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29 Oct 14

DHS increases security at federal buildings over terror concerns
The Department of Homeland Security announced Tuesday it has increased security at federal buildings across the country, citing terror threats...  

Rush issues dire warning about Obama after election
“As far as Barack Obama is concerned, he doesn’t care who wins the Senate,” He’s gonna executive action, executive order as much as he thinks he can get away with. And he’s gonna go, I think, at NASCAR break-neck speeds. And don’t think he’s gonna care what they say in the Senate, I don’t think he’s gonna care what they do in the Senate because he knows the one thing they won’t do is impeach him.  

Bar-Ilan University to Honor Pope Francis at the Vatican
The Award of Distinction was presented to the Pope by Bar-Ilan University President Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz in recognition of his lifelong efforts and commitment to building bridges between worlds, promoting peace and harmony among nations and creeds...  

US-Iran ties 'move into state of detente,' officials tell Wall Street Journal
As tensions with Israel escalate over its policies on the Palestinian front, the United States appears to be growing closer to its longstanding rival Iran.  

Fed up, US warns: 'Deeply concerned about Israel's future'
..relations with the government of Israel are now in crisis. The language they have employed this week is exceptionally heated, if measured.  

Netanyahu: I'm being attacked because of my determination to defend Israel's interests
"I am being attacked because I am willing to defend the State of Israel," Netanyahu said on the Knesset podium during a special session honoring the memory of assassinated tourism minister Rehavam Ze'evi.  

The biggest sunspot in nearly 25 years is about to leave the solar disk. "For its final trick, AR2192 is going to treat us by mimicking a Giant Skull," says Castillo, one of many readers who has noted the resemblance between the sunspot and a skeletal face. However, the odds of an Earth-directed radiation storm are higher than ever. The reason is, the western limb of the sun is well-connected to Earth. Solar magnetic fields springing out of that region spiral back to our planet.  

While Campaigning for Braley, Biden Admits Obama Economy Bad for Middle Class
in Iowa yesterday, Joe Biden admitted what most of us on the Right already know: the Obama economy has been horrible for the middle class. The Washington Free Beacon caught it, and here’s the most important part:  

State Department plans to bring foreign Ebola patients to U.S.
The State Department has quietly made plans to bring Ebola-infected doctors and medical aides to the U.S. for treatment, according to an internal department document that argued the only way to get other countries to send medical teams to West Africa is to promise that the U.S. will be the world’s medical backstop. The document has been shared with Congress, where lawmakers already are nervous about the administration’s handling of the Ebola outbreak.  

Magnitude 3.6 Quake Strikes The Geysers
The earthquake struck about 9:36 p.m., at a depth of 1.2 miles. Visitors to the USGS website in several North Bay communities reported feeling the quake. There are no reports of damage or injuries.  

Earthquake of 4.6 Magnitude Shakes Peru
An earthquake registering 4.6 magnitude that shook areas of Peru occurred just 38 kilometers from the Yunguyo, Moquegua, region of the country, according to early reports. The quake happened on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at UTC time 5:14 a.m., in a region known for its seismic activity.  

Magnitude 4.3 earthquake rocks southern Taiwan
The CWB said the quake occured at a depth of 20.8 kilometers and its epicenter was about 20 kilometers south of Chiayi County government offices in Liuying District in Tainan. The earthquake's intensity, which gauges the effect of a temblor, was highest in Tainan's Shanhua, where it measured 3 on Taiwan's 7-tiered intensity scale.  

German Typhoons have intercepted 7 Russian Air Force combat planes over the Baltic Sea...
According to the Latvian military, on Oct. 28, the German Air Force Eurofighter jets on QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) at Amari, Estonia, to provide NATO Baltic Air Policing were scrambled to intercept seven Russian Air Force planes flying in international airspace over the Baltic Sea. The German interceptors identified the Russian planes as a large package, made of attack planes and escort...  

Google is developing cancer and heart attack detector
Google is aiming to diagnose cancers, impending heart attacks or strokes and other diseases, at a much earlier stage than is currently possible. The company is working on technology that combines disease-detecting nanoparticles, which would enter a patient's bloodstream via a swallowed pill, with a wrist-worn sensor. The idea is to identify slight changes in the person's biochemistry that could act as an early warning system.  

Egypt 'plans buffer' in Sinai against Gaza smugglers
Egypt is reportedly planning to create a 500m buffer zone along the border with the Gaza Strip to block the smuggling of weapons. Residents living along the border with the Palestinian territory were told to evacuate their homes so that they can be demolished, local media reports. Water-filled trenches will also be used to prevent the construction of tunnels.  

Islamic State crisis: FSA reinforcements boost Kobane defence
Up to 200 Syrian rebels have arrived in Kobane to help Kurdish fighters defending the northern border town against Islamic State (IS) militants. All were fighting under the flag of the Western-backed Free Syrian Army, an FSA commander in Kobane told the BBC. The news came as about 150 Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters arrived in Turkey on their way to the town.  

Ukraine crisis: Russia must not back separatist vote - US
US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Russia that it will break international agreements if it recognises an election planned by separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. The self-declared republics of Donetsk and Luhansk plan to elect regional leaders and parliaments on Sunday. Moscow has already said it intends to recognise the result of the ballot.  

Islamic State conflict: Kurdish fighters arrive in Turkey
A group of 150 Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have arrived in Turkey from where they plan to cross into Syria to battle Islamic State (IS) militants besieging the town of Kobane. One contingent flew from Iraq to a south-eastern Turkish airport. Another contingent, carrying weapons including artillery, is travelling separately by land through Turkey.  

Sri Lanka landslide: Ten dead and 300 missing
At least 10 people are dead and hundreds are missing following a landslide in central Sri Lanka, disaster officials tell the BBC. The landslide, which came after heavy monsoon rains, engulfed about 140 houses in Badulla district, officials said. Security forces have been mobilised in search and rescue operations.  

Fed up, US warns: 'Deeply concerned about Israel's future'
Officials in the Obama administration are attempting to quell commotion over whether relations with the government of Israel are now in crisis. The US says they are not. But...in a determined, consistent fashion, administration officials are also allowing longstanding concerns over public rebukes, military tactics and policies on the ground— namely, settlement activity— to seep into the public.  

Nasa admits there are 'no early indications' to explain why Antares cargo rocket exploded on take-off to International Space station in launch
A Nasa rocket due to be visible across the East Coast on its way to the International Space Station has blown up on the launch pad. The rocket exploded six seconds after liftoff from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island in Virginia. Engineers said there were no problems reported before the launch, and say they have 'no early indications' of what went wrong.  

Report: Russian Government in on Hacking Schemes
For the past seven years, websites used by NATO, Eastern European and Caucasus governments, and U.S. contractors with highly sensitive top-secret information have been leaking like a sieve, right into the Kremlin's spymasters' hands.  

Netanyahu goes toe-to-toe with US, EU over criticism of Jerusalem construction
The UN Security Council is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting Wednesday on tensions in Jerusalem, at a time when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going toe-to-toe with the US and the EU over their condemnations of Israeli building in the capital beyond the Green Line.  

Jerusalem mayor's Al-Aqsa visit sparks anger
Jerusalem's Israeli mayor visited the Al-Aqsa mosque compound Tuesday, angering Islamic authorities, but police said the day passed in "relative calm" after weeks of tension at the flashpoint shrine. The diplomatic front was heating up, however, with the UN Security Council to hold an emergency meeting Wednesday to discuss Israel's plans to build more Jewish settlements in Arab east Jerusalem.  

Germany warns security situation 'critical' due to radical Islam
Radical Islam poses a critical security threat to Germany, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere warned on Tuesday, saying the number of people capable of staging attacks in the country stood at an all-time high  

Guess How Many Bibles Have Arrived at the Office of the Houston Mayor After She Subpoenaed Pastors’ Sermons
Houston Mayor Annise Parker has received a flood of Bibles — somewhere between 500 and 1,000 according to a spokesman for the mayor’s office — after the city subpoenaed the church sermons of five local faith leaders opposed to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which the mayor signed in May.  

U.S. Postal Service Could Be Using This ‘Investigative Tool’ to Collect and Store Your Information
The U.S. Postal Service approved 49,000 mail cover requests last year from law enforcement agencies and its own Postal Inspection Unit, but many of those requests were approved without sufficient reasoning or proper written authorization.  

Assault weapons to intimidate, punish and silence Americans
Obama and his progressive-transformationalists have always targeted the desires of groups and turned those into mountain size needs that only Obama and progressive/Democrat politicians can fill. They cannot function in a country that is free and standing on the Constitution and Holy Bible for direction. Obama and the progressive/Democrats must have a nation of dependent and obedient ‘Stepford wives.’  

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership
Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward recently went on the record with RebelPundit to deliver a message to black communities across the country.  

Record Number of Americans Renouncing Citizenship Because of Overseas Tax Burdens
Frustration over taxes is as American as apple pie, but some U.S. citizens are becoming so overwhelmed by the Internal Revenue Service that they’ve decided to stop being Americans altogether.  

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