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07 Dec 16

Report: Hezbollah accuses Israel of striking targets near Damascus
Hezbollah on Wednesday accused the Israeli Air Force of striking targets near Damascus early on Wednesday morning, according to Arabic-language media reports affiliated with the Lebanese terrorist group. According to reports, the strikes hit Mezze airforce base near the Syrian capital close to President Bashar Assad’s palace at around 4 am, causing large explosions and damage.  

Settlement bill marks a revolutionary moment in Israeli history
A bill which could be tantamount to annexation of Area C of the West Bank and which overturns almost 40 years of Israeli judicial rulings on private Palestinian property rights, is set to head to the Knesset for a first reading on Wednesday. ...The settlement bill would retroactively legalize those homes thereby solving a problem for the Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria.  

U.N. nuclear watchdog confirms Iran shipped sensitive material abroad: diplomat
Iran has shipped 11 tonnes of heavy water abroad to bring its stock back under a limit set by its landmark nuclear deal with major powers, according to a diplomat citing a confidential U.N. nuclear watchdog report.  

Rookie' Trump must fall into line: China media
Donald Trump is a "diplomatic rookie" who must learn not to cross Beijing on issues like trade and Taiwan, Chinese state media said Tuesday, warning America could pay dearly for his naivety.  

Central NZ rattled by 4.7 magnitude earthquake, now over 8000 aftershocks since Kaikoura big one
The quake struck at 9:40am and was centred 25km south-east of Seddon at the depth of 35km according to GeoNet. At least 100 people felt the quake, as far north as New Plymouth.  

Two magnitude-4.0 earthquakes rattle Northern California in two days
Northern California has been rattled by two earthquakes in the past two days. An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.4 struck off the coast at 9:07 a.m. on Tuesday and was centered 107 miles west of Crescent City and 117 miles west-northwest of Eureka.  

At least four people dead and dozens more trapped under rubble after 6.8-magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Indonesia
At least four people have been killed and dozens more left trapped and injured after an earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia. Heavy machinery is being used to rescue people from collapsed homes after a 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit north Sumatra at 5am local time.  

Strong earthquake rocks Indonesia's Aceh province
The U.S. Geological Survey says the shallow 6.4-magnitude earthquake that struck at 5:03 a.m. (2203 GMT) Wednesday was centered about 10 kilometers (6 miles) north off Reuleut, a town in northern Aceh, at a depth of 17.2 kilometers (11 miles).  

Massive 6.2 earthquake rocks Trinidad and Tobago
An earthquake, magnitude 6.2, hit Trinidad and Tobago at roughly 5:42pm on Tuesday afternoon. The epicenter of the earthquake occurred just 16km south east of Scarborough, Tobago at a depth of 29km. It was located 78 km north east of Arima and 99 km north east of Port of Spain.  

Donald Trump gets tough on China by using Beijing's tactics against them
This time, the "get tough on China" talk could be more than empty rhetoric — and leaders in Beijing may even recognize some of the tactics Donald Trump plans to use against them.  

5 Afghan Teens In Sweden Charged With Raping Boy
Swedish authorities on Tuesday charged five teenagers from Afghanistan with aggravated rape for allegedly dragging another Afghan boy into a forest, threatening him with a knife and raping him.  

Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes Says Democrats Were Bigger First Amendment Threat Than Trump
"The threat to the First Amendment came from the Democratic side more," he says, arguing that journalists viewed a Democratic plank "overly charitably" as campaign finance reform.  

06 Dec 16

Jews Saved From 'Amalekite' Clinton
Israelis were as stunned as the rest of the world by the elections — especially since the media said Hillary Clinton was a “sure thing.” That said, the Netanyahu government appears enormously encouraged by the election results and believe they will have true and dependable friends and allies at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue beginning on January 20th.  

Admiral Kuznetsov's jets to be redeployed on shore
After the loss of two jet fighters from the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier squadron, other planes may be redeployed ashore at the Russian military base in Hmeymim, Syria, the Russia's defence ministry told Russian media, the UNIAN agency reports.  

Ezekiel Prophecy May Foretell Obama’s Zero Hour Betrayal of Israel at UN
“I read prophecy as a filter for political commentary,” Mark explained in an interview with Breaking Israel News. “This prophecy describes Jerusalem as being a trigger for the war that comes later. The international element of the prophecy doesn’t mean the world leaders will come to Jerusalem [but that they will ‘gather’ against it]. The UN clearly seems to be indicated here, and the stage is being set for this to happen.”  

'Attack them in markets, roads and clubs,' Isil's new spokesman tells European followers
Islamic State’s new spokesman has promised more attacks on Europe, urging supporters to target “markets, roads and clubs” in his inaugural audio message. “We will attack them in their own countries, he said. “Your operations make a difference, change the situation … burn the ground under their feet.”  

Cuomo Announces New York Blacklist of Foreign BDS Supporters
The State of New York has created a blacklist of a foreign companies supporting the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel,  

Netanyahu Looks Forward to Discussing ‘Bad’ Iran Nuclear Deal With Trump
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that he is looking forward to speaking with President-elect Donald Trump about the “bad nuclear deal” with Iran.  

Trump handed 'trigger' to end sanctuary cities
'Hand over dangerous criminals or get your checkbook out'. the power of the purse is something Congress has at its disposal, and he intends to help Trump shut off the flow of federal dollars to sanctuary cities. As chairman of the House Appropriations Committee’s subcommittee on commerce, justice and science, Culberson said he acted on July 7 to notify the Department of Justice that it will need to change its policy.  

SHOWDOWN LOOMS: Iran vows to fight Trump over landmark nuke deal
"Some man is elected in the U.S. whatever plans he has, it will be revealed later. Yes, he may desire many things. He may desire to weaken the nuclear deal. He may desire to rip up the deal. Do you suppose we will allow this?"  

Teetering Italian bank looks for investors
Shares in Italy's most troubled bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, are down again amid rising concerns about its ability to remain solvent. Shares were down 3 percent Tuesday though the bank said it had achieved one part of a turnaround program. Bondholders agreed to swap some 1.02 billion euros (1.09 billion dollars) in subordinated shares.  

NATO chief trumpets new 'momentum' with EU military ties
NATO's chief says the alliance and the European Union are moving forward on deepening cooperation, as U.S. President-elect Donald Trump insists European allies start pulling their own military weight.  

Egypt busts organ trading racket, arrests 45 people
Among those held were doctors, nurses, middlemen and organ-buyers, involved in what the ministry described as the largest organ-trafficking network exposed in Egypt to date.  

Seems When it Comes to Israel, Carter Can’t Control Himself
Mark Twain once reiterated that “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” And former president Jimmy Carter has made a post-presidential career out of lying about Israel.  

Video campaign launched in support of Facebook suit
The Israel-based civil rights organization, Shurat Hadin, today released a YouTube video in a campaign to support a pair of major lawsuits against Facebook for inciting terrorism.  

FBI investigating ‘very specific’ threat to Los Angeles transit system
The FBI is investigating a threat to the Los Angeles metro system, after receiving information on Monday suggesting that an attack was set to be launched on a station used to visit Universal Studios on the network’s Red Line on Tuesday, officials say. The information came from an anonymous phone call to a public safety line overseas...  

Science synopsis: Strong signs of quantum spin liquid observed in YbMgGaO4 crystals by neutron scattering off ytterbium electrons
Inside a new exotic crystal, physicist Martin Mourigal has observed strong indications of “spooky” action, and lots of it. The results of his experiments, if corroborated over time, would mean that the type of crystal is a rare new material that can produce a quantum spin liquid.  

USGS records 5 earthquakes overnight in northern Oklahoma
The U.S. Geological Survey has recorded five small earthquakes in northern Oklahoma, including a magnitude 3.9 temblor near Pawnee where the state's largest earthquake was recorded in September. A 3.6 magnitude quake also struck overnight near Cushing, one of the world's major oil hubs. Five quakes have been recorded in the state since Sunday night.  

ISIS declares Trump inauguration day 'BLOODY FRIDAY'
ISLAMIC STATE has declared the day Donald Trump is inaugurated as US president 'Bloody Friday' as it fears a brutal backlash from the new regime. And the Islamic terror organisation is reported to have recruited a number of new English speaking operatives in recent months in a major bid to communicate messages ahead of the day.  

Aleppo battle: Russia and China veto UN truce resolution
Russia and China have vetoed a draft resolution at the UN Security Council that called for a seven-day ceasefire in Syria's embattled city of Aleppo. Russia said the document infringed the council rule allowing countries 24 hours to consider the final wording. The US dismissed this as a "made-up alibi", saying Russia wanted to preserve recent military gains by Syrian government troops in Aleppo.  

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