HeavenVision: Glimpses into Glory

By Terry James

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"HeavenVision: Glimpses into Glory" Terry James’ book about his clinical death and restoration to life on Good Friday, April 22, 2011, is now available!


This is a special early release for friends of Rapture Ready, as the official release will be in January of 2013. The publisher is offering a 20% discount off the retail price of this hardback. Hard cover editions are more expensive to produce and market than paperbacks. The quality of a hardback, however, makes for a particularly nice gift, and we believe this is a very special book due to the subject of Heaven --that incomprehensively magnificent Home awaiting all who Believe in Jesus Christ for Salvation.


Life after death has been the mesmerizing subject of the ages. Is there an afterlife? If so, can we learn truth about that plane of existence this side of eternity?


The answer to both questions is a resounding “yes,” according to thrilling accounts of those who have returned from clinical death to report the amazing things they saw and heard at super-accelerated levels of sensation.

Terry James, a Christian and author of many books about Bible prophecy, died clinically three times on Good Friday, April 22, 2011. He returned to life after receiving defibrillation shocks to tell what he saw and experienced during his journey to and from the very portals of Heaven. He and his co-author, Angie Peters, share the story of his fully medically documented experience on that strange, exhilarating day, and examine many other cases of near-death encounters through the lens of Scripture to present a powerful, detailed case for what awaits us once we leave this world and enter the next.

Terry has some stunning things to share about what he is convinced the Holy Spirit has shown him about the purpose of his astonishing trip to Glory and back. Specific prophecies from the Scriptures about what is to be the outcome of all the strange and troubling things we see happening all around us today reside at the heart of his amazing visit to the other side that Good Friday.


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