If Christians Would Unite :: by Grant Phillips

Some people believe that the world will get better and better, and then the Lord will return to reward us all for such a fine job. I don’t know what these people are sniffing, but they obviously are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Our world is in a mess of Herculean proportions, and it is just getting worse by the day. For example, crime is at an all time high; murder, rape, theft, drugs and that is just some of the big stuff. Smut is everywhere; movies, books, magazines, television, street corners, living rooms, etcetera. Homosexuality, adultery, fornication, child molestation, and other perverted acts are epidemic. Our prisons are running over. Our schools are training centers in perversion. Our homes are broken, and a hell on earth for many children, abused wives, and senior citizens. Parents are murdered by their own children, and parents murder their own children. Grandchildren murder their own grandparents. Drugs are crippling this nation, and raising generations of addicts, many times from the wombs of their mothers. Greed is destroying our economy, and it goes from the top to the bottom, and back up again. Need I go on? Our country is at its lowest point … or is it? Probably not. Once the monster is out of the cage, it will just continue to feed upon itself and grow more intimidating.

A pig does not get cleaner when wallowing in the sty. It just gets more muddy, and the smell gets stronger. If you fall in quicksand, you just get dirtier and sink deeper as you struggle to get out. My point? Generations are growing up who do not see certain acts as disgusting as previous generations. In other words, the more you hang around garbage, the less it stinks, but it is still garbage.

What in the world has happened to cause this world to leap frog out of control? One thing constantly comes to mind. Instead of the church taking the Gospel of Jesus to the world, the world has come in and taken over the church. This would never have happened if Christians had united for Christ. The excuse is always, “but I’m just one person.” If that is the only excuse we have, then we have none.

Let me ask you a few questions. How long is the television on in your home? What do you watch? What do your children watch? What do they read? What do you read? What movies do they go to? How much quality time does your family spend together? Who is on the Internet, and what are they looking at? Have electronic games and cell phones taken over your family? What music are you and your children listening to? Have extra curricular activities at school taken over your home? How much time is spent in Bible study and prayer in your home with all family members present? Are you and all your family worshipping together at your local church, if you can find a good Bible believing and teaching one, every time the doors are open, or out doing “your own thing”? Do you support businesses that you know to be anti-God? This is a sampling of questions that we all need to ask ourselves.

Here’s the kicker. If each Christian would just do what God wants them to do, we would be united in Christ, and would definitely make a difference in this fallen world. For example, why do you think some people make so much money from the trash they shove in the face of God? People buy it! Guess who is included in the buyers listing? Christians! If we Christians would stop supporting those things that come between our Lord Jesus Christ and our families, it definitely would make a difference. It’s all about the “bottom line”.

When activities interfere with our quality family time and our God, all we have to do is say, “We’re out. Get someone else.” I know of families who run themselves ragged driving their children back and forth from one event to another, not counting the money they are spending that many of them do not have. “But we do it for the children.” If you are in this mess, you aren’t giving your children anything. You are taking away from them. Give them something that really matters, at home … yourself, and a witness of your relationship with Almighty God that they can build upon.

One of the most heartbreaking things to witness is grieving parents who just can not understand why their child has made such a mess of their life. Perhaps it could have been avoided, if these parents had just put God first, their family second, and everyone else third (or maybe even further down on the list).

If every Christian family would just put God first, regardless of the outcome, maybe we would not be seeing so much corruption today. Why does Hollywood get more and more brave in the filth it puts on the big screens? Money. People buy it. How many of those who purchase their tickets to watch their filth are Christians, or children of Christians? If Christians would not buy their tickets, don’t you think it would get somebody’s attention? The world is getting more brave in what it drags out of the closet, because Christians support it, by purchasing their products.

Washington D.C. is crawling with politicians who are homosexuals, some openly. You say, “Now I don’t support that!” Who did you vote for? The same town is crawling with politicians who are eaten up with greed, and have no more morals than an alley cat. You say, “Now I don’t live like that!” Who did you vote for? If you voted for them, then you support them, and if you are a Christian, you need to ask God’s forgiveness and get with the program. Christians complain about the stench coming from Washington D.C., but guess who put them there? I know that all of their supporters were not non-Christians. Some had to be Christians.

One is not a lonely number, when you are one with Christ. You are then in the majority. The world’s majority may have us, as fellow Christians, out numbered, but not our God. His ONE trumps their majority every time. We are on the winning team. You don’t have to be on the bench. (Actually God has provided no benches. So you are just standing on the sideline.) Everyone has a position on the team. Everyone can play. Will you have any crowns to lay at the feet of Jesus on awards night? Will it be gold, silver, and precious stones, or wood, hay, and stubble?

If only we Christians would unite in Christ, how many could be saved from the lake of fire and brimstone? How many could be pulled from the clutches of the Tribulation period that may soon be upon this world? How many could soar through the heavens and be with our Lord at the Rapture? It’s all up to us, individually, to unite.

Grant Phillips