5 Nov 2017

‘The Largest Bust in U.S. History’ 412 Muslims Arrested from Michigan
 …In yet another case of blatant disregard for for our nation’s laws, a group of Muslim doctors in Detroit have just been busted as the masterminds behind a $1.3 billion dollar fraudulent scheme, leading to the arrests of 412 people overnight, in the “largest scam” that the United States Department of Justice has ever seen.

Netanyahu: ‘When Israelis and Arabs agree on Iran, the world should listen’
Iran has taken over Lebanon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday morning, issuing a warning about Tehran’s growing regional dominance before ending a five-day trip to London. Netanyahu was in Britain to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, but made use of the trip to persuade the British government to take steps to halt Iranian aggression.

Trump pledges US resolve on Japan leg of Asia tour
US President Donald Trump said no nation should underestimate American resolve, as he arrived in Japan at the start of a marathon Asian tour. Addressing US troops at Yokota air base near Tokyo, he pledged to ensure the military had the resources needed to keep peace and defend freedom. He later told the Japanese prime minister he thought the two countries had never been closer.

Vietnam: At least 27 killed by Typhoon Damrey
A typhoon which battered southern and central Vietnam has left at least 27 people dead, and more than 20 missing. Typhoon Damrey made landfall on Saturday, with winds of up to 90 km/h. More than 40,000 homes have been damaged, people have been evacuated and there have been widespread power cuts.

Lebanon Hariri resignation a plot to stoke tension, says Iran
Iran says the surprise resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri is part of a plot to stoke tensions in the region. An adviser to Iran’s supreme leader accused the US and Saudi Arabia of being behind the move. Mr Hariri, in a televised broadcast from Saudi Arabia, accused Iran of sowing “fear and destruction” in several countries, including Lebanon.

onald Trump Expects to Meet With Vladimir Putin During Asian Tour
President Donald Trump said he expects to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin when the two world leaders cross paths in Southeast Asia. “It’s expected we’ll meet with Putin, yeah,” Mr. Trump told reporters on Air Force One before landing in the Japanese capital. “We want Putin’s help on North Korea, and we’ll be meeting with a lot of different leaders.”

Womb transplants could allow men to have babies ‘tomorrow’, claims expert
Richard Paulson, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, said eight children had already been born to women after transplants. And he told a meeting in San Antonio, Texas: “There’s plenty of room to put a uterus in there. Men and women have the same blood vessels.” He said the next step would to be trials involving transgender women to help them become natural mothers.

NJ School District Investigates After Students Watch, Record Brutal Beating
School district officials are reaching out to families after some Ridgewood High School students allegedly stood by, watched and recorded the brutal beating of a fellow student. Grace, a senior, told CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock she saw video of a fight that happened on Ridgewood School District grounds after school hours.

Deadly virus WORSE than plague and with no CURE breaks out – WHO
A DEADLY outbreak of a rare and highly fatal virus has broken out in eastern Uganda…The disease, known as Marburg virus disease (MVD), is similar to Ebola and can be lethal in up to 90 per cent of cases. The outbreak is thought to have started in September when a man in his 30s, who worked as a game hunter and lived near a cave with a heavy presence of bats, was admitted to a local health centre with a high fever, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Guards chief rejects Trump ‘slander’ that Iran behind Saudi missile
The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards denied on Sunday accusations by Donald Trump that Iran was behind the firing of a ballistic missile at Saudi Arabia from warring Yemen, rejecting it as one of the U.S. president’s “slanders”.

Ryan says Obamacare mandate repeal on table in tax debate: Fox News Sunday
U.S. House speaker Paul Ryan said his colleagues might use the tax overhaul currently under consideration to repeal the Affordable Care Act provision that mandates individuals buy health insurance.

NK Begs World To Lift Crushing Sanctions
North Korea appears to be panicking as the international community tightens the noose with tough, crippling sanctions.

In Shocking Purge, Saudi King Arrests Billionaire Prince Bin Talal, Dozens Of Others In Cabinet Crackdown
In a shocking development, on Saturday prominent billionaire and member of the royal Saudi family, al-Waleed bin Talal, along with 10 other senior princes and over 30 minister has been arrested for corruption charges, in a dramatic crackdown by the Saudi royal family in what some have dubbed a countercoup attempt.

Netanyahu: As ISIS moves out, Iran moves in
…“As ISIS contracts, Iran moves in,” Netanyahu said in a conversation Netanyahu held at Chatham House in London. Iran wanted to “colonize” Syria economically and militarily, Netanyahu warned adding that as part of that plan, it wants military bases in Syria close to Israel’s border.

Report: FBI Turns Over Documents to Senate Investigators on Handling of Clinton Email Case
The FBI has begun turning over hundreds of pages of memos regarding its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server to Senate investigators, according to a new report.

Secret Document Released: Shows Hillary Had Full Contract to Run DNC in August 2015 Way Before Primaries
The Democrat Party not only cheated to help Hillary Clinton during the 2016 debates, the liberal party also signed a contract with her campaign manager giving the Hillary Clinton campaign complete control over the party in August 2015. Bernie Sanders never had a chance.

Donna Brazile Says She “Feared For Her Life” After Seth Rich Was Killed
“Brazile writes that she was haunted by the still-unsolved murder of DNC data staffer Seth Rich and feared for her own life…”

LIST: November 4 Anti-Trump Rally Locations REVEALED
The Refuse Fascism communist group has released a list of meeting places across the country where November 4 anti-Trump demonstrations will be held. If you live in any of these areas it may be a good idea to steer clear of these locations as past Antifa protests have seen violence aimed at patriotic Americans.

Will antifa spark civil war this weekend in America?
We all have heard it by now. The planning has been going on since at least August, and the chatter on social media would indicate that antifa, the loosely connected group of anarchists, communists and other splinter groups angry at the outcome of last year’s presidential election, has something big planned for Saturday, Nov. 4.

Swamp Monster: Robert Mueller’s FBI Purposefully Kept Congress In The Dark About Russia’s Massive And Illegal Involvement With American Uranium Companies
Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz introduced a resolution Friday that called for former FBI Director Robert Mueller to step down as special counsel for the “Russia investigation” due to the fact that he was directly involved with covering up Russia’s “significant and illegal” involvement with American uranium companies.