One of the top priorities of Rapture Ready is to continuously improve the content of the site. In the early days, it was easy for a single person to handle maintenance of the site. Now that this web operation has grown to over 15,000 files on the main server, it has become essential for us to seek help from the public.

We are looking for your ideas on how to improve the page or area currently featured here. We need people to assist with editing, design, and content improvement. A few minutes of thought from a handful of people will have a dramatic effect on the improvement of the site.

Suggestions for New Articles :

Terry and I are looking for ideas for article that would be beneficial to have on the site. One key factor to consider is how the main topic would relate to the core values of the Christian faith. Another important thing to ponder is how the title will reflect in search engines. It's important to have titles that stand out and fulfill the needs of people searching the internet for answers.

If you folks think of any topic we may have missed, please send them to me at: