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18 Mar 16

Exclusive: U.S. sees new Chinese activity around South China Sea shoal
The United States has seen Chinese activity around a reef China seized from the Philippines nearly four years ago that could be a precursor to more land reclamation in the disputed South China Sea... ...Admiral John Richardson, expressed concern that...a case brought by the Philippines against China over its South China Sea claims could be a trigger for Beijing to declare an exclusion zone in the busy trade route.  

Syria conflict: Kurds declare federal system
Kurdish parties have declared the establishment of a federal system in areas they control in northern Syria. The Kurds already operate "autonomous administrations" in three enclaves bordering Turkey: Afrin and Kobane in Aleppo province and Jazira in Hassakeh. The new federal region will also include mainly Arab and Turkmen areas captured from so-called Islamic State.  

Islamic State committed genocide, says US
The US says the Islamic State (IS) group has committed genocide against Yazidis, Christians and Shia Muslims. US Secretary of State John Kerry said IS was "genocidal by self-proclamation, by ideology and by actions". He did not say whether his declaration would lead to a change of US policy in the Middle East.  

Ebola outbreak: Guinea confirms two new cases
Two new Ebola cases have been confirmed in Guinea, almost three months after it celebrated the end of the outbreak. Three other members of the family are suspected to have recently died from the virus. The cases were reported in the southern region of Nzerekore, where the outbreak began in December 2013.  

A New York man has been sentenced to 22 years for supporting ISIS
A New York state resident was sentenced on Thursday to 22-1/2 years in prison for trying to recruit fighters to join Islamic State in Syria - the longest prison term handed out yet to an American convicted of supporting the militant group.  

Russia can make powerful Syria military comeback in hours: Putin
President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia could scale up its military presence in Syria again within hours and would still bomb terrorist groups there despite a partial draw-down of forces ordered after military successes.  

Defiant North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea, Japan protests
North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile on Friday, which flew about 800 km (500 miles) before hitting the sea off its east coast, South Korea's military said, as the isolated state stepped up its defiance of tough new U.N. and U.S. sanctions.  

Protests continue against Hillary Clinton’s role in Haiti after earthquake
The New York Times reports that the Clintons have been a target of protesters in Port-au-Prince, who claim earthquake aid money was mismanaged and lucrative deals went to Clinton cronies.... a vocal segment of Haitians and Haitian-Americans is speaking of the Clintons with the same contempt they reserve for some of their past leaders.  

Prosecutor in Pollard Spy Case Predicts Espionage Act Charges in Clinton Email Probe
.....make no mistake, they are going to recommend that she and others be charged with crimes.”  

Global Government Debt Is Actually Triple What We Thought, Thanks to Pensions
Government debt in 20 industrialized countries stands at $44 trillion. But it’s actually a lot more than that, according to a new report. After factoring in public pension and other retirement liabilities, the debt levels nearly triple to a staggering $122 trillion.  

17 Mar 16

Now Germans DEMAND we leave the EU: 'We've never even liked the British'
THE German TV show which mocked The Queen for being 'horse-faced' has sparked fresh outrage by DEMANDING Britain leave the EU.  

'Green flash' meteor sighting reports across Britain
A bright meteor has been sighted over Britain in the early hours. Witnesses have described the object as a green flash moving south to north for a few seconds, leaving a magnesium-white trail.  

A Bible Believer Looks At The Christian Cult Of Dominion Theology
Dominion Theology starts with a scripturally incorrect premise, Postmillennialism, and then makes a drastic left hand turn into full-on heresy by attempting to create a theocracy in America. Thrown into this mongrel mess is the hellish teaching that there will be an ‘end times transfer of wealth’ from the wicked to the ‘righteous’.  

Alaska, South Atlantic and Oklahoma: Earthquakes 10-16 March 2016
Last week offered us a major earthquake to talk about. The week of 10-16 March 2016 was a whole lot quieter, with the largest event — an M6.3 in Alaska — coming it at a full order and a half of magnitude smaller. And, on a logarithmic scale like the one used to measure earthquakes, that’s a huge difference.  

Obama's Supreme pick tied to TWA 800, OKC bombing
Obama has chosen to nominate United States Appeals Court Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Garland served as Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick’s “principal deputy” during the two most corrupt years in American political history...  

General Says Army At High Risk In War Against China, Russia
The Army's top general says military forces on the ground face a high level of risk if the United States gets into a large-scale conflict against a power such as Russia or China.  

Israel presents red lines to Russia on Golan, Iran
Rivlin reportedly told Putin that borders of both Syria and Iraq were arbitrarily drawn during the First World War, and did not reflect present realities.  

Kurds declare federal region in Syria's north
Syria's Kurds on Thursday declared a federal region in the country's north, officials told AFP, as they seek further autonomy in areas under their control.  

Foreign governments dump U.S. debt at record rate
In a bid to raise cash, foreign central banks and government institutions sold $57.2 billion of U.S. Treasury debt and other notes in January, according to figures released on Tuesday. That is up from $48 billion in December and the highest monthly tally on record going back to 1978. It's part of a broader trend that gathered steam last year when central banks sold a record $225 billion of U.S. debt.  

Merrick Garland declared Obama's Supreme Court nominee
President Barack Obama has nominated veteran appeals court judge Merrick Garland to be the next US Supreme Court Justice. The Supreme Court vacancy follows the death of Antonin Scalia last month. Judge Garland, 63, is viewed as a moderate and has won praise from senior Republican figures.  

Syria conflict: Government rejects direct peace talks
Syrian government representatives have ruled out starting direct negotiations with the opposition, as UN-backed peace talks entered a third day in Geneva. On Tuesday, opposition leaders said they were ready to meet face-to-face. But chief government negotiator Bashar al-Jaafari rejected the idea, calling his opposition counterpart a terrorist.  

Argentina sinks Chinese fishing boat Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010
Argentina's coastguard chased and sank a Chinese vessel that it says was fishing illegally in Argentine waters on Monday. In a statement, the coastguard said one of its vessels had fired warning shots at the Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010 as it headed for international waters. The coastguard said it had first tried to raise a response by radio. All 32 crew members were rescued, it said.  

Migrant crisis: 'Many issues' in way of EU-Turkey deal
EU leaders are meeting later to try to finalise a deal with Turkey to ease the migrant crisis. European Council President Donald Tusk said he was "more cautious than optimistic" about the negotiations. The proposed plan would see migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey sent back. For each Syrian returned, a Syrian in Turkey would be resettled in the EU.  

Western Sahara: Morocco threat over UN peacekeepers
Morocco has threatened to pull its soldiers out of UN global peacekeeping missions in a row over the disputed territory of Western Sahara. It is furious with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon after he used the term "occupation" about the territory, which was annexed by Morocco in 1975. The foreign ministry also said it would immediately cut funding and personnel for the UN Mission in Western Sahara.  

Commander of elite Iranian Quds Force meets secretly with Hamas delegation
General Qassem Suleimani, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Quds Force, reaffirmed Iran's commitment to the Palestinian resistance in a secret meeting with Hamas's delegation to Iran on Wednesday, al-Mayadeen Arab news site reported. The Palestinian delegation, headed by the chairman of Hamas's political bureau, Musa Abu Marzouk, met secretly with senior Iranian figures...  

Kurds are planning a breakaway region in Syria, and it won’t go down well
Could a solution to Syria's woes be a dramatic decentralization of power? On Wednesday, Kurdish groups in Syria argued just that, proposing a plan under which the country's largely Kurdish north would become its own region — a model that could eventually be applied to the entire nation, supporters of the plan say.  

Largest US coal miner Peabody warns of bankruptcy
Peabody Energy, the largest US coal miner, warned Wednesday that it may be forced to seek bankruptcy protection after missing a key debt payment. Just two months after the number-two miner Arch Coal fell into bankruptcy, Peabody said that due to operating losses and negative cash flows, it risked falling into default on its loans.  

Obama slaps new sanctions on North Korea after tests
President Barack Obama imposed sweeping new sanctions on North Korea on Wednesday intended to further isolate the country's leadership after recent actions by Pyongyang that have been seen by Washington and its allies as provocative.  

Two suicide bombers kill 22 in Maiduguri, NE Nigeria
At least 22 people were killed in a twin suicide bombing at a mosque in northeast Nigeria Wednesday, prompting condemnation from President Muhammadu Buhari and stoking fresh fears about security.  

Palestinian shot dead in West Bank was Hamas fighter: party
Hamas's military wing said Wednesday one of its members was involved in an attack in the occupied West Bank, in what was thought to be the first such acknowledgement since a wave of violence began in October.  

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