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14 Dec 16

Brazil: Clashes as Senate approves 20-year austerity plan
The Brazilian Senate has approved a controversial amendment to the constitution capping public spending for the next 20 years. The approval of the austerity measure is an important victory for President Michel Temer. He took office earlier this year promising to lead the country out of its worst recession in many decades.  

US Osprey aircraft crashes off Okinawa coast in Japan
The US Marines have suspended flights of all Osprey military aircraft in Japan, after a crash off the coast of Okinawa island. The incident on Tuesday night injured five crew members onboard. It stoked immediate anger among locals, some of whom have previously complained about the US military bases and the Osprey aircraft's safety record.  

Israel seeking spot on UN Security Council, Netanyahu reveals
Israel is working to become a member of the United Nations Security Council in 2019, Prime Minister Benjmain Netanyahu revealed Wednesday during a state visit to Kazakhstan. At a joint press conference at the presidential palace in the Kazakh capital of Astana, Netanyahu asked Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev for assistance in getting Israel accepted as a rotating member of the 15-member council.  

Syrian forces slaughter at least 82 civilians in Aleppo
Syrian forces slaughtered at least 82 civilians — including women and children fleeing from their homes — this week in what the United Nations deemed a “complete meltdown of humanity” in the war-torn city of Aleppo.  

Record-breaking wave thunders through North Atlantic
A colossal wave recorded in the North Atlantic has smashed previous records for size. The 62 foot (19 meter) wave -- captured between Iceland and the UK on February 4 2013 -- has set a new world record for the biggest wave ever recorded by a buoy, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).  

World NATO is Hunting Russia's 'Carrier Killer' Submarines
NATO's anti-submarine forces are currently searching for one, possibly two, "carrier killer" Russian submarines thought to be in the vicinity of NATO warships off the coast of Syria.  

Dallas Police Resignations Soar As "Insolvent" Pension System Implodes
A few days ago we noted that the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System (DPFP) took the unprecedented step of halting withdrawals from their DROP fund after a "run on the bank" pushed to the entire pension system, and the City of Dallas, to the brink of liquidity crisis (see "In Unprecedented Move, Dallas Pension System Suspends Withdrawals"). Now, a local CBS affiliate in Dallas is reporting that the pension crisis is driving a massive surge in police resignations.  

Anti-Trump Elector Chris Suprun Paid For Ashley Madison While Bankrupt And Married With 3 Kids
Anti-Trump Texas faithless elector Stephen Christopher “Chris” Suprun, who wrote a widely-shared op-ed in The New York Times about his decision, in which he claimed ideological superiority over Trump, which would prevent him from voting for the President-elect on December 19 as he is required, joined and paid for cheating website Ashley Madison in 2012, using the same address registered to his 9/11 charity, while bankrupt, likely unemployed, and married with three young kids, after he and his working wife owed over $200,000 to multiple creditors — and that’s just the start of it.  

Mexico Is Hiding The World’s Largest Pyramid
“It’s the most difficult archaeological site in all of Mexico. Bar none.” That’s Patricia Plunket Nagoda, the American-born archaeologist and anthropologist who has spent the past few decades working with Mexican anthropologist Gabriela Uruñuela at the Great Pyramid to unlock its less than forthcoming secrets.  

5.5-magnitude quake hits Teluk Bintuni district
Papua (ANTARA News) - An earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale hit Teluk Bintuni district in West Papua province on Tuesday evening, causing panic among local residents.  

13 Dec 16

Trump’s ‘Penny Plan’ Could Slash Federal Spending Over Decade
Trump told the New York Economic Club, “If we save just one penny of each federal dollar spent on nondefense, and non-entitlement programs, we can save almost $1 trillion over the next decade—again this is spending that does not touch defense, and that does not touch entitlements.”  

Report: Trump Team Searching for Embassy Site in Jerusalem
The incoming Trump administration is reportedly searching Jerusalem for a feasible site in which to locate the U.S. Embassy, according to a report broadcast Monday evening by Channel 2 television news.  

'Why on earth did Netanyahu offer Trump a Palestinian state?'
Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan blasted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu over his comments in a 60 Minutes interview broadcast on Sunday, in which the Prime Minister called for President-elect Donald Trump’s help in achieving a two-state solution.  

Israeli officials will not meet visiting Swedish FM
It is highly unusual for a visiting high-level dignitary not to meet any Israeli officials. The move comes at a time of icy relations between Israel and Stockholm, which have been strained since the Social Democratic-led government recognized Palestinian statehood in 2014. Wallstrom arrives Thursday and is expected to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.  

Spinning Black Hole Swallowing Star Explains Superluminous Event
astronomers propose that the source was an even more extreme and very rare event — a rapidly spinning black hole ripping apart a passing star that came too close. “We observed the source for 10 months following the event and have concluded that the explanation is unlikely to lie with an extraordinarily bright supernova.  

Strong Earthquake Hits Solomon Islands for 2nd Day in a Row
A 6.9 magnitude natural disaster has struck off the coast of the Solomon Islands nearly exactly 24 hours after an even larger quake struck the same area of the Pacific. The latest quake initially triggered a fresh tsunami warning for the Solomon Islands, but that was lifted by authorities a short time later.  

Disaster zone volcano 'marching towards another eruption' as 120 quakes hit
THE site of the most disastrous volcanic eruption in modern times has burst into life with 120 earthquakes. And experts say the quakes at Mount St Helens are proof that we're heading towards another eruption.  

Iran to build nuclear marine propulsion after U.S. 'violation' of deal
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani ordered on Tuesday the head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran to start planning the development of nuclear marine propulsion in reaction to what he called the United States' violation of the nuclear deal. Such propulsion would to be in marine transportation," he said in a letter published on state news agency IRNA.  

Israel receives F-35s, first country after USA
Israel's first two F-35s landed in Israel at the Netavim Air Force Base in the South on Monday afternoon to a celebration that had been delayed five hours by fog in Italy that prevented the stealth jets from taking off. Israel became the first country after the US to receive the American-built jets, which will increase its ability to attack distant targets, including Iran.  

Syphilis could become impossible to treat
Syphilis could become impossible to treat with key antibiotics, doctors warn amid concerns over a new drug-resistant strain. Once a death sentence, the vast majority of syphilis cases today are curable with penicillin injections. However, a new study reveals an aggressive new strain...is more widespread than previously thought - and there are limited ways to control it.  

Palmyra: 'Chemical gas attack' hits IS-held Syrian area
Dozens of people have been killed in air strikes and a suspected gas attack near the Syrian city of Palmyra, monitoring groups say. The targeted area is controlled by the so-called Islamic State group and has been under heavy bombardment from government-aligned forces. Dozens of people are said to have been killed during the combined assaults.  

Aleppo battle: UN says 82 civilians shot on the spot
Syrian pro-government forces have been entering homes in eastern Aleppo and killing those inside, including women and children, the UN says. The UN's human rights office said it had reliable evidence that in four areas 82 civilians were shot on sight. "We're filled with the deepest foreboding for those who remain in this last hellish corner" of eastern Aleppo, said spokesman Rupert Colville.  

Venezuela closes border with Colombia 'to destroy mafia'
Venezuela has closed its border with Colombia for 72 hours in the latest measure to combat smuggling gangs. President Nicolas Maduro says the "mafia" operating in border areas is causing huge damage to the economy. Many items subsidised by Venezuela's socialist government, including diesel and petrol, are sold at a huge profit over the border in Colombia.  

Indonesia blasphemy case: Emotional scenes as Ahok trial begins
There were emotional scenes in court on the first day of the blasphemy trial of Jakarta's governor, a Christian of Chinese descent. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, known as Ahok, cried as he denied allegations he insulted Islam. Mr Purnama is the first non-Muslim governor of Indonesia's capital in 50 years.  

Rocket alert sirens sound along southern border with Egypt
Incoming rockets sirens sounded in the southern Negev near the border with Egypt on Tuesday morning. According to initial reports, a projectile launched from Egypt in the direction of Israel triggered the sirens heard in several southern border communities, including Nitzana, Revivim, and Ezuz.  

Israel looking to sell missile defense systems to Azerbaijan
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday began his visit to Azerbaijan, to which Israel is looking to sell missile defense systems. Netanyahu and the the South Caucus nation's President Ilham Heydar Aliyev signed various bilateral agreements in a private two-hour meeting in Baku with security and defense advisors from both nations.  

Report: Trump Team Looking at Moving US Embassy Out of Tel Aviv
Incoming President Donald Trump's transition team is looking into moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel out of Tel Aviv, the Times of Israel reported.  

Completed Wisconsin recount widens Donald Trump's lead by 131 votes
Wisconsin’s historic presidential recount ended Monday resulting in a net gain of 131 votes for President-elect Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton, the Wisconsin Elections Commission said.  

Mount St. Helens shakes 120 times within week as volcano recharges, scientists say
In less than a week, four swarms of more than 120 earthquakes shook Mount St. Helens in late November. Although they were too small to be felt even by someone standing directly over their epicenters, scientists say they reveal the volcano is likely recharging.  

Tina Fey Nails the Reason for Hillary's Loss
Here is a devoted liberal speaking to an audience of devoted liberals and being funny about politics in a way one rarely sees anymore on the left: self-mockery.  

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