They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

With my new digital camera, I can take up to 400,000 words worth of pictures at a time. 


General Topics

The Holy Land Tour - Over 140 pictures of various locations in Israel

Signs of the Time - A thumbnail collection of 22 signs of the end times

The Mr. Antichrist Evil Pageant - You won't get to see them in bathing suits, but if they win this contest, you might see them as the dictator of the world

The Holy Land Experience - Save yourself the 14 hour flying time by seeing Israel in sunny Florida

Israel: The Land of Peace - Finally a page dedicated to those folks that deny Israel's prophetic significance.

Mansions in Heaven - Find out what type mansion you should expect to be given

What Would They Say Today - Speculation on the type of comments you'd get from famous people

Various Site-Related Events

Media Interviews - Encounters we've had with various reporters

Todd visting Terry in Arkansas:

The Alabama Trip Jun 2007

Todd's First visit to Benton

Thy Kingdom Come in Tulsa, Ok:

Photos from the 2010 Conference

Photos from the 2009 Conference  

Photos from the 2008 Conference

Photos from the 2007 Conference

Photos from the 2006 Conference (Part 1)

Photos from the 2006 Conference (Part 2)

Photos from the 2004 Conference

Photos from the 2003 Conference

Photos from the 2002 Conference

Photos from the 2001 Conference

The Pre-Trib Study Group in Dallas, Texas:

The Pre-Trib Study Group 2009

The Pre-Trib Study Group 2007

The Pre-Trib Study Group 2006

The Pre-Trib Study Group 2005

The Pre-Trib Study Group 2003

The Pre-Trib Study Group 2002

The Pre-Trib Study Group 2001

Our trip to the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA)

The Atlanta 2007 CBA Convention

The Denver 2006 CBA Convention

The Orlando 2003 CBA Convention

Springdale Conference Hosted by the First Baptist Church of Springdale, AR

Photos from the Tampa Conference - Hosted by God's New Behind the News

Charleston Prophecy Conference  28-30 Sep 08

Todd's World

U.S. Stated I've visited - A chart map of my travels

Oman TDY - My military days in Oman

United Arab Emirates TDY - My military days in UAE

Thanksgiving Dinner 2003 - Thanksgiving dinner 2003

Thanksgiving Dinner 2002 - My family gathered together the day after Thanksgiving

Views of Storm Lake, Iowa - Key location shots in my hometown

Christmas Dinner 2003 - The big feed at my mothers house

Christmas Dinner 2002 - On Christmas day I eat at cousin Ray's house

My time in the Air Force - My old job and the people I have to put up with

The Swinging 60's - During the 1960's, a lot people tell me I was a baby.

Those Wacky 70's and 80's - My memories of this time frame goes from early school days to some of the many dogs I've raised.

Beyond 2000 - Here are some photo's taken with my new digital camera.