17 Oct 2017

Storm Brian forms in Atlantic: UK superstorm alert as huge WEATHER BOMB to hit on FRIDAY
Worried forecasters fear another violent tempest, which could potentially be the second storm of the season, Storm Brian, will unleash chaos similar to Ophelia’s 100mph onslaught this week. Terrifying weather charts show a churning 80mph cyclone hurtling towards the UK with landfall expected late Friday into Saturday. Fierce gales brewing in the Atlantic are poised to tear across Ireland and smash the southwest coast of Britain in a near carbon copy of Ophelia.

“I’m Concerned… It’s Highly Unusual” – Vegas Massacre Security Guard Remains Missing
Following reports of his disappearance late last week, after numerous timeline changes and ‘fact’ clarifications by The Mandalay Bay, The FBI, and Vegas PD; Jesus Campos, the secuirty guard, who may or may not have been shot by Vegas Massacre shooter Stephen Paddock, remains missing and friends and family are concerned.

An open letter to US President Trump
Dear Mr. President, you are a good man with high aspirations to advance the welfare of your nation in every field. But just look around: uncontrollable forest fires in California. Tornadoes in Oklahoma and other states. Devastating hurricanes that are costing the federal, state, and local governments hundreds of billions of dollars. Oil rigs are down. California is counting the days until the next major earthquake, not to mention New York City, which is built on a geological fault. Stop for a moment and ask yourself, why are these tragedies happening to your country?

US-backed Syrian militias raise flag in Raqqa stadium
US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) raised a militia flag inside Raqqa stadium on Tuesday, one of the last remaining areas that were held by Islamic State in its former capital, a Reuters witness said.

PM to Russian def. minister: We won’t allow Iran into Syria
As Sergey Shoygu visits Jerusalem to discuss security coordination in Syria, Netanyahu warns an unchanged Iranian nuclear deal will result in nuclear arsenal in Tehran within 8-10 years; says ‘Iran has to understand that Israel will not allow’ military entrenchment in Syria.

Drag-queen demon reads to kids at Michelle Obama Library
The Michelle Obama public library in Long Beach, California, has presented to children who are part of its young readers program a huge array of diversity and “inclusion” agendas. In one shot. It was when Xochi Mochi arrived for a visit. That made the program pro-LGBTQ. And transgender. And drag queen-friendly. And Satanist-approved, with the character’s red-tipped, demon-like horns. All to read to children for LGBTQ History Month.

Putin halts NKorea ties in line with UN demands
President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday Russia will curtail economic, scientific and other ties with North Korea in line with restrictions imposed by the United Nations. Putin’s decree, published on the state legal portal, orders the halting of an array of economic, scientific and technical ties with Pyongyang in accordance with sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council in November 2016.

Israelis Protest 11 PM Muezzin Calls with Shofars and Whistles
After repeated appeals to the army, the police and the Civil Administration have not yielded a solution, on Saturday night Ma’on residents decided to do something about the noise. Around 11 PM, the Jewish residents arrived outside the Arab village, equipped with shofars, drums, and whistles, and began a noisy neighborly statement of their own.

Islamic State cleared from Syria’s Raqqa
US-backed militias have completely taken Syria’s Raqqa from Islamic State, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Tuesday. The fall of Raqqa city, where Islamic State staged euphoric parades after its string of lightning victories in 2014, is a potent symbol of the jihadist movement’s collapsing fortunes. From the city, the group planned attacks abroad.

Netanyahu to Russian defense minister: Israel won’t allow Iranian presence in Syria
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told visiting Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Tuesday that Israel will not allow a permanent military presence in Syria. Netanyahu’s comment came a day after Israel’s destruction of an SA-5 anti aircraft battery in Syria. Both Russia and Iran are key backers of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Catalonia: Spain detains two separatists
A Spanish judge has jailed two key members of the Catalan independence movement. Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart, who lead prominent separatist groups, are being held without bail while they are under investigation for sedition. The men were leading figures in the 1 October independence vote, which the Madrid government regards as illegal.

Afghanistan Taliban ‘suicide attack’ kills dozens
Taliban suicide bombers and gunmen have stormed a police training centre in the eastern Afghan city of Gardez, killing at least 33 people, officials say. Another 160 were injured in the assault. The Interior Ministry said the local police chief is among the dead. “At first a suicide bomber detonated a car filled with explosives near the training centre, making way for a number of attackers to start their assault,” a spokesperson said.

Portugal fires: Three days of national mourning for wildfire victims
Portugal has declared three days of national mourning, beginning on Tuesday, for the victims of wildfires that raged across the country. At least 36 people died after hundreds of fires spread across central and northern areas on Sunday and Monday. They started in dry conditions and fanned by strong Atlantic winds from Hurricane Ophelia.

North Korea rejects diplomacy with US for now, source says
A North Korean official reaffirmed Pyongyang’s commitment to developing a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching “all the way to the East coast of the mainland US,”…North Korea is not ruling out diplomacy, but “before we can engage in diplomacy with the Trump administration, we want to send a clear message that the DPRK has a reliable defensive and offensive capability to counter any aggression from the United States,” the official said.

Report: Israel launched strike in Sinai hours after rocket attack
Israeli sorties bombed targets in the Sinai Peninsula Sunday evening in retaliation for two rockets launched at Israel from the Egyptian territory hours earlier, according to Tuesday report in the London-based newspaper Al-Araby Al-Jadeed. One of the rockets exploded in open space in the Eshkol Regional Council near Gaza and was located following the IDF’s searches of the area. No casualties were reported in the attack for which ISIS took responsibility.

Hezbollah claims to have captured 3 Mossad agents
Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah claimed on Monday that Lebanese security forces have detained three “agents on behalf of Israel,” allegedly recruited by the Mossad. Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Manar television network broke the news, while the pictures and alleged confessions of the three men were published on the internet. The three’s arrests were published last week in the Al-Akhbar newspaper, which is also affiliated with the organization.

Why Hurricane Ophelia has turned the sun red and sky yellow as storm lashes the UK and Ireland
THE sky above Britain turned yellow today after a red sun was created by fatal Hurricane Ophelia. The gales pulled Saharan dust north to the UK to create a blanket of orange cloud, with the deadly storms also bringing powerful 80mph winds – killing three people.

SNOWMAGGEDON – prepare for a WORLD RECORD big freeze La Nina winter
USA is bracing itself for a winter of deadly blizzards and killer freezes as a perfect storm of catastrophic weather systems gather.

Satanic Looking Drag Queen with Horns Reads to Little Kids at Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach
…The shocking photo of a man dressed as a female demon with giant horns on his head reading to little children at a public library was posted to Twitter and Facebook by the Long Beach Library but taken down after a huge outpouring of critical replies, including from GOP Congressional candidate Omar Navarro. It also got the approval of the Church of Satan.

The Obama Legacy: 118 Cops Killed in Line of Duty in 2016
On July 7, 2016 a crazed Black Lives Matter supporter gunned down five police officers at a Black Lives Matter racial march in Dallas. After the attack, Bill Johnson, the Executive Director of the National Association of Police Organizations, blamed Barack Obama for the police massacre.  Johnson said under Barack Obama it was ” a war on cops.”

PP At Year 101: 7 Million Abortions
Planned Parenthood celebrated its 101st birthday Monday, marking the century-long operation of what started as a small birth control clinic in Brooklyn and is now an abortion giant operating in every U.S. state.

Iran is livid as President Trump designates Islamic Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist group – calls for massive sanctions
This is absolutely justified. Said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: “The IRGC has played a central role to Iran becoming the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror. We urge the private sector to recognize that the IRGC permeates much of the Iranian economy, and those who transact with IRGC-controlled companies do so at great risk.”

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, The Soldier That Obama Traded 5 Islamic Terrorists For, Pleads Guilty To Desertion
EDITOR’S NOTE: Former President Barack Obama traded 5 hardcore Islamic terrorists to recover traitor Bowe Bergdahl for today admitted to desertion. Think about that for a moment. Obama released 5 Muslim terrorists to go back to the battlefield of terrorism, sealing the death of dozens of people, all to get back a deserter who wanted to leave his troops and join the Taliban. This is the true legacy of Barack Obama, negotiating with terrorists for deserters and traitors.

Car bomb kills journalist behind Panama Papers offshore tax evasion investigation ‘days after she received threats to her safety’
A journalist who led the Panama Papers offshore tax evasion expose was killed today when a bomb blew up her car. Investigative reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia – dubbed a “one-woman WikiLeaks” – was killed as she was driving near the village of Bidnija in northern Malta.