What would you do? Now honestly,…..what would you REALLY do?

By Sandy Howard

I read an interesting article today about the government planning to microchip our soldiers, ‘making it harder to kill with diseases’ and to ‘monitor soldiers’ health on the battlefield and keep doctors abreast about potential health problems’. Actually, this is one of many similar such subject articles I have read recently having to do with micro chip implants, RFID, information tattoos, etc. Depending on where the article is published, I have read about all the logical, helpful, common sense ‘reasons’ why this would be a ‘good thing’ for us all, anywhere from locating lost pets, locating kidnapped children, consolidating health records and financial information in one easy to access convenient location, improved security for identity theft, to employers being able to ‘locate’ their employees (really?) and on and on and on and on it goes, all boiling down to ‘for our own good’. And it got me to thinking, maybe I should really stop and think about what my honest answer to this question would be.

I am a business analyst by trade and by nature, so it comes natural to me to think ahead and plan ahead whenever I can. So, although I am convinced by now that I will be ‘caught up’ before it comes to this, just in case I am faced with this decision before the Rapture, or in the event that someone who is left behind reads this and is facing this decision during the tribulation to come, I decided to analyze my heart and mind and see if I can get prepared to give the right answer to this question:

If the government, your employer, your insurance company, your bank, someone at the DMV, someone in a toll booth on the highway………anyone in great or small authority over you, asks you to accept a micro chip implant, would you do it?

My immediate reaction to this question is to say ‘NO, not under any circumstances would I allow any such device to be implanted, tattooed or in any other way become part of my body!’ But then…….I started to remember all the ‘reasons’ I’d heard about lately for this being a good idea and it occurred to me that answering this question, as is the case in most other life situations, probably wouldn’t be quite as ‘cut and dried’ as it seems. It seems to me that we Americans have lost quite a few of our freedoms of late, one at a time, and mostly either willingly on our part or apathetically. And every time it seems like it’s for some reason that is ‘good for us’ doesn’t it? I mean, who doesn’t want our soldiers to be healthy and safe for crying out loud, right? And who wants to prevent some hysterical parent from finding their kidnapped precious little child? And who wouldn’t enjoy the convenience of having all your medical records and financial records in one place that could easily be scanned, say when you’re going to a new doctor or are unconscious or when you have to spend time searching through your records to find financial information to take to the car dealership with you when you decide to buy a new car for example? It usually does wind up being an ‘either/or’ situation though doesn’t it? Others would likely accuse you of wanting to prevent all these advances in technology and of not caring about saving lives and not caring about the welfare of the innocent helpless little children. And why??? Because if you are against all this fantastic new technology then you’re some kind of old fashioned fuddy duddy, holy-roller, paranoid fanatic. It’s either ‘us, the enlightened, intelligent, progressive, forward thinking’ OR ‘them, … re-read the last sentence starting with fuddy duddy above’.

So, let’s just say, for a hypothetical situation, that some day soon my employer sends out an email stating that due to new national health insurance regulations and new national banking regulations, all employees will be required to get ‘chipped’ by such and such date in order to continue to receive health insurance benefits and in order for the banking system to automatically deposit paychecks. Ok, my answer is still going to be NO. (I’d just like to insert a comment here though. Although I am not 100% sure that a chip or tattoo like this is the ACTUAL ‘mark of the you know who’, it sure smacks of it to me so I’m not taking any chances.) However, when I stop and think about it, I begin to realize that NO is going to result in some very serious changes in my life. The obvious ones are that I would lose my job and my employer would have no choice in that matter, and without health insurance or my paycheck, I would not be able to get prescriptions filled, go to the doctor, buy food, buy gas for the car, pay the electric or water bill. That wouldn’t matter though because without my paycheck, I would not be able to pay my house payment so would lose my home. And since these are ‘national’ rules, I would not be able to just find another job. And, of course, I’d lose the cell phone and the internet access. So, I guess I could siphon the gas out of the lawn mower and pack up some clothes and some toiletries and a few week’s worth of food and water that I might have around the house (gotta move out anyway, remember? So guess I’d have to just leave the furniture) and go…………………..where? Park my car out in the woods somewhere and live in it there until I run out of food and water? Well, this hypothetical is creeping me out already, to say the least.

I would like to think that I would hang in there and count it an honor to suffer for Christ, keep the faith, and even hang in there until death by starvation and become a martyr for Him. I actually do think I could. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but I really do. However, guess what just crossed my mind? What if I had one of my grandbabies with me? Then what? Could I stand my ground and watch them suffer and die?

What would you do? Now honestly,…..what would you REALLY do?