21 Oct 2017

Mass Trials of Over 6,600 Boko Haram Suspects Accused of Slaughtering Christians, Children Begin
The mass trials of over 6,600 suspects believed to be members of Islamic radical group Boko Haram have begun in Nigeria, and are being carried out in secret by civilian court judges at a military facility in Kainji town. The terror group has slaughtered Christians, Muslims, children, and many other civilians in their war against the government, with a driven mission to eradicate Christianity from the country.

Kremlin says Putin, Erdogan discuss Syria in phone call
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan discussed an upcoming meeting of the Astana process on the Syrian conflict in the Kazakh capital in late October, the Kremlin said on Saturday. The Astana talks are brokered by Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Fusion GPS Fights Subpoena For Bank Records, Which Would Reveal Its Dossier Client
Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the uncorroborated Trump dossier, filed a last-minute request with a federal judge in Washington, D.C. on Friday seeking to prevent the release of its bank records to the House Intelligence Committee. Fusion has fought tooth and nail with various congressional committees and in several lawsuits to avoid disclosing the identity of its dossier client, who has been described as a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s.

DNA damage found in veterans with Gulf War illness
Researchers say they have found the ‘first direct biological evidence’ of damage in veterans with Gulf War illness to DNA within cellular structures that produce energy in the body. The findings appeared in the journal PLOS One in September 2017. A study that focused on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) included 21 veterans with Gulf War illness (GWI) and seven controls. In blood tests, researchers observed more lesions and more mitochondrial DNA — that is, extra copies of genes — in veterans with Gulf War illness,…

State Department official to travel to Israel, other Mid-East countries
US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Tina Kaidanow will travel to Israel, Qatar, Kuwait and Iraq in the coming days (October 22-November 1) to meet with senior officials of the countries, according to the US State Department.

Israel launches retaliatory strikes on Syrian artillery positions
The IDF hit three Syrian regime artillery positions Saturday following five projectiles that were launched towards Israel earlier in the morning. Three of the five projectiles landed in open territory in Israel’s northern Golan Heights, causing no damage or injuries. “Even if this is spillover, this is an exceptional event, and the continuation of such events will only exacerbate Israel’s response,” the army said in a statement…

Kurdistan’s referendum and the region
…Despite threats from Baghdad, Iran and Turkey, sentiment in the Kurdish region is optimistic in the wake of the referendum that saw 93% vote for independence and a 72% turnout from among the more than 4 million eligible voters. “Today we wake up and see nothing has changed, Kurdistan is still standing,” wrote one woman on Facebook. Others posted defiant memes referencing Kurdish history, “We have no friends but the mountains” or said any sanctions would make the Kurdish region stronger.

Militants kill Egyptian security forces in desert shoot-out
More than 50 Egyptian security personnel have died during a clash with suspected Islamist militants. The militants opened fire on the group during a raid on their hideout near the Bahariya oasis in the Western Desert, the interior ministry said. Security forces are understood to have gone into the desert following a tip-off about a possible hideout. Fifteen militants also died in the attack.

Spain expected to impose Catalonia direct rule
The Spanish government is holding a special cabinet meeting to approve measures to take direct control of the semi-autonomous region of Catalonia. The meeting comes almost three weeks after the region held a controversial independence referendum, which was ruled illegal by the supreme court. Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont argues that the referendum result gave him a mandate to pursue independence.

São Paulo’s food pellets plan for poor children divides Brazil
Plans to feed poor children reconstituted food made from leftovers near expiry have sparked a row in the Brazilian city of São Paulo. The product, known as farinata from the Portuguese word for flour but dubbed “dog food” by critics, can be eaten as pellets or added to meals. Mayor Joao Doria says it could curb hunger and cut food waste.

Anger over Donald Trump’s UK crime tweet
Donald Trump has been accused of fuelling hate crime with a tweet erroneously linking a rise in the UK crime rate to “radical Islamic terror”. He said crime in the UK had risen by 13% amid the “spread” of Islamist terror – despite the figure referring to all crimes, not just terrorism. The Labour MP, Yvette Cooper, said the statement was “inflammatory and ignorant”, while ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband said Mr Trump was “a moron”.

Moody’s Warns of ‘Likely’ Hartford Default, Decades of Deficits Ahead
Moody’s Investor Service issued a dire warning to lenders Thursday: Hartford is likely to default on its debt by November and, if it doesn’t change course, will run up annual deficits exceeding $60 million through the next 20 years. On Sept. 26, Moody’s downgraded the city’s bond rating, reflecting the investor service’s belief that “in the likely event of a default,” bondholders may recover as little as 65 percent of their investment.

Near the campus cow pasture, a scientist works to grow human organs — in pigs
Like many of the scientists who helped usher in the groundbreaking creation of a part-human, part-animal chimera earlier this year, biologist Dr. Pablo Juan Ross is no stranger to cutting-edge tools such as CRISPR and stem cells. But he also knows his way around the inside of a pig uterus. While growing human cells inside fetal pigs involved some of science’s fanciest new tricks, it also required something decidedly more mundane: a farm…

Afghan troops go AWOL in U.S.
More than 150 Afghan troops brought to the U.S. for military training have gone AWOL since 2005, with 13 of them still unaccounted for and perhaps living as here illegal immigrants now, an inspector general said in a new report Friday. Part of the problem is that the U.S. never puts the trainees through an in-person interview and exempts them from registering as aliens when they arrive — both steps that other visitors would normally have to go through.

Keepers warn of ‘bee-mageddon’ after France authorises controversial insecticide
French bee keepers are up in arms over the authorisation of an insecticide they warn could sound the death knell of their already decimated bee population. Bee hives have been hit in Europe, North America and elsewhere by a mysterious phenomenon called “colony collapse disorder”. The blight has been blamed on mites, a virus or fungus, pesticides, or a combination of factors.

Senior Hamas delegation arrives in Iran for talks
A senior Hamas delegation arrived Friday for an official visit to Iran’s capital of Tehran, two months after relations between the estranged terrorist group and the embattled Islamic republic were mended following years of estrangement. During the days-long visit, members of the organization’s leadership will meet with senior Iranian officials and update them on recent developments on the reconciliation agreement signed with Fatah and on their struggle against Israel.

Satanic Looking Drag Queen with Horns Reads to Little Kids at Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach
…The shocking photo of a man dressed as a female demon with giant horns on his head reading to little children at a public library was posted to Twitter and Facebook by the Long Beach Library but taken down after a huge outpouring of critical replies, including from GOP Congressional candidate Omar Navarro. It also got the approval of the Church of Satan.

US Spent A Record $4 Trillion In Fiscal 2017, Pushing Deficit To $666 Billion
Federal tax receipts reached a record high $3.3 trillion, thanks to slightly faster growth, according to a senior Treasury official. But government outlays also hit a record high last year at nearly $4 trillion ($3.95 trillion to be precise), 3% higher than they were in the previous fiscal year, thanks to increased spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, as well as higher interest payments on the public debt

Afghan suicide mosque attacks kill scores of worshippers
Some 60 people have been killed in two separate attacks on mosques in Afghanistan, officials say. A gunman entered a Shia Muslim mosque in Kabul before opening fire and detonating an explosive, killing at least 39 worshippers. An attack on a Sunni Muslim mosque in Ghor province killed 20 people.

South Korea’s New ‘Frankenmissile’ Would Take Out North Korea’s Kim Jong Un And His Nuclear Weapons
Just in time for Halloween, South Korea’s army said it’s looking to build a new monster missile capable of wiping out major North Korean political and military installations in the event of an all-out war between the belligerent neighbors.

Why millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology
…Interest in spirituality has been booming in recent years while interest in religion plummets, especially among millennials. The majority of Americans now believe it is not necessary to believe in God to have good morals, a study from Pew Research Center released Wednesday found. The percentage of people between the ages of 18 and 29 who “never doubt existence of God” fell from 81% in 2007 to 67% in 2012.

George W. Bush Emerges to Bash Trump, ‘Nativism’: ‘We Cannot Wish Globalism Away’
Former President George W. Bush delivered a public repudiation of President Donald Trump’s political identity, suggesting many aspects of the current administration are fueling division in the United States and around the world.

Barry Soetoro, Posing as Obama, Now Running Hollywood Show
Meanwhile, move over Weinstein Brothers, Barry Soetoro, posing as Barack Obama, is now in your Director’s Chair.

The IRS just gave Republicans a big opportunity on Obamacare
The Internal Revenue Service announced that it will no longer accept tax returns that leave out whether the filer has health insurance. This presents a great opportunity for Republicans to take a very big step toward repealing Obamacare. If only they’ll seize it.

REPORT: Bill Clinton Connected to MASSIVE Scandal
…Bill Clinton was potentially bribed by the Russians to promote the deal. Clinton sought a meeting with a top board director for Rosatom, a Russian nuclear energy firm that was seeking approval from the Obama administration on the uranium deal, after he was promised a $500,000 payment by a major Russian bank with ties to Rosatom.

IT’S OFFICIAL: Obama Investigation Launched…
The Senate Judiciary Committee began a full-fledged probe into the Russian nuclear bribery case in 2010. They’re demanding several federal agencies disclose whether they knew the FBI had found out about the corruption before the Obama administration approved the controversial deal that gave 20 percent of US uranium supplies to Moscow, according to The Hill.

WARNING: This State Just Issued MASS Gun Confiscation … America In Danger
The Oregon law will allow any individual, from police officers to friends or family, to ask a judge to bar someone from obtaining firearms or buying ammo, and force them to give up all the weapons they already own to authorities, a gun shop, or another qualified third party. That’s not even all — the law will also grant authorities the power to infiltrate, search, and confiscate from the targeted individual any firearms that were not surrendered in the initial confiscation within 24 hours.