24 Oct 2017

Saudi Arabia to build new MEGA CITY on Red Sea offering connecting three CONTINENTS
SAUDI Arabia has announced plans to build an entire new city on the Red Sea coast that could be connected to Egypt and the rest of Africa. Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the elaborate plans for the staggering project in a bid to prepare the Sunni Kingdom for the post-oil era. The project, called NEOM, is designed to offer a lifestyle that is not currently available in Saudi Arabia, according to the prince. The plan includes proposals to build a huge bridge sprawling across the Red Sea, connecting the new city to Egypt, Jordan and the rest of Africa, creating “the world’s first independent special zone stretching over three countries”.

Anti-aging stem cell treatment proves successful in early human trials
The results of two human clinical trials into a stem cell therapy that can reverse symptoms of age-associated frailty have been published, and the indications are that this landmark treatment is both safe and strikingly effective in tackling key factors in aging.
Although the two human trials were ostensibly designed to just demonstrate safety they do offer remarkable results in efficacy as well, paving the way for larger, Phase 3 clinical trials. In the first trial 15 frail patients received a single MSC infusion collected from bone marrow donors aged between 20 and 45 years old. Six months later all patients demonstrated improved fitness outcomes, tumor necrosis factor levels and overall quality of life.

Saudis set $500 billion plan to develop zone linked with Jordan and Egypt
Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday a $500 billion plan to build a business and industrial zone that links with Jordan and Egypt, the biggest effort yet to free the kingdom from dependence on oil exports. The 26,500 square km (10,230 square mile) zone, known as NEOM, will focus on industries including energy and water, biotechnology, food, advanced manufacturing and entertainment, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said.

Donald Tusk: EU must stay united or face Brexit ‘defeat’
The EU will be “defeated” in Brexit negotiations unless it maintains absolute unity, European Council president Donald Tusk has said. The ex-Polish prime minister told the European Parliament the UK’s departure was the EU’s “toughest stress test” and it must not be divided at any costs. “If we fail it then the negotiations will end in our defeat,” he told MEPs.

Paris accord: US and Syria alone as Nicaragua signs
Nicaragua has signed the Paris climate agreement, meaning that the US and Syria are the only two countries not to be giving the accord their support. The deal unites the world’s nations in tackling climate change. Nicaragua refused to sign it last year, arguing that it did not go far enough to tackle the problem.

Elon Musk is worried about people who talk of “AI gods”
The Tesla founder tweeted his alarm in response to a VentureBeat article about the possibility of an AI “god” emerging by 2042…One of the people featured in the article was Anthony Levandowski…who has established a…religious organization called Way of the Future. Way of the Future’s mission statement is “to develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead contribute to the betterment of society.”

Russia to test new generation of intercontinental missile that can ‘beat US defence systems’
Russia is preparing to test-launch its new generation of nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which it has claimed will be able to penetrate the US’ defensive shield. Delayed several times, the tests of the RS-28’s launch and first few seconds of flight are to be carried out at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, in Russia’s north-west, before the end of the year.

The universe shouldn’t exist, scientists say after finding bizarre behaviour of anti-matter
Our universe shouldn’t exist, scientists say. The most elite scientists in the world are still struggling to find why exactly our universe didn’t destroy itself as soon as it came into existence. That’s what science says should have happened…At the beginning of the universe, according to the standard model, there equal amounts of matter and anti-matter. The trouble with that is that they would each have annihilated each other, leaving none of the matter that surrounds us today.

Former Saudi, Israeli intelligence chiefs meet in NYC
Former Mossad director Efraim Halevy met his Saudi counterpart Prince Turki al-Faisal, former director of Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Directorate, at a public event held in New York Monday, where the two discussed different Middle-East issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iran nuclear deal and internal Syrian conflict.

La Palma volcano panic: Volcanologists monitor subterranean waters as ERUPTION fears grow
VOLCANO experts have begun to monitor the subterranean waters in La Palma over fears the deadly Cumbre Vieja could erupt. A hydrogeochemical monitoring programme has been set up in a bid to strengthen the volcanic monitoring of the Canary Islands volcano. This programme will see scientists sample subterranean waters and PH levels, conductivity, temperature and radon dissolved gas activity. The work will be carried out three times a week in four different points of Cumbre Vieja for the subsequent chemical and isotopic analysis of the waters, as well as the gases dissolved in them.

Media admit that the Hill’s Russia probes seem to be going nowhere
The congressional investigations into possible collusion between the Trump team and Russia seem to be going nowhere fast. The Hill committees have been at it for many months now and haven’t come up with much of anything. Things have reached the point where the New York Times, in an above-the-fold piece yesterday, is clearly signaling that the investigators are coming up empty-handed.

In the U.S. market for human bodies, almost anyone can dissect and sell the dead
When Americans leave their bodies to science, they are also donating to commerce: Cadavers and body parts, especially those of the poor, are sold in a thriving and largely unregulated market. Grisly abuses abound.

‘Never underestimate the power of the dark side’: Orban goes Star Wars on EU ‘migrant invasion’
“We should never underestimate the power of the dark side,” the prime minister said, referencing Star Wars as he referred to the plots of those behind the “migrant invasion,” adding that they “have no solid structure but extensive networks.” The EU and some of its key member states have been “taken hostage” by a “speculative financial Empire” through an orchestrated “invasion of new immigrants,” Orban said in Budapest on Monday, adding that this mysterious “financial power” was behind the “latest great migration of peoples” that flooded Europe with “millions of migrants.”“This plan was developed to make Europe a mixed [multicultural] continent,”

Strong earthquake 6.7 mag, 141 km NNE of Palue, Indonesia
An earthquake with magnitude 6.7 (ml/mb) was reported 141 km NNE of Palue, Indonesia (88 miles) on Tuesday. The epicenter of the earthquake was roughly 549.19 km (341 miles) below the earth’s surface. Exact location of event, depth 549.19 km, 123.0401° East, -7.2364° South. A tsunami warning has not been issued.

Global meatpacking giant goes all in for refugee labor
“The shock here is to find out that a religious agency is being paid by a foreign global corporation to train refugees and ultimately transform the demographics of small towns in America’s heartland,” said Ann Corcoran, an expert on the international movement of refugees and the nine volunteer agencies that resettle them for the U.S. Department of State. Since the targeted demographic is meatpacking towns, which tend to be located in small towns – that’s a direct hit against Republican congressmen and President Donald Trump, said Corcoran.

Communism turns 100, so where on Earth is the party?
Google “Oct. 25 Communist anniversary celebration,” and there are some results. The first is about a meeting, described in a blog, in Minneapolis where the Freedom Road Socialist Organization recently marked the 100th anniversary of the 1917 October revolution in Russia. Second was from a communist publication about how communists in the “antifa crowd” were marking the day, and third was how North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un remembered the day.

It’s Obama’s fault American soldiers died in Niger
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson has come up with a new gimmick for getting invited on CNN…Wilson has taken to calling the attack, “Mr. Trump’s Benghazi.” And she’s close. American soldiers died in Niger for the same reasons that Americans died in Benghazi. Both were fallout from the Arab Spring.  It wasn’t President Trump who deployed our soldiers to Niger. That was Obama’s doing.

UK Gov’t Office: Term ‘Pregnant Woman’ Shouldn’t Be Used Since It ‘Excludes’ Transgender People
A British government office cautioned against the use of the term “pregnant woman” in a U.N. treaty, saying that it “excludes” transgender people.

California passes legislation allowing the liquification of human bodies
…Despite its name, water cremation doesn’t actually make use of water. The process entails placing a body into a steel vat containing an alkaline solution composed of 95 percent water and five percent potassium hydroxide or lye. The combination of chemicals, pressure, and heat that reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or 177 degrees Celsius) quicken the rate of decomposition until all that are left behind are bones, sterile water, and any medical implants. The remaining bones are then crushed into ash and returned to the family.

Mueller Investigating Infowars Expose of Dems on Russia’s Payroll
NBC News announced Monday that Special Counselor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion has expanded to include Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary’s 2016 campaign manager, after Infowars.com reported on Friday that documents prove Tony Podesta’s Podesta Group, a Washington-based consulting and lobbying firm, were also on Russia’s payroll.

Podesta ‘Green’ Company Forced To Close Because Hillary Lost The Election
Joule Unlimited, a secretive green energy company that appears to have placed a big bet hiring Democratic insider John Podesta to its board, appears to have been doomed when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.

ESCALATION IN THE HOLY LAND: Israeli Defense officials say their is a massive esaclation on the Golan Heights, and believe the Syrian rockets were shot into the country intentionally
Defense officials think rockets were intentionally fired from Syria, contrary to official report. ‘We fear this will become routine.’

The Establishment Flunkies Flunk Out
Patriots fully reject the Never Trump losers

Trump Unleashes CIA Kill Teams
CIA paramilitary forces are expanding partner operations in Afghanistan to hunt and kill high level Taliban operatives, The New York Times reports.

Robert Mueller Invested In Hedge Funds Linked to Russia and George Soros
…An Offended America investigation has revealed that Robert Mueller’s holdings in a fund of funds expose him to Russian investments and to hedge funds tied to George Soros. Mueller’s exclusive hedge funds were not open to the general public, but rather wealthy private accredited investors. The minimum investment in several of the funds is $10 Million.