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18 Jul 15

Five Children Among 94 Crucified, Flogged And Caged By ISIS For ‘Eating During Ramadan’
Syrian Islamic State (IS) supporters have publicly crucified, flogged and caged nearly 100 people accused of breaking the daytime fast observed during the Muslim holy month. UK-based monitor the Syrian Human Rights Observatory (SOHR) yesterday said it had documented 94 such punishment cases for eating in Ramadan, including five children and two old men.  

Iraq violence: Car bomb kills scores in mainly Shia town
A car bomb has killed 120 people and injured at least 130 at a busy market in an Iraqi town, officials have said. The attack happened in the predominantly Shia town of Khan Bani Saad, north of the capital Baghdad. Children were among those dead in the explosion, which came as people celebrated the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.  

Khamenei: Deal or no deal, Iran won't stop opposing US, supporting people of Palestine
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei...in a fiery address vowed enduring opposition to the United States and its Middle East policies, saying Washington sought Iran's 'surrender'. In a speech...punctuated by chants of "Death to America" and "Death to Israel", Khamenei said...Iran would not allow the disruption of its revolutionary principles or defensive abilities.  

Pro-Israel lobby backs group to fight Iranian nuclear deal
WASHINGTON — A powerful pro-Israel lobby is backing a new political group that on Friday launched a multimillion-dollar campaign to oppose the nuclear pact the United States recently made with Iran.  

Shrinking U.S. Army increasingly stretched by global commitments: general
WASHINGTON - The U.S. Army is far more heavily engaged around the world than projected when it began slashing force size several years ago, and its commitments will be hard to maintain in the long run as troop numbers shrink, General Ray Odierno said on Friday.  

Indonesia closes down five airports after volcanoes erupt
The natural disruption has caused travel chaos for thousands of travelers in the world's most populous Muslim-majority country, trying to head home to celebrate Eid with their families.Ash streaming from two volcanoes has forced Indonesian authorities to shut five airports, leaving thousands unable to travel home for the Eid al-Fitr holiday. The closures were prompted by eruptions at Mount Raung on the main Java island and Mount Gamalama in eastern Indonesia/  

Magnitude 7.5 quake in South Pacific triggers tsunami threat
SYDNEY (AP) — A magnitude-7.5 earthquake has struck the Santa Cruz Islands in the South Pacific and a tsunami threat message has been issued for other parts of the Pacific closer to the epicenter.The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says there is no threat to Hawaii. It says hazardous waves are possible for coasts located within 300 kilometers (186.42 miles) of the Santa Cruz Islands, mainly the Solomon Islands as well as Vanuatu and Nauru.  

Nuclear Extortion: Pioneered by North Korea, Perfected by Iran
With implications reaching far beyond the Middle East, the Iran nuclear deal opens the gates not to a safer world, but to proliferation on a scale likely to defy any peaceful efforts at containment. With the fatally flawed bargain announced Tuesday in Vienna, the U.S. and its negotiating partners have underscored, bigtime, the sorry lesson of the series of failed nuclear deals that helped sustain North Korea’s regime all the way to the bomb: In a game of nuclear chicken, the U.S. will flinch. In the post-Cold War era, nuclear blackmail works.  

Franklin Graham: Iran Deal 'Death Sentence for Israel'
Franklin Graham, son of famed evangelist preacher Billy Graham, is calling for prayers for Congress as it debates a nuclear proliferation deal with Iran – and says he agrees with Donald Trump's belief any deal should have demanded the release of four Americans being held prisoner. Here's the Facebook post of the head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the global charity Samaritan's Purse:  

Authorities: 20 vehicles destroyed in California wildfire
HESPERIA, Calif. — Authorities say a fast-moving wildfire that swept across a Southern California freeway has destroyed 20 vehicles and burned five homes while threatening dozens of other structures.Fanned by hot desert winds, the fire started along Interstate 15 — the main road to Las Vegas — and torched the vehicles as motorists fled on foot to safety. No serious injuries have been reported.  

17 Jul 15

It saw Pluto: Here's where New Horizons goes next
The New Horizons spacecraft has wowed us back on Earth with its 3 billion-mile Pluto mission, but it's still got a lot of traveling to do.  

Mysterious inscription from the time of King David offers glimpse into the past
The inscription was discovered at Khirbet Qeiyafa, in the valley of Elah southwest of Jerusalem. A ceramic jar around 3,000 years old that was broken into numerous shards was discovered in 2012.  

BIG LIST of Muslim terror attacks in U.S. since 9/11
Deadly Islamic jihad on American soil still happening at alarming pace...  

Planned Parenthood, Adolf Eichmann and the Banality of Evil
Deborah Nucatola, the Planned Parenthood doctor caught on video chatting about the harvesting and sale of infant body parts over a bulbous glass of wine, brings to mind Adolf Eichmann's manner as he was on trial in Jerusalem in 1963 for being a major henchman in Hitler's Holocaust.  

Chinese scientists edit genes to produce artificial sperm capable of creating 'army of half-cloned mice'
Scientists in mainland China have successfully mass produced high-quality artificial sperm for the first time. The man-made sperm do not have tails and cannot swim, looking more like eggs than natural sperm, but they can fertilise an egg and pass on genetic information to potential offspring, according to a paper published in the journal Cell Stem Cell  

Indonesia volcanic ash shuts more airports on Eid eve
Ash spewing from two volcanoes in Indonesia has shut three more airports, which means five are now closed as millions head home for the Eid holiday. The closures were sparked by eruptions at Mount Raung and Mount Gamalama. Raung, which has been rumbling for weeks, led to airport closures last week including at tourist hotspot Bali - that has since reopened.  

Egypt navy ship 'hit by Sinai militants' missile'
Islamic State-affiliated militants in Sinai say they have carried out a missile attack on an Egyptian naval vessel in the Mediterranean Sea. The militants, who call themselves Sinai Province, posted pictures online of what looked like a missile followed by a large explosion on the ship. Egyptian officials said a coastguard vessel caught fire after a fire-fight with militants on the shore.  

Nigeria's Boko Haram crisis: Eid prayer blasts hit Damaturu
At least nine people have died in explosions at prayers for the Muslim festival of Eid in the Nigerian town of Damaturu, the army says. The two female suicide bombers included a 10-year-old girl, said Nigerian army spokesman Col Sani Usman. There were two blasts at a venue where volunteers were waiting to screen worshippers, he said.  

Rare meeting between Hamas chief and Saudi King may signal warming relations
Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal and other top officials from the Palestinian militant group met with Saudi Arabia's King Salman and senior Saudi leaders on Friday... "The delegation discussed Palestinian unity and the political situation in the region. This meeting will hopefully develop relations between Hamas and Saudi Arabia," the source told Reuters.  

Thousands urged to evacuate as Typhoon Nangka hits Japan
Powerful Typhoon Nangka was barrelling towards the Japanese mainland early Friday after killing at least two people on the island of Shikoku as authorities urged more than 350,000 residents to evacuate. Nangka, which overnight was packing gusts up to 185 kilometres (115 miles) per hour, made landfall near Cape Muroto on Shikoku, one of the country's main islands, around 11:00 pm (1400 GMT) Thursday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.  

Alaska shakes with force of a 5.8-magnitude earthquake after record spate of wildfires
The tremor, 75 miles north of Anchorage, shook buildings for 20 seconds It comes after a wave of wildfires, more than 200, across Alaska in May One resident said, 'thought a moose was head-butting my camper'  

Oregon Earthquake Today 2015 Strikes Near Lakeview
USGS tells news that a 3.8. magnitude Oregon earthquake today struck just after 10:14 am PST. The quake was shallow. Reps tell news that quake started less than 1 mile below ground level. As a result the quake could be felt across the vicinity.  

Strong Earthquake Hits Close to Barbados
The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude-6.4 quake was centered 81 miles (132 kilometers) northeast of the island's capital of Bridgetown at a shallow depth of about 3 miles (5 kilometers). It hit at 11:16 a.m. local time. (15:16 GMT).  

U.S. pastor held in Iran wrongly overlooked in nuclear deal: wife
Saeed Abedini, 35, a naturalized U.S. citizen, was sentenced by an Iranian court in 2013 to eight years in prison for allegedly compromising Iran’s national security by setting up home-based Christian churches in his native country. His wife, Naghmeh Abedini of Boise, Idaho, said her husband has faced threats to his life from Islamic militants held in the same prison west of Tehran and that his physical and psychological health has deteriorated from a lack of medical care and from stays in solitary confinement.  

Pope Francis now the United Nations Biggest Useful Idiot
The Vatican (Lord help us!) has become the main working branch of the Agenda 21-pushing United Nations. Gathering mayors from around the globe to combat human trafficking and climate change, the cardinals may as well trade in their scarlet birettas for blue helmets.  

16 Jul 15

Shootings at Chattanooga military facilities leave 4 Marines, gunman dead
Shootings at a pair of military facilities in Chattanooga, Tenn., Thursday, left five people dead, including four Marines and the lone gunman, officials said. The shooter was later identified by the FBI as 24-year-old Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez. The Associated Press cited a U.S. official in saying there was no indication that the suspect was under investigation by the FBI or on the radar of federal law enforcement before the shooting.  

Confederate Flag Wavers Greet President Obama in Oklahoma
President Obama was greeted by people waving Confederate flags as he arrived at his hotel in Oklahoma City Wednesday night.  

Time to Call Obama and Kerry What They Are: Traitors
The last time a feeble leader of a fading nation came bearing “Peace in our time”, a pugnacious controversial right-winger retorted, “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.” That right-winger went on to lead the United Kingdom against Hitler. Obama had preserved the Iranian regime when it was faced with the Green Revolution. Now Iran is his last best Islamist hope for stopping America in the Middle East.  

Vatican sees Iran deal in 'a positive light'
The Holy See lauded the nuclear deal struck between Iran and world powers on Tuesday, asserting that it views the agreement in "a positive light."  

Military conflict between Russia and NATO may start in near future
Russia may face a dilemma: either to accept the physical destruction of 200,000 of its citizens living in Transdniestria, or solve the problem by making a corridor through the territory of Ukraine. This reaction may trigger a military conflict between Russia and NATO. The risk for a nuclear conflict is too high. The Americans understand it and deploy nuclear forces in Europe."  

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