Rev. Noah W. Hutchings, President of Southwest Radio Ministries started working at Southwest Radio Church of the Air in 1951. He is dedicated to reaching others with news topics that are especially related to these prophetic last days.




Rev. Noah Hutchings is President of Southwest Radio Ministries, a radio show that gives a solid platform for Christian authors and speakers to share their work. It is the oldest, longest-running evangelical Christian radio ministry in the United States. The format of the show is instructional, evangelical and prophetic in nature and hosted by Noah.

Rev. Hutchings has written dozens of books and booklets on prophecy and other biblical topics, produced and hosted over 15,000 radio programs. He has led mission tours to Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, Cuba, including about 53 tours alone to Israel and the Middle East. His latest book is titled: 40 Irrefutable Signs of the Last Generation. 

Noah Hutchings has a monthly publication, The Prophetic Observer, a popular newsletter reaching thousands of households. Each month he or a guest columnist examines a topic or event that relates to the fulfillment of end-time prophecies. Bible in the News is a monthly news magazine featuring news items that are related to Scripture and/or end-time prophecies. These news items are also presented at the end of the daily broadcasts on many of the Southwest Radio Ministries news affiliates.

The ministry website has some excellent teaching and learning materials, some hard to find books and prophecy related information. Noah has a deep-sense of patriotism woven into his radio programs along with his strong defense of Christian principles that have been the backbone of this great nation. He also has a tremendous concern for the growing apostasy and exposes the problems with the Purpose Driven Church movement, the Emergent church movement and other liberal teachings that fall under the umbrella of the Church Growth Movement (megachurches).  

Rev. Hutchings is married to the lovely Kym Hutchings who has been working with Southwest Radio Ministries since 1984. Overall, Rev. Hutchings makes an important contribution to those who are seeking answers to today’s turbulent world conditions.