Hello,  My name is Carrie, and I would like to share my testimony. 

First let mestart off by telling you that I am only 13 1/2, I know what you are probablythinking "what kind of testimony can someone so young have?"  Well, in this dayin age a lot can happen to preteens and teens, so just hang in there for aminute while I tell you my testimony. You won't regret it.   

I was saved when I was seven years old, and lived in a small townsheltered from most things, but then when I was nine years old, my mothercommitted suicide, after being married to a man who abused her verbally andphysically, leaving me and my two older brothers in the care of our dad andstep-Mom.  My brothers and I had to move from everything we knew to adifferent state, away from all of our friends and  family, to live with my dad,step-Mom and three older stepbrothers plus my real brothers.   

Well, let me just say things were OK for about a year or so for me anyway,but I really didn't fit in with my surroundings. All of my brothers startedgetting in to drugs, smoking, drinking, sex, stealing and lots of otherthings. You know me, a little 11 year old girl who wanted more than anythingto fit in with my brothers and to show them that I wasn't an all around"goody, goody", so I started doing what they did -  hanging out with therefriends, smoking, drinking, partying, doing drugs, stealing, breaking thelaw, and even some witch craft, which is really something you don't want tomess around with. I even almost had sex with one of their friends, but thankGod I didn't, because somewhere deep inside I was knew it was wrong and therewere consequences for some things.

After all this stuff started happening Iwent into a deep depression, but I don't think anyone really realized itbecause I started to stay away from my brothers. At one point, I seriouslythought about killing myself, I thought, hey my Mom did it so why can't I, noone cares about me, no one tells me "I love you," I'm here traveling throughlife alone, but I also was so lost, I didn't know what to do. I was a scaredlittle child, forgetting that I am never alone God is always there.    

Then I turned 12 and it was the summer again. We moved and I didn't haveany friends, so I wanted to get out of my house, because I was pretty muchunder house arrest because my brothers got sick of me, and Church Camp wascoming up so I decided I would go, just so I could get away from all myfamily for a week. So I went,  not knowing that God would work in my lifeagain.  On the second to the last day I recommitted my life to the Lord,and I have never been the same since, but the story isn't over yet. 

A lot hashappened since a year and a half ago. My dad divorced my step-Mom, gettingrid of my stepbrothers who were really bad influences on me. I get to go to aChristian School, and be in a Christian band. God has given me the strengthto handle almost anything now. I want to serve God forever, and when I growup I want to be a missionary so I can tell all people about Jesus and how Hehas changed my life.     

Parents please remember to show your children how much you love them andhow much you care about them. They need you more than anything.  Maybe if mydad would have a lot more, I wouldn't have went the way I did, but I know Godallowed all the horrible things to happen to me for a reason, maybe that reason is to show people God can take even teenagers and use them for hisglory. 

Thank you so much for reading my testimony. God bless you all.