Kicking Against the Norm :: by Ron Graham

How do we achieve happiness in this life? What must we do or have to reach the point where we are truly happy? Most people of this world assume they would be content if they were rich. As we see in those individuals who are rich, money isn’t enough to obtain happiness. In many lives it brings sorrow and pain, and people who have great wealth always seem to be trying to achieve more.

Others believe alcohol, drugs or sex will do the trick. Still others look to outside entertainment such as sports, and vacations. Unfortunately all of these are temporary fixes for a much larger problem. They are searching for something that seems to them to be allusive. All they know is that they can’t quite get their hands on it. Well then, what do we do to fill our lives with happiness?

We want to be content, and filled with a sense of security as we go through life and look to the future. Yet at the forefront of people’s minds is their own happiness, most aren’t concerned with the happiness of others.

“I need to get my kicks,” I’ve heard from so many, “I just want to party and have fun.” It seems anymore, people don’t mind delving into whatever activity brings them pleasure no matter how immoral it might be; just as long as they are receiving satisfaction. The idea that we can “eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die” is more prevalent in our society today than ever before.

One of the writers of The Old Testament, Solomon, wrote the book of Ecclesiastes and had much to say about happiness. Solomon tried it all. He was king over Israel; he speaks about how he was given great wisdom, great wealth, many wives and concubines, and he tried everything under the sun.

Eating, drinking, sex, he turned away from the one who gave him everything and began to allow the worship of idols and pagan gods. Here’s the richest man that ever lived, and he states that through all the riotous living, all his pursuing of happiness, all he could come up with to describe life is, it’s all vanity.

King Solomon begins this book with the following statement: “’Vanity of vanities,’ says the Preacher; ‘Vanity of vanities, all is vanity’” (Ecclesiastes 1:2). After a life of trying everything under the sun, this is his conclusion: frustration, futility, nonsense, even absurdity; all is vanity.

At the end of his writing in Ecclesiastes he writes “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all” (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

Solomon basically ruined his life, although he had acquired much knowledge, experience, and wisdom, he summed it all up in this simple statement: “Fear God.” Fear God means to believe in God, to reverence God, to love God. Solomon, through mistakes, bad decisions, and foolishness came up with the only true meaning of life. He describes in detail how he went wrong. By the end of his life he attributed his entire existence to God.

How can we obtain happiness or contentment while living in a fallen world? By placing our faith and our trust in Jesus Christ, and believing in Him who sent Jesus to dwell among us, we will have what Solomon finally realized by the end of his life: God is the answer. Jesus Christ is God Almighty, our Creator, our Redeemer, and our Savior: He’s KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

Come to the cross of Christ; lay your burdens down at His feet. Jesus Christ wants to take your troubles, your pains, your sorrows. He’s waiting. Talk to Him. Turn your life over to Him. You won’t be sorry. No one who is truly born again is ever sorry for the decision they made when they asked Jesus Christ to come into their lives. Thusly, you’ll have found true happiness.

God Bless you all,

Ron Graham