15 Nov 2017

Russian long-range bombers strike Islamic State targets in Syria
Six Russian long-range bombers struck Islamic State targets near the town of Albu Kamal in Syria’s Deir al-Zor Province on Wednesday, the RIA news agency reported, citing Russia’s Defence Ministry. The TU-22m3 bombers flew from Russia across Iran and Iraq to launch the strike, RIA said.

Speier: U.S. House Paid $15 Million to Its Secret Sexual Harassment Victims
Pressed for details, Speier said she did not know how many members of Congress were involved. She also explained that victims had signed non-disclosure agreements. “If the taxpayers are involved, don’t we have the right to know?” Todd asked later in the segment. “I think you do have the right to know,” she said. “But right now, under the system, you don’t have a right to know.”

The Big List of 149 Trump accomplishments
Here, then, is an accounting of the truly significant achievements of the first eight months of the Trump presidency, compiled in conjunction with the Thank Trump Card Campaign, which has a dedicated website. The accomplishments are all the more noteworthy as they have been carried out in an environment of unrelenting negativity on the part of not only the Democrats and almost the entire news media, but the Beltway establishment itself, the entire donor class, the “Deep State,” and even many Republicans wedded to the D.C. “swamp.”

Paganism Returning, Warns Rabbi After Egyptian, Hindu Gods Appear on Washington Mall
A three-day weekend event on the Mall in Washington DC featured a massive seven-headed dragon as an exaggerated symbol of Satan in what one prominent rabbi sees as part of the reappearing battle against paganism, an ancient sin that is creeping back into the world. The third annual Catharsis on the Mall, titled a Vigil for Healing, was held as a politically motivated incarnation of the desert Burning Man Festival from which it evolved.

Iran & Saudi Arabia saber-rattling: Who would prevail in all-out war?
The regional confrontation between the two nations separated geographically by the narrow Persian Gulf is deeply rooted in sectarian, political, and economic competition. Saudi Arabia and Iran follow the two rival sects of Islam with a long history of violence. They compete in the currently troubled energy market, with Tehran holding a grudge over the share it has lost due to sanctions imposed by Riyadh’s American patrons. They fight proxy battles, often violently, in places like Bahrain, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Netanyahu to Washington, Moscow: Israel Will Operate in Syria Despite Ceasefire
The agreement, announced last Saturday, calls for “the reduction, and ultimate elimination” of foreign fighters from southern Syria. Yet an Israeli official who was briefed on the cease-fire said that the distances for Iran-backed forces in Syria from Israel’s border would range from as close as 3-4 miles to as far as 18 miles, Reuters reported. On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated that Israel will not be constrained by the deal.

Coup d’état in Zimbabwe
The Zimbabwean army is holding President Robert Mugabe, and Zimbabwe appears to be facing a military coup. Military forces took control of the state radio network ZBC this morning (Wednesday) and announced that Mugabe, 93, and his family were in a “safe place”. At this stage it is still unclear where Mugabe and his wife Grace were taken. Armored vehicles blocked roads leading to government offices, parliament, and courts in central Harare.

AG okays normalization, expansion of Jewish town in Samaria
The legal opinion permits expropriation of privately-owned Arab land for the purpose of regulating access to the 700+ meter high village, in a way that enables population of the village’s entire area. At the end of October, now-retired Judge Salim Jubran ruled in the High Court regarding the outline formulated by the government for temporary housing of Amona evacuees in absentee property adjacent to the site from which they were evicted.

‘Demon’ shark with snake’s head caught for the first time
The creature, measuring 4 feet, 9 inches, in length belongs to a species that dates back 80 million years, during the peak of the dinosaurs. It was captured at a depth of 2,300 feet below the surface. Previous encounters with the frilled shark have been around this depth, though not below 3,300 feet, due to its habitation near the outer continental shelf and upper to middle continental slopes.

Egyptologists Discover Pits Filled With Giant Severed Hands in “Joseph’s Palace”
The find was indeed gruesome but not entirely surprising for the egyptologists, as it confirmed their belief that soldiers would cut off the hands of defeated enemies and present them to noblemen in return for a gold bounty. Hieroglyphics have been discovered depicting this practice.

Netanyahu vows Israel will act alone against Iran if given no choice
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised…that Iran would not gain a foothold in Syria by which to attack Israel. The premier spoke…just hours after Russia clarified the it had no intention of pushing Tehran’s military forces out of the country. “Iran is scheming to entrench itself militarily in Syria. They want to create a permanent air, land and sea military presence, with the…intent of using Syria as a base from which to destroy Israel.

Syrian Kurdish party backs longer US role in Syria
The main Syrian Kurdish political party, the PYD, on Wednesday welcomed a longer-term role for US forces in Syria after the defeat of Islamic State, saying the Americans should continue to play a role until a political solution to the Syrian crisis. Syrian Kurdish groups have been the main partner on the ground for a US-led coalition fighting against Islamic State in northern and eastern Syria.

US security officials arrive in Israel to discuss Syria border deal
US National Security Council officials arrived in Israel for talks with their Israeli counterparts. Representatives of other security agencies are also participating Tuesday in the discussions, which are focused on the recent US-Russia cease-fire agreement for Syria as well as on Iran. The agreement, announced in a joint US-Russian statement Saturday, calls for “the reduction and ultimate elimination” of foreign fighters from southern Syria…

Zimbabwe crisis: Mugabe ‘under house arrest’ after army takeover
Zimbabwe’s military has placed President Robert Mugabe under house arrest in the capital Harare, South African President Jacob Zuma says. Mr Mugabe told Mr Zuma in a phone call that he was fine, the South African leader’s office said. Troops are patrolling the capital, Harare, after they seized state TV and said they were targeting “criminals”.

Russia moves to target foreign media in RT registration row
Russia has moved closer to introducing a law that will allow the government to list any foreign media operating in the country as a foreign agent. The proposal, in retaliation for Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT being told to register as a foreign agent in the US, has been unanimously approved at the lower house of parliament. US-backed Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty could be hit.

US scientists try 1st gene editing in the body
Scientists for the first time have tried editing a gene inside the body in a bold attempt to permanently change a person’s DNA to try to cure a disease. The experiment was done Monday in California on 44-year-old Brian Madeux. Through an IV, he received billions of copies of a corrective gene and a genetic tool to cut his DNA in a precise spot.

Household debt rises by $116 billion as credit-card delinquencies pile up
Household debt rose by $116 billion, or 0.9%, to $12.96 trillion in the third quarter, the New York Fed said Tuesday. That’s the highest level in nominal terms, though not when compared to the size of the economy. Credit-card debt rose by 3.1% while home equity lines of credit, or HELOC, balances fell by 0.9%. There were small gains in mortgage, student and auto debt.

Transgender service member gets gender reassignment surgery
An active-duty service member has received gender-reassignment surgery, the Pentagon said Tuesday, amid ongoing debate over whether transgender troops should be allowed to continue to serve in the military. Defense Department spokeswoman Dana White said the surgery was done Tuesday in a private hospital and was paid for by the military’s health coverage because the doctor deemed it was medically necessary.

San Andreas ‘Quake Swarm’ Has Cali Residents Fearing The ‘Big One’ Is Imminent
Yesterday morning a series of 10 earthquakes struck Monterey County, California along the San Andreas fault line and has Cali residents increasingly concerned that the “Big One” could be next.  The quakes, the biggest of which measured 4.6 on the Richter scale, hit near Salinas, California but were felt 90 miles away in San Francisco.

Canada Builds $300 Million Highway To Nowhere, But Is There A Hidden Agenda?
A new $300-million first of its kind ‘permanent’ highway will officially open in the Northwest Territories of Canada on Wednesday….We think there could be another reason why Canada would build a highway to nowhere. As explained by one citizen in the video below, the new route is called ‘road to resources’, it’s where major reserves of oil and gas reside, and at one time inaccessible due to poor infrastructure.

Senate tax bill yanks Obamacare mandate
The proposed Republican tax reform bill will include repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate requiring most Americans to have some form of health insurance or pay a tax penalty, GOP leaders said Tuesday. The decision means that Republicans, yet again in 2017, will attempt to gut a key element of the Affordable Care Act.

The Big List of 149 Trump accomplishments
…Here, then, is an accounting of the truly significant achievements of the first eight months of the Trump presidency, compiled in conjunction with the Thank Trump Card Campaign, which has a dedicated website. The accomplishments are all the more noteworthy as they have been carried out in an environment of unrelenting negativity on the part of not only the Democrats and almost the entire news media, but the Beltway establishment itself, the entire donor class, the “Deep State,” and even many Republicans wedded to the D.C. “swamp.”

Australian Postal Referendum Approves Gay Marraige
In a postal vote referendum, 61.6 percent of Australians cast their votes in favor of same-sex marriage. The Australian Bureau of Statistics announced the results Wednesday.

US Scientists Made A Genetically Modified Human Embryo
This is the first confirmed case of the gene editing of human embryos in the US and it gets scientists one step closer to the ability to create genetically engineered humans. Researchers in Portland, Oregon have used a powerful gene editing tool called CRISPR to create genetically modified human embryos, MIT Technology Review reported in an exclusive.

Cal Thomas warns about mixing politics, religion
Are politically active Christians a critical force in changing putblic policy toward a more biblical perspective, or are they getting drawn into ugly political infighting that distracts them from sharing the gospel and ultimately damages their witness to unbelievers? America’s most widely syndicated columnist fears it’s the latter.

CHAOS IN AMERICA: 5 killed in California school shooting
Several children wounded, multiple fatalities in northern CA. shooting across 7 locations, including school. At least two students were wounded when a gunman opened fire at the Rancho Tehama School near the town of Corning in northern California Tuesday.

Did Mueller Help Saudis Who Funded Obama’s Harvard Education?
A controversial article published Monday by investigative historian Eric Zuesse forces to the forefront once again the historical record suggesting Robert Mueller played a major role cementing the Bush family ties to the Saudi ruling family that paid for Barack Hussein Obama’s education at Harvard Law School.

Postal Service: Red Ink for 11th Year in Row as Mail Slumps
The U.S. Postal Service reported a financial loss Tuesday for the 11th straight year, citing declining mail volume and costs of its pension and health care obligations even as it predicted another strong holiday season of package deliveries.

McCain and Hillary Are Proven ISIS Supporters: Have the Two Been Indicted?
Hillary Clinton and John McCain have a lot in common. Besides undermining the US Constitution and working against the interests of the United States, they share three similar variables: (1) They are undeniably supporters of ISIS and each had a hand in the creation of the most dangerous terrorist entity on the planet; (2) They both sustained supposed injuries to the same foot at the exact same time and we wearing the exact same orthodic boot; and (3) Both parties are the target of very vicious and persistent rumors that beneath their walking boots are GPS locators which are placed on the ankles of indcted suspects of serious crimes who may be a flight risk.

Visa Lottery Gave 28,783 to Those From State Sponsors of Terror, 2007-2016
…the number of visas from those countries increased substantially under the two Obama administrations. For instance, in 2008, the last full year of the George W. Bush administration, 841 lottery visas were granted to Iran; in 2016, the last full year of the Obama administration, 2,788 lottery visas were selected from Iran.