6 Nov 2017

Second Saudi Prince Confirmed Killed During Crackdown
Following the death of Prince Mansour bin-Muqrin in a helicopter crash near the Yemen border yesterday, the Saudi Royal Court has confirmed the death of Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd – killed during a firefight as authorities attempted to arrest him.

‘Last days Babylon’ now on drawing board
It is planned to extend over multiple nations and to dwarf New York City at 33 times its size. The costs are expected to be hundreds of billions of dollars, and it is already attracting investments from some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world. It’s Neom, the new mega-city planned by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salmon. Located on the Red Sea coast, the city will have a special legal status within Saudi Arabia and will supposedly be fully automated, with robots outnumbering humans. The global financial elite are already rallying around the project. The Economist proclaimed:

Tony Podesta Lobbied For Russia’s ‘Uranium One’ And Did Not File As A Foreign Agent
Tony Podesta’s lobbying firm, the Podesta Group, represented the Russian-owned company Uranium One during former President Barack Obama’s administration and did not register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, The Daily Caller News Foundation has determined. Podesta collected lobbying fees of $180,000 from Uranium One, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, that discloses lobbying documents filed with Congress. The uranium company states on its web site it is a “wholly owned subsidiary” of RUSANO, the Russian State Corporation for Nuclear Energy.

Report: ISIS ‘Caliph’ Baghdadi Fled Iraq in Yellow Taxi
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self appointed ruler of the Islamic Caliphate (a.k.a. ISIS), on Sunday night fled Iraq to Syria in a yellow taxi, the Iraqi Media News Agency reported. While fleeing for his life, Baghdadi reportedly ordered the remaining ISIS fighters in Qaim to “resume fighting,” the agency added, but “they let him down and escaped in their private cars to Syria.”

PA Head Abbas to Meet With Egypt’s El-Sisi to Talk Palestinian-Israeli Peace
Abbas is set to meet with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on Monday for discussions on advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, the Jerusalem Post reported, citing a Palestinian diplomat. The two leaders were also both scheduled to attend the World Youth Forum in the Sinai Peninsula’s Sharm El Sheikh resort town on Sunday.

Death Toll Nears 50 After Typhoon Blasts Vietnam Over Weekend
The death toll from the typhoon that struck Vietnam at the weekend has risen to at least 49, the government said on Monday, Oct. 6. After Typhoon Damrey’s winds tore off roofs, felled trees and ripped up electricity poles, heavy rains brought floods to central Vietnam just days before the region is due to host the APEC summit of Asia-Pacific leaders.

Rand Paul recovering from 5 broken ribs after attack at Kentucky home
“They were as far left and right as you can be,” Skaggs said. “We had heard of no friction whatsoever other than they just were difference of political opinion. Both of them walked their little dogs at about a mile and a half circle, a nice little dog trot. I’d see them out walking, maybe they might stop and speak with each other.”

What To Know About The Arrests Of Saudi Arabian Princes
Given that Saudi Arabia is a monarchy, the idea of identifying corruption in an objective matter might seem farcical. Still, with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman leading the charge, projecting an image of responsible reform has been a prominent theme amongst recent policy moves.

Israel to clear mines from over 15 acres to expand West Bank settlement
The Defense Ministry has started clearing mines from land adjacent to the Karnei Shomron Regional Council in order to significantly expand the community, The Jerusalem Post learned on Monday. The mine removal was started at the beginning of November and will take an estimated two months to complete. More than 2,200 mines are expected to be discovered in the work area that covers some 80 dunams, or about 20 acres.

Trump: Japan could shoot down North Korean missiles
US President Donald Trump has said Japan could shoot North Korean missiles “out of the sky” with military equipment bought from the US. Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe followed up by saying his country could intercept missiles “if necessary”, and added that he was looking into the deal. The two leaders were speaking to reporters at the close of Mr Trump’s first state visit to Japan.

Saudi prince killed in helicopter crash near Yemen border
A senior Saudi prince and seven other officials have been killed in a helicopter crash near the country’s border with Yemen, state media report. Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, the deputy governor of Asir province, was returning from an inspection tour when his aircraft came down near Abha late on Sunday, the interior ministry said. It did not give a cause for the crash.

Australia gonorrhoea cases surge 63%
The number of cases of gonorrhoea in Australia has soared by 63% in the past five years, a new study has found. Australian researchers say the rise in gonorrhoea diagnoses was led by an increase in infection in young heterosexual city dwellers. However the reasons for the dramatic increase are unclear, researchers say.

State’s border security planes fly over San Antonio neighborhoods
Two high-altitude surveillance planes the state bought for more than $15 million to help secure the Mexican border are regularly circling over San Antonio, according to records and interviews, but details about exactly what they’re doing are scarce. The…aircraft are each equipped with more than $1 million in high-definition cameras, capable of capturing images night and day, clear enough that they can show the color of someone’s shirt from two miles overhead.

Gunman in Sutherland Springs church shooting ID’d as Devin Patrick Kelley
A shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Sunday morning left 26 people — ranging in age from 5 to 72 years old — dead and 20 wounded, authorities say. Devin Patrick Kelley, of New Braunfels, has been identified as the gunman. Kelley walked into the First Baptist Church and began shooting around 11:20 a.m., before fleeing in a vehicle, Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt said.

Mumps Makes a Comeback, Even Among the Vaccinated
If you think you’ve been seeing mumps in the news more often in the past couple of years, you’re absolutely right. “Mumps outbreaks are on the rise,” said Dr. Janell Routh, a pediatrician who is a medical officer on the mumps team at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 6,000 cases of mumps were reported in the United States last year, the highest number in 10 years. Around 2010, total annual cases were down in the hundreds.

BOOM! James Woods DESTROYS Obama For Politicizing Texas Church Massacre With Gun Control Plea
Conservative Hollywood star James Woods tweeted the perfect response when former President Obama called for control gun amid the Texas church shooting…. “Ask your boss #GeorgeSoros to stop financing #Antifa terrorism?,” tweeted Woods.

Abortion horror: Hospital tries to force nurse to participate
A lawsuit alleges the Duke University Health System tried to force a Catholic nurse to help carry out abortions.

Survey stunner: Doctors discuss assisted suicide for terminal children
…The Canadian Paediatric Society found 118 doctors had “exploratory discussions” about assisted suicide – or medical aid in dying (MAID), as it is called – with parents, involving more than 400 children.

‘Obama holdovers’ exposing U.S. to possible EMP attack
…“The people who sabotaged the EMP Commission, Obama holdovers, are still at the Department of Defense. They have not been replaced by the Trump administration. This is happening not just with the vitally important EMP Commission,” he said. “Our society, the Trump administration and the people who voted for Trump are paying for the failure of Congress to support Trump appointees quickly.

Obama Politicizes Texas Church Massacre
Former President Barack Obama used the Texas church shooting that left 26 people dead on Sunday to call for fewer guns.

TEXAS CHURCH MASSACRE: Gun-Grabbing Exploitation ALREADY By Embarrassment-to-Jews DemocRAT Senator (Whom Trump Called “Phony Vietnam Con Artist”)
Democrat U.S. Senator and embarrassment-to-Jews Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut got into practically immediate action exploiting the massacre at a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas to push for so-called “gun control.”

Trump Era: Saudi Purge Signals Death Of Bush/Clinton Globalism
The Clinton and Bush era of the last 30 years is about to come to an end in light of the sudden Saudi Arabian purge of Clinton and Bush allies.

BLOOD ON HIS HANDS: Is Obama To Blame For The Growth Of Radical Islam In America?
…Not only that, the FBI has confirmed that the Antifa group out of Oakland California now has ties to ISIS. Some of their members just traveled to Germany this past summer to obtain bomb making equipment and plans for terrorist attacks right here on American soil.

Jerry Brown: World Needs ‘Brain Washing’ on Climate Change
California Governor Jerry Brown told religious leaders gathered at the Vatican Saturday that the world needed a “total … brain washing” to convince leaders of the seriousness of the threat of climate change.

AMERICAN OUTRAGE: Sharia Advocate, Anti-Semite and Hater of Whites Linda Sarsour One of Glamour Mag’s “Women of the Year”
Glamour magazine yesterday announced its “Women of the Year,” a list that includes Sharia Law advocate Linda Sarsour, who rose to national prominence as national co-chair of the January Women’s March.

Trump Plans to See Putin in Asia Amid Scrutiny of Campaign Ties
…President Donald Trump says he expects to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his trip to Asia, as questions over ties between his campaign and the Russian government continue to intensify.“I think it’s expected that we’ll meet with Putin, yes,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One as he flew from Honolulu to Tokyo. “We want Putin’s help on North Korea and we’ll be meeting with a lot of different leaders.”

House Republicans Introduce Resolution Calling on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Step Down
A resolution by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was introduced on Friday calling on Robert Mueller to step down from his position as special council into the Russia probe, claiming that he is “hopelessly compromised” because he was the FBI director in 2010 when US government agencies approved the sale of Uranium One.