I was raised as Catholic and didn't feelcomfortable with that path.  There isn't anything specific as to why I hadlost faith with the Catholic religion (there is plenty of reasons now). But I started to research different things; magic, both black and white (findingthat there is no difference) and other pagan religions, and not finding theanswers there either. Then one afternoon I was shopping at one of the mallsat a national bookstore chain not looking for anything in particular and pulleda book off of the shelf and when I looked to see what I pick up it was thesatanic bible.  I dropped the book and left the store as fast as I possiblycould (to never return).  I was very distressed about this and told this toa friend who I knew was a Christian.

 He andhis wife took me into their home and invited me to church with them thefollowing Sunday.  After going with them every Sunday for about two orthree months I accepted Jesus as my Savior.  I would like to be able totell you that my life has been wonderful since that day but unfortunately thatis not the case for me.  I feel like I am the guy in the poem"Footprints" because for the last several years I am the one that hasbeen carried by Jesus across the sand.  I didn't return to my demons of old(lack of faith) but found a whole set of new ones to disrupt my life:selfishness, greed, drugs and lust just to name a few.  And the worse partwas I forgot all about Jesus and what He has done for me.

 Myjourney back starts with a book, The Fourth Reich, I apologize Idon't remember the author.  It is a story about the antichrist and the endtimes.  After reading it, I knew that I did not want to be here during hisreign.  Then a friend of mine turned me on to Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins LeftBehind series.  After the first couple of books I knew that I hadto get right with Jesus and God before it was too late.  I went out andbought a new Bible to start reading it and start living my life the way Jesuswants us to be.  My favorite time now is the time I spend reading my Bibleand learning God's Word.

 GodBless you,

Your friend in Christ,