2 Oct 2017

ISIS Claims Stephen Paddock ‘Converted to Islam’ Before Shooting
Stephen Paddock has been identified as the sole suspect in the Las Vegas concert shooting that took place on Sunday night. Just about 12 hours following the attack, the Associated Press reported that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, adding that Paddock converted to Islam “months ago.”

Hezbollah Tells Jews to “Get Out of Palestine” or Become “Fuel for War”
a retired IDF general, said Sunday that Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah is at the top of Israel’s “hit list,” and said Israel would “drop the gloves” during the next round of fighting between Israel and the Iranian-backed terror organization.

Outrage as Satanic Fashion Show Desecrates 1,000-Year-Old London Church
A fashion show in London last week left many aghast as it transformed an ancient and venerated church into a Satanically inspired display, with transvestite models dressed as the devil. Though the designer and fashionistas claim it was all in the name of art with no ill-will intended, the church has expressed its deepest regret…rather than reflect or honor the setting, a 1,000-year old church, the show became a tribute to Satanism.

9/11 Was Just the Beginning
San Bernadino. Orlando. Ohio State. Ft. Lauderdale. These are all terror attacks that happened on US soil since 9/11. Have Americans really woken up to the threat of radical Islam? (video)

‘EU failed us, Turkey doesn’t need it anymore,’ says Erdogan
Erdogan says that his country has outgrown its need for EU membership over the course of rocky 12-year accession talks. Recep Tayyip Erdogan also accused Europe of harboring terrorists

US intelligence foils North Korean attempt to smuggle rockets to Egypt
Egyptian businessmen ordered millions of dollars’ worth of weapons from Pyongyang for the Egyptian military, which the North Korean tried to smuggle on a ship flying a Cambodian flag; Washington alerted Cairo, which stopped the ship, only to later learn it was bound for Egypt. The foiled smuggling attempt strained ties between Washington and Cairo and was one of several secret deals that led the Trump administration to delay nearly $300 million in military aid to Egypt, the Tribune reported.

Suspect in Canada terror attack is Somali refugee, police say
The suspect accused of stabbing a police officer before crashing a speeding U-Haul van into a crowd of people in Edmonton, Canada, had come to the country from Somalia trying to claim refugee status, police revealed. An Islamic State flag was found in the car that hit the officer, according to Knecht.

50 Arrests As Hundreds of Neo-Nazis March in Gothenberg, Sweden
Clashes broke out when police blocked the attempt by the neo-Nazis to change the route; the group had been barred by police from passing near the city’s synagogue. Seven people were injured in the riot that followed, including one Gothenberg city police officer.

Israel to impose 11 day closure of West Bank and Gaza for Sukkot holiday
The West Bank and Gaza Strip will be completely sealed off for 11 days from the start of Sukkot holiday through the following Shabbat, the Defense Ministry confirmed on Monday. All crossing in and out of the West Bank and Gaza will be closed to Palestinians beginning Wednesday October 4 until Wednesday, October 14, with the exception of humanitarian, medical and exceptional cases…

FIFTY dead and 200 injured as gunman with terrifying arsenal of weapons opens fire on packed Vegas music festival
America is reeling from the worst mass shooting in its history after at least 50 people were killed and more than 200 wounded at a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Police say the shooter was 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, described as a local man, who opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival from a room in the Mandalay Bay Hotel shortly after 10pm. Officers say Paddock was shot and killed…

Swiss MP: ‘Jews had a better chance of survival at Auschwitz than pigs in farms’
Swiss Green Party MP Jonas Fricker said during a debate over animal protections in the National Council legislative body on Thursday that Jews deported to the Auschwitz extermination camp had a better chance of surviving than pigs sent to industrial livestock farming. Fricker’s alleged belittling of the Holocaust triggered outrage in Switzerland, causing him to resign on Saturday.

Pentagon gives green light to install Israeli defense system on US tanks
The US Army has approved the installation of Israel’s Trophy active-protection system on a number of its M1A2 Abrams tanks, making it the first army aside from the IDF to use the system. The Pentagon said Thursday the decision was made following “an urgent material” request. Designed to detect and neutralize incoming projectiles, the Trophy system has four radar antennae and fire-control radars to track incoming threats…

Palestinian PM in rare Gaza visit as rift with Hamas eases
The Palestinian prime minister is making a rare trip to Gaza as part of efforts to end a rift between Fatah and Hamas, which controls the territory. Rami Hamdallah’s visit comes after Hamas disbanded its administration to make way for a unity government. Previous attempts at reconciliation have failed, and there are difficult obstacles which still stand in the way.

The Results Are In: 89% Of Catalans Vote For Independence
“Sorry but this looks like fascism. I’m shocked and disgusted by how Spain has dealt with the Catalan Referendum. If there isn’t a violent response to this, I’ll be shocked.”

CALLING ON THE BEST: Japan Consulting With Israel for Security Expertise Before 2020 Olympic Games
Japanese security and intelligence officials recently visited Israel to attend an international conference on dealing with Islamic terrorism that was facilitated by the Israel Police’s Operational Directorate, Israel Hayom reported.

REPORT: Democrats Are About To Lose New Jersey Forever – Media BLACKOUT
For the first time in nine years, a U.S. senator is facing a federal bribery charge. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., is pleading guilty to 18 counts of fraud and bribery. Even left-biased outlets like MSNBC have admitted that the evidence against the senator is “overwhelming,” reports The Daily Wire.

Puerto Rican CEO Calls Local Government ‘Corrupt and Inept’ – Sends His Own Team To Help FEMA Efforts
…In an op-ed in the New York Post, Jorge Rodriguez, the Harvard-educated CEO of engineering firm PACIV based in Puerto Rico said he refuses to work with local governments because they are inept and riddled with corruption…Rodriguez also pointed out that Puerto Rico can’t even handle regular societal needs due to decades of government corruption and that the water and power systems were already failing prior to hurricane Maria’s devastating blow.

BOMBSHELL: Puerto Rican Police Officer Calls Into NY Radio Station – Exposes Corrupt Mayor Carmen Yulin
An alleged Puerto Rican female police officer called into a New York radio station (La Mega) Thursday claiming that Mayor Carmen Yulín is stopping them from distributing the aid supplies they received from mainland U.S..

Dems/Teamsters Order Puerto Rican Stand-Down To Embarrass Trump
Democrats and Puerto Rican teamsters have orchestrated a stand-down of essential supply distribution throughout Puerto Rico in an effort to make President Trump appear ineffective at responding to the humanitarian crisis.

Terror attack horror in Canada as driver with ISIS flag deliberately rams pedestrians
Several have been left injured following a terror attack in Canada. A car was deliberately driven at pedestrians outside an American football game in Edmonton. The motorist drive at ‘high speed’ towards a police checkpoint outside the game. He crashed through the barricade and hit a police officer sending him flying 15ft into the air. The driver then jumped out and “viciously” attacked the injured officer, stabbing him several times, before running away.

Mueller’s Witch Hunt Finds Nothing on Trump, But Look Which Obama Truth Surfaced
Though special counsel Robert Mueller has thus far uncovered zero evidence that President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, a far more shocking revelation regarding former President Barack Obama has made its way to the surface.