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23 Feb 15

High-level U.S. and Iran nuclear talks resume
High-level nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran resumed in Geneva on Monday as both sides work...to come up with an initial deal by a March 31 deadline. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, as well as U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Iran's atomic nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi met for a second day following a two-hour meeting on Sunday.  

Iran forming 'third front' against Israel on Golan: Netanyahu
Iran is seeking to open a "third front" against Israel using Hezbollah fighters on the Syrian Golan Heights, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday. Netanyahu said Tehran's attempts to entrench itself along Israel's borders was one of the biggest emerging security threats facing the Jewish state.  

Ukraine says it cannot start heavy weapons withdrawal
The Ukrainian military has said it cannot start withdrawing heavy weapons from the front line in the east until the rebels stop shelling its positions. Military spokesman Lt Col Anatoliy Stelmakh told reporters the rebels had not stopped firing. Both sides agreed at the weekend to begin withdrawing heavy weapons shortly, under this month's ceasefire.  

Australia storms: Army deployed in massive clean-up
Australian soldiers have been deployed in Queensland to help clean up after a powerful tropical cyclone caused widespread damage in coastal areas. It is estimated 1,500 homes were damaged and 100 families left homeless after Cyclone Marcia struck on Friday. About 50,000 homes and businesses are still without power in the towns of Rockhampton and Yeppoon.  

Australia to toughen citizenship laws to combat terrorism
Australian PM Tony Abbott has announced a push to toughen citizenship laws and tackle those inciting hatred in an attempt to target domestic extremists. He said citizenship for dual nationals involved in terrorism could be suspended or even revoked. People born in Australia could also lose some privileges if they broke anti-terror laws, he added.  

US security chief warns shoppers after terror threat
US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has urged people to be vigilant following a terror threat to Western shopping centres, including one of America's largest malls. He said he took the threat by the Somali-based group al-Shabab seriously. In a video, the group urged followers to carry out attacks on shopping centres in the US, Canada and the UK.  

The climate con goes on
Nearly 200 countries may sign a modest Kyoto II climate treaty, say December 2014 media reports from Lima, Peru. But will they agree to stop using coal to generate electricity? No. Curtail their economic growth? No. Cease emitting carbon dioxide? Maybe, but only a little, sometime in the future, when it is more convenient to do so, without any binding commitments. Then why would they sign a treaty?  

President Putin Visits Egypt
On February 9-10, 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Egypt for the first time since 2005, when Mubarak was still in power. The most significant outcome of this visit, which reflects the notable improvement in bilateral relations over the last two years, was the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two governments on Russian aid for the construction of a nuclear reactor in western Egypt.  

Just like the king, the mainstream media is affronted by Rudy Giuliani’s truth telling
The most telling part of the ‘Obama doesn’t love America’ Rudy Giuliani story is how the mainstream media is coming off so sanctimoniously affronted. Talking heads in some of the most surprising places (like Megyn of Fox News’ Kelly file, for example) are absolutely affronted that Giuliani put into plain words what millions of Americans are already thinking: “Obama does not love America."  

Islamist Group Calls for Attack on US Shopping Malls
The U.S. homeland security chief said on Sunday he takes seriously a threat made by Somali-based Islamist militants against shopping malls, including the Mall of America in Minnesota, and urged people going there to be careful.  

How to Win the Christian Baker/Same-Sex “Wedding” Cake Debate
A homosexual couple goes into a known Christian bakery and asks for a wedding cake for a same-sex “marriage,” is refused and then files a government complaint or sues. “Intolerance! Bigotry! Equal access!” is the cry. Many Americans have read of such stories in the news. Often the attempted purchase is a set-up, with activist-minded individuals targeting bakers whom they know will decline the request and then be vulnerable to state persecution by zealous bureaucrats.  

22 Feb 15

Netanyahu Says It Is ‘Astonishing’ that West still Talks with Iran
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Cabinet Sunday morning, “It is astonishing that even after the recent IAEA report determined that Iran is continuing to hide the military components of its nuclear program, the nuclear talks are with it are proceeding.”  

Earthquake 6.6 magnitude hits Mexico's Pacific coast
An earthquake of 6.6 magnitude struck off Mexico's Pacific coast at 1423 GMT on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there was no risk of a tsunami.  

Migrants tell of deepening chaos in Libya: 'Everyone is armed now'
Sekou Balde is living testimony to the increasing chaos and brutality that is sweeping Libya, as fears grow that the Islamic State terrorist group is seeking to establish a caliphate on the shores of the Mediterranean. ...All of the migrants spoke of being subjected to random brutality... "They especially don't like Christians," he said, making the sign of a cross with his fingers...  

Muslims form 'ring of peace' to protect Oslo synagogue
More than 1,000 people formed a "ring of peace" Saturday outside Oslo's main synagogue at the initiative of a group of young Muslims. ..."We want to demonstrate that Jews and Muslims do not hate each other," co-organiser Zeeshan Abdullah told the crowd, standing in a half-circle before the white synagogue. "We do not want individuals to define what Islam is for the rest of us."  

UK nuclear sites warned over drone terror attack
Such an attack could kill tens of thousands of people, a Government adviser has warned. But authorities are “burying their heads in the sand,” according to John Large. His call for an urgent security overhaul comes as fi gures showed nuclear power plants suffered 37 security breaches last year – the highest numberalso been breached a dozen times since 2011, including by at least one drone.  

Turkey enters Syria to evacuate Suleyman Shah tomb
Hundreds of Turkish troops in armoured vehicles have entered northern Syria and evacuated a historic Ottoman tomb and the soldiers guarding it. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the remains of Suleyman Shah would be moved elsewhere in Syria. He said troops had destroyed the tomb, apparently to prevent it from being used by Islamic State (IS) militants.  

Ukraine crisis: US to consider new Russia sanctions
Washington is considering "serious sanctions" against Russia following the recent events in the eastern Ukraine conflict, US Secretary of State John Kerry has said. During a visit to London, Mr Kerry said Mr Obama would make a decision on the options before him in the coming days. He accused Moscow of "craven behaviour" in its support for the rebels, undermining a ceasefire.  

Israel signs contract to purchase additional 14 F-35 fighter jets
A delegation of Defense Ministry officials in the US signed a contract this weekend finalizing Israel's purchase of 14 additional Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F-35A fighter jets.... According to the terms of the deal struck with the JSF Project team at the Pentagon, 14 jets, made by Lockheed Martin, will be delivered to Israel Air Force, with an option to purchase another 17 of the fifth generation platforms in the future.  

Turkish government strikes down parliamentary request to investigate ISIS activity in Turkey
Turkey's ruling Islamist party, the AKP, has struck down a parliamentary motion to launch an official probe into Islamic State's activities inside Turkey... Nazmi Gur, a deputy of the opposition's People's Democratic Party, who initially forwarded the motion, claimed that the government's rejection of the investigation is "a sign that the Turkish government still refrains from taking a clear position against ISIL...  

Self-inflicting Arm-twisting
Obama: A deadhead for Middle Eastern rulers, a source of deep frustration in Israel. He twisted arms in his own country. Not surprising, that Putin was welcomed in Cairo. Obama and his entourage did everything possible to make sure that the Middle East doesn’t perceive USA as a superpower anymore Putin’s Triumph:During a recent visit to Cairo, Russian President Vladimir Putin was received with imperial honors. The streets of Cairo were decorated with giant portraits of the Russian ruler; Egyptian jets accompanied Putin’s aircraft in the skies of Cairo and an honorary cavalry escorted a limousine with Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.  

North Korea sends 'slaves' abroad to fund Kim Jong-un's luxury lifestyle
Tens of thousands of impoverished North Koreans have been sent abroad to work as "state-sponsored slaves" whose wages are confiscated and used to buy luxury goods for the regime, human rights activists have claimed.  

How Islamic State is expanding its empire of terror
Affiliates are adopting their slick media production along with bloody tactics, amplifying the influence of the violence. The murder of the Egyptian Christians has already drawn bombing raids on Libya by Egyptian jets, which may suit some Isis commanders keen to draw enemies into an expensive and draining war.  

Ukraine crisis: Prisoner swap boosts ceasefire
Ukrainian government and rebel forces have exchanged dozens of prisoners, a week after a ceasefire came into effect in the east of the country. A total of 139 Ukrainian soldiers were freed and 52 rebels.  

Gunmen seize 89 boys from South Sudan camp
Armed men have abducted at least 89 boys in South Sudan, the United Nations children's agency has said. The incident happened in a camp in the northern city of Malakal that hosts thousands of people displaced by fighting between the army and rebels.  

Gov. Scott Walker: ‘I don’t know’ whether Obama is a Christian
Wisconsin Gov. Scott K. Walker, a prospective Republican presidential contender, said Saturday he does not know whether President Obama is a Christian. “I don’t know,” Walker said in an interview at the JW Marriott hotel in Washington, where he was attending the winter meeting of the National Governors Association.  

Myanmar says more than 130 dead in fighting near China border
Myanmar's army Saturday said more than 130 people had died in a deepening battle with rebels in the northeast, declaring it would not rest until stability was restored to the border area which tens of thousands have fled.  

Last days? Heavenly signs abound during Netanyahu speech
Religious leaders are warning that the United States is nearing a day of judgment based on its treatment of the nation of Israel. What’s more, they say, signs in the heavens are coinciding with what is shaping up to be an unexpectedly controversial address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 3 and a fiercely contested Israeli election weeks later.  

Syria forces execute 10 children of rebels: monitor
Ten children were among at least 48 people killed in a Syrian village this week when regime forces executed six families of rebel fighters, a monitoring group said on Saturday.  

21 Feb 15

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