16 Oct 2017

Storm Ophelia: Ireland on lockdown as UK braces for 80mph winds
Ophelia is bearing down on Ireland, putting the entire country on lockdown and leaving thousands without power, as parts of the UK brace for 80mph winds and the Met Office warns of a potential “danger to life”. Fears about the impact of strong winds have seen troops placed on standby and many public services in Ireland and Northern Ireland closed with schools, government buildings and courts among the services affected. More than 20,000 properties have been left without power and people were urged to stay indoors.

EU vows to save Iran deal, fears for North Korea mediation
The European Union vowed on Monday to defend a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers and urged US lawmakers not to reimpose sanctions after President Donald Trump chose not to certify Tehran’s compliance with the accord. Germany and France led a chorus of warnings to the United States, normally the EU’s closest foreign policy ally, that any weakening of the agreement to prevent Iran obtaining nuclear weapons could have serious consequences for peace.

Far-Right ‘kingmaker’ Heinz Christian Strache set for prominent role in Austrian government
Heinz-Christian Strache, the far-Right leader who emerged as ‘kingmaker’ in Austria’s election, was greeted with a Hitler salute when he cast his own vote on Sunday. Though the lone saluter was quickly bundled away by police, and later said to be mentally disturbed, the incident captured the controversy that has clung to Mr Strache throughout his political career. The man now in pole position to become Austria’s vice-chancellor and take his Freedom Party (FPÖ) into power for the first time in 12 years was once held by police in Germany for taking part in a torchlit Hitler Youth-style neo-Nazi rally.

California fires coverage: Weather conditions are expected to improve significantly
The death toll from the fires has now hit 40, but officials believe that number will rise as searchers make their way through the neighborhoods in Santa Rosa that burned down as well as mountain communities across wine country.

The sun just did something ironic. For a whole week, Oct. 9th – 15th, the face of the sun was utterly blank. There were no sunspots and no solar flares; NOAA classified solar activity as “very low.” At the same time, space weather was remarkably stormy. From Oct. 11th through 15th, not a single day went by without a geomagnetic storm.

Clinton Foundation keeping Harvey Weinstein’s donations
The Clinton Foundation has announced that it will not return $250,000 it received from now-disgraced ex-Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, the Daily Mail reported. A slew of politicians had said they would return money donated by Weinstein after the New York Times uncovered his history of sexually molesting women, including prominent actresses Ashley Judd and Angelina Jolie. However, the Clinton Foundation decided it would not be returning the money because it has already used it for charitable causes.

Israeli air force destroys Syrian anti-aircraft battery in retaliatory strike
The Israeli Air Force attacked and destroyed a Syrian SA-5 anti-aircraft battery east of Damascus Monday morning after it fired a surface-to-air missile at Israeli jets. The SA-5 missile battery, which was stationed some 50 kilometers east of the Syrian capital, fired at Israeli jets that were on a routine aerial reconnaissance flight in Lebanese airspace, IDF Spokesman Brig.Gen. Ronen Manelis stated.

Iraqi forces launch operation to take parts of Kirkuk from Kurds
Just after two o’clock on Sunday morning in Baghdad the Prime Minister of Iraq ordered the Iraq Security Forces to “secure bases and federal institutions in Kirkuk province.” Overnight confusion along the frontline between the Iraqis and Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Regional Government led to clashes which destroyed several vehicles and a chaotic situation that is ongoing south of Kirkuk.

Russia’s Defense Minister to begin first official visit to Israel
Sergei Shoigu will land in Israel on Monday for meetings with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his first visit to the Jewish state since becoming Russia’s defense minister in 2012…the meetings…are expected to cover the cooperation between Russia and Israel…military coordination over Syria…the Iranian entrenchment in the wartorn country and transfer of…weapons to Hezbollah…through Damascus.

Catalonia leader Puigdemont fails to clarify independence bid
The president of the autonomous Spanish region of Catalonia has failed to clarify whether he has declared independence, in a letter to Madrid. Spain had issued a Monday deadline for Carles Puigdemont to clarify his intent – or face direct rule. Instead, the Catalan leader called for negotiation over the next two months.

Death toll in Portugal wildfires soars to 27
At least 27 people have died in a series of wildfires in Portugal, the country’s civil protection service says. More than 50 people have been injured. A spokeswoman for the agency told reporters that firefighters were still tackling 145 separate fires, 32 of which were serious.

Venezuela socialists win governor seats amid fraud claims
Electoral authorities in Venezuela say the governing Socialist Party has won 17 of 23 state governorships in a crushing victory. President Nicolás Maduro hailed it as a victory for Chavismo, his party’s brand of socialism named after former president Hugo Chávez. But opposition leaders alleged fraud.

Wi-fi security flaw ‘puts devices at risk of hacks’
The wi-fi connections of businesses and homes around the world are at risk, according to researchers who have revealed a major flaw dubbed Krack. It concerns an authentication system which is widely used to secure wireless connections. Experts said it could leave “the majority” of connections at risk until they are patched.

Storm Ophelia batters Ireland, trees and power lines down
Tropical Storm Ophelia began to batter Ireland’s southern coast on Monday, knocking down trees and power lines and whipping up 10-metre waves, as the government warned the country’s worst storm in half a century could cause fatalities. At least 15,000 homes were without electricity and 130 flights were cancelled from Dublin Airport.

AI implants will allow us to control our homes with our thoughts within 20 years, government report claims
Artificially intelligent nano-machines will be injected into humans within 20 years to repair and enhance muscles, cells and bone, a senior inventor at IBM has forecast. John McNamara, who works at IBM Hursley Innovation Centre, in Hampshire, submitted evidence to the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee, which is considering the economic, ethical and social implications of AI.

The Black Death is killing people: Why is Madagascar facing its worst plague outbreak in years?
Madagascar sees cases of plague nearly every year in the rainy season. This year is different. Instead of cases in the hinterlands where plague is endemic, the disease — which is initially spread by flea bites and was known as the Black Death in medieval times — has spread to the capital, Antananarivo, and other densely populated cities for the first time, killing 45 people and sparking panic.

Pope implicitly criticizes U.S. for leaving Paris climate accord
Pope Francis implicitly criticized the United States on Monday for pulling out of the Paris agreement on climate change, praising it as a means to control the devastating effects of global warming. The United States is the only country out of 195 signatories to have withdrawn from the accord, which aims to cut emissions blamed for the rise in temperatures.

Meet The 31-Year-Old Austrian Anti-Immigrant Who Just Became The World’s Youngest Leader
As discussed earlier, Austria’s young conservative star, Sebastian Kurz, is now assured of becoming the country’s next leader, projections of Sunday’s parliamentary election result showed, but his party is far short of a majority and is likely to seek a coalition with the resurgent far right.

Once promised paradise, IS fighters end up in mass graves
The Islamic State group once drew recruits from near and far with promises of paradise but now bodies of jihadists lie in mass graves or at the mercy of wild dogs as its “caliphate” collapses.

276 killed in deadliest single attack in Somalia’s history
The most powerful bomb blast ever witnessed in Somalia’s capital killed 276 people with around 300 others injured, the country’s information minister said early Monday, making it the deadliest single attack in this Horn of Africa nation. The toll was expected to rise.

TICK TOCK: Assange Releases Mysterious ‘Encryption Key’ One Week After Hannity Tweets ‘T-Minus 7 and Counting’
…In a rare move, Julian Assange is ready to reveal the source of who leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks during the 2016 Presidential election. Julian Assange repeatedly claims Russia was not the source…. Hannity responded by taunting Special Counsel Mueller, “Tick tock, tick tock. Does Mueller really want to get to the WHOLE TRUTH?”

Newspeak! U.N. now calls abortion part of basic ‘right to life’Perhaps the ultimate example of bureaucratic double-speak is developing at the United Nations, where officials are set to adopt a new definition of the “right to life.” It apparently now will include a “right to abortion.” The Human Rights Committee’s proposed revision regarding the right to life in Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights says, “States must provide safe access to abortion.”

Julian Assange: There’s Something Wrong with Hillary “A Cold Creepiness Rarely Seen”…”There’s something wrong with Hillary Clinton. It is not just her constant lying. It is not just that she throws off menacing glares and seethes thwarted entitlement. Watch closely. Something much darker rides along with it. A cold creepiness rarely seen.”

Outraged Dad’s 8 Simple Words Shut Down School That Is Teaching Islam
…“The organization CAIR is a front for the Muslim brotherhood and every member of CAIR is a member of The Muslim Brotherhood and all of them are members of HAMAS.CAIR is pushing this Islam teachings nation wide and infiltrating the school. These teaching are actually FORCED Conversion to Islam and it is ILLEGAL. Everybody on San Diego School Board shoud be fired ASAP.”

BREAKING: ESPN Makes Horrifying Anti-America Move – This is Nasty
…After taking a hit in ratings due to Americans upset with NFL players protesting the anthem, one sports network has made a big move. According to Washington Examiner, ESPN has officially announced they will no longer air the national anthem.