up on Monday
Christmas is back at the White House! No more mass murderer Mao Tse-Tung tree ornaments.

Saudi Arabia calls on Hezbollah to disarm, threatens its ouster from Lebanon
Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir on Thursday called on the Hezbollah terrorist organization to disarm, warning the group that regional efforts were underway to oust them from the Lebanese government.

Why People Will Happily Line Up To Be Microchipped Like Dogs
So…some people actually want to be microchipped like a dog. They’re lining up for it. They’re having parties to get it done. It if isn’t available to them, they’re totally bummed out.

Secret Informant In Fear For His Life After Jeff Sessions’ DOJ Leaks His Name One Week Before Testifying Against Clinton Crime Family
The Jeff Sessions DOJ leaked the name of the FBI informant in the Clinton Uranium One bribery case.

FBI Whistleblower Has Video of Hillary Clinton Accepting Briefcases Full of Cash
Footage set to prove Clinton accepted bribes from Russia for Uranium One deal

Scientific Study Concludes That Jesus Christ Didn’t Exist
A study by a group of world-renowned scientists, historical researchers, and religious scholars has concluded that Jesus Christ never existed, branding the Christian Bible as “fake news.”

UK Methodists Appoint Trans Minister
A man identifying as a woman has become the U.K. Methodist Church’s first transgender minister, physically transitioning changing his gender to female after four decades of dressing like one.

77 holistic practitioners now dead since 2015: This is beyond strange, they are dropping like flies and MSM ignores them
Since June of 2015, 77 holistic practitioners, more with other deaths associated with them, have died, official causes ranging from suicide to heart attacks, with the latest woman, doctor Annie Fairbanks, found murdered in her home, along with her husband, their 3-year-old daughter and 9-month-old son, in Arizona.

Special forces expert: Mental illness waivers ‘disturbing’
The U.S. Army is rescinding its recently announced policy of allowing people with a history of mental illness to get a waiver in order to serve in the military, a welcome move but one that should never have been necessary, according to a former U.S. Army special forces commander.

Christians asking is the pope still Catholic?
It’s not a punch line. It’s a question being asked about the current head of the Roman Catholic Church, Francis, who critics believe is showing signs of abandoning fundamental Catholic doctrines – including the existence of hell.

CHRISTIANS IN SHOCK: Christians Told to Replace Posters of Jesus With Chinese President Xi if They Want Illness and Poverty Relief
Thousands of villagers in southeastern China have reportedly been called to replace their posters of Jesus Christ and other religious imagery with photographs of Chinese President Xi Jinping if they want assistance with poverty and illness relief.

G-D’S WRATH: Prominent Israeli Rabbi Declares That Deadly Iran Earthquake Is Divine End-Of-Days Judgment For Their Treatment Of Israel
A 7.3 magnitude tremor, the largest earthquake in Iraq’s history, struck on Sunday just a few miles from the Iraq-Iran border, killing over 335 Iranians in what one prominent rabbi understood as divine judgment.

FRC: House Tax Reform Bill Benefits the Unborn, Promotes Marriage
The Family Research Council (FRC) is praising the tax reform bill that passed the House on Thursday, saying that it helps the unborn and greatly reduces “marriage tax penalties.”