13 Oct 2017

Trump administration: ‘Life begins at conception’
The Department of Health and Human Services has published a draft of a new strategic plan that states in its introduction that life begins at conception. The personhood of the unborn child is central to the abortion debate — as even the justice who wrote the landmark Roe v. Wade opinion has acknowledged — because, if established in law, it would nullify a “right” to abortion. The largely overlooked HHS strategic plan for 2018-22 states the agency “accomplishes its mission through programs and initiatives that cover a wide spectrum of activities, serving and protecting Americans at every stage of life, beginning at conception.”

US pulls out of UNESCO, citing ‘anti-Israel’ bias
The United States said Thursday that it was pulling out of the UN’s culture and education body, accusing it of “anti-Israel bias” in a move that underlines Washington’s drift away from international institutions. Following years of tension at UNESCO, which is in the process of electing a new director-general, US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert announced that Washington planned to withdraw.

Jordan: Jews on Temple Mount are a ‘provocation’ to Muslims
Jordanian minister claims Jews visiting Temple Mount ‘harm’ Al-Aqsa mosque, ‘provoke’ Muslims around the world.

Germany to work to maintain global unity if US de-certifies Iran deal
The German government on Friday vowed to work for continued global unity if US President Donald Trump announces that he will not certify Iran’s compliance with a 2015 nuclear accord negotiated by world powers, as expected. “We have a great interest in the continuation of this international unity. If … an important country like the United States comes to a different conclusion as appears to be the case, we will work even harder with other partners to maintain this cohesion,” government spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters.

Hillary Clinton vows to give Harvey Weinstein money to charity – but suffers huge backlash
HILLARY Clinton has given campaign donations from disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein to charity – but all may not be as it appears…questions were raised over whether she should contribute the money on top of her usual 10 per cent. If not, the cash would appear to be replacing dollars she was already handing over. It is also not known if the money will end up going to her own charity, the Clinton Foundation. The lack of clarity sparked a furious online backlash against Mrs Clinton.

La Palma volcano ‘seismic swarm MAPPED: Video captures La Palma volcano’s flurry of quakes
LA PALMA volcano’s “seismic swarm” has been mapped in a video which reveals when the Canary Islands was rocked by 50 earthquakes in just three days.

Hurricane Ophelia to Brush the Azores This Weekend; May Affect Ireland Next Week as a Powerful Post-Tropical Storm
Hurricane Ophelia remains a Category 2 hurricane and remains no threat to the United States, but could potentially brush parts of the Azores this weekend. Ophelia will likely bring a blast of strong winds early next week to Ireland and perhaps the United Kingdom as a powerful post-tropical low-pressure system.

California wildfires: Death toll climbs to 29
The number of people confirmed dead in wildfires sweeping northern California has climbed to 29, as officials warned that conditions would worsen. Hundreds of people remain missing as at least 22 fires rampaged across the state’s famous wine country.

Multiple People Shot After Gunman Opens Fire In Central Trelleborg, Sweden
Local media reported that at least four people had been taken to hospital. Some reports suggested that up to seven people might have been seriously injured.

Obama AG Loretta Lynch faces a Capitol Hill date to discuss Russia vote meddling
President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been called to testify before congressional Russian election meddling probes next week.

Baltimore Surpasses New York, Chicago as Murder Capital With 278 Homicides
The Baltimore Police Department has announced the deaths of three men shot in two separate incidents, pushing the city’s homicide count to 278 so far this year ‒ ahead of New York in terms of total murders, and Chicago in murders per capita.

REPORT: Trump SLASHES Ties With Anti-Israel U.N. … Conservatives Are Cheering!
President Trump has officially declared that the United States is withdrawing from UNESCO — the Education, Scientific, and Cultural branch of the United Nations, in response to its continued anti-America, anti-Israel behavior, reports WND.

Trump administration: ‘Life begins at conception’
Bold new strategic plan declares personhood of unborn.

THANK G-D: Trump administration reverses Obama policy – ‘gender identity’ not
In a reversal of federal policy that pleased marriage advocates and angered LGBTQI groups, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a memo interpreting the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as not intended to apply to transgenders.

ALERT: D.C. Strikes Vengeance, Issues Unbelievable Gun Law… Patriots Will Not Have It
The Washington Times reports that officials in Washington, D.C., are seeking major expansions to the district’s draconian gun laws. Ever since the federal appeals court struckdown their attempts to constrain the issuing of concealed-carry permits, the Democrats have been thirsting for revenge.

Pelosi Uses Facebook Failure to Push Plan to Spend $40 Billion of Taxpayer Money
With Facebook users incapacitated and seeking answers, Pelosi quickly took to Twitter to promote Democrats’ plan to spend at least $40 billion of taxpayer money to provide access to affordable, high-speed internet to every home in America via their “A Better Deal on Universal High-Speed Internet” initiative:

Mozilla gave $100,000 to secure email platform harnessed by Antifa groups
 Firefox creators proud to aid international terrorists.