God Has Spoken

By Daymond Duck

HeavenVision cover


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God Has Spoken (and We Know It), the long awaited “common man’s” book on Bible prophecy by veteran Bible prophecy scholar Daymond Duck, is now available!

This is a special early release for friends of Rapture Ready, as the official release will be in September 7, 2013. The publisher is offering a free DVD of Daymond Duck as well ( a $ 9.99 value) for free.

We believe this is a very special book that will answer many “enigmatic” questions regarding the state of the world today and how Christians should respond.

The rapid-fire occurrence of catastrophic world events, both natural and manmade, have all of Earth’s inhabitants seeking answers. Some depend on man’s wisdom to “plot their course”; others turn to religion—for the Christian, this means seeking God’s understanding. But, having made that decision, the modern day Christian is confronted with a cacophony of voices and opinions, which many times only leaves them more confused. To borrow a phrase from the New Testament writer James: “Brethren, this should not be so.”

Enter: Daymond Duck. “Sadly, many people. . .actually believe all Bible prophecy is too complicated to be understood. It never occurs to them that God would have left it out of the Bible, if He didn’t want them to understand it.”  God Has Spoken is a compilation and expansion of his highly popular Power Point presentations covering eight biblically prophetic subjects: the Importance of Bible Prophecy, the Rapture and the Resurrection of the Dead, the Tribulation, Israel, World Government, Signs and Events, Wars and Rumors of Wars, and the book of Revelation. Utilizing the same simple and straight-forward language that his audiences have come to appreciate, Duck brings great scholarship and effective communication that will have the reader convinced that God truly has spoken. . .and we can know it.

To order, you can call the publisher direct. Tell the order-taker that you are calling based on the Rapture Ready website offer. Call Toll Free: 1-877-887-0222.