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29 Jul 15

Earthquake Magnitude 6.3 Hits South Central Alaska; Tremors Felt Miles Away
There were no reported injuries as a result of the seismic event. The earthquake, which struck about 40 miles south of Mount Redoubt at 6:30 p.m. Alaska time, originated 70 miles deep, the agent further said. Michael West, a seismologist at the Alaska Earthquake Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, said, “It’s deep — that’s important. That means the shaking was not as strong, but spread widely.”  

Laughing Over Dead Babies?
The Center for Medical Progress has now issued a third recording of Planned Parenthood officials explaining their grotesque trafficking in baby body parts. It is even more devastating than the first two.  

Thync review: Where we just say yes to a drug-like, brain-zapping wearable
Meet Thync, a wearable that zaps your brain to change your mood – like a drug that replaces chemicals with technology.  

U.S. State Dept. Bars Christians from Testifying about Persecution
During the height of one of the most brutal months of Muslim persecution of Christians, the U.S. State Department exposed its double standards against persecuted Christian minorities.  

Messianic Predictions Upon Jonathan Pollard’s Release from Prison
“You are a cosmic key to the redemption of the Jewish people. Your release is synonymous with the release of the Shechinah [the Divine presence] from galut [exile]. Your release is tied up with the Moshiach Ben David’s [Messiah son of David’s] return to the Land. Your release is bound to the redemption of the land and people of Israel.” Jewish and Christian believers agree that the judges and lawyers involved in the case 30 years ago could not have anticipated the confluence of events.  

Nicaragua Alert to the Phenomenon of Earthquake Swarm
The authorities and the people of Nicaragua remain on alert today after an earthquake swarm, located among the fault lines of Tiscapa, Zogiab and Escuela in this capital. The coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council, Rosario Murillo, urged Nicaraguans to remain calm and follow all the information about the phenomenon.  

Nationwide Boycott Called As Boy Scouts Of America Adopt The LGBT Agenda
In 2015, the BSA has been hijacked by the LGBT Mafia, and as such, we call for an immediate nationwide boycott and rejection of the Boy Scouts of America. Where is the voice of the Christian Church in this nation to rise up and condemn this? I’ll tell you why, because the useless, silent, end times Laodicean Christian Church is too busy “asking for blessings” instead of standing on the Bible.  

Outrage In Nevada As LGBT Rainbow Flag Replaces American Flag Over Reno City Hall
Sunday in Reno, Nevada, the infamous gay-pride rainbow flag replaced the American flag over City Hall. The outrage was immediate.  

U.S. State Depratment Bars Christinas From Testifying About Persecution
During the height of one of the most brutal months of Muslim persecution of Christians, the U.S. State Department exposed its double standards against persecuted Christian minorities.  

Illegal Aliens Outnumber Unemployed Americans
the Pew Research Center says that the number of illegal aliens in the country currently outnumber unemployed Americans. The number of illegal immigrants in the United States totaled 11.3 million in 2014, outnumbering the 9.6 million Americans who were unemployed in the same year, according to data from Pew Research Center and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  

Top Sunni Muslim cleric al-Qaradawi does about-face, opposes suicide bombings
In a post on his web site, al-Qaradawi wrote that the use of suicide bombers was only permissible to those living under Israeli occupation.  

US Willing to be as 'Flexible' With North Korea as With Iran
US envoy says Obama administration hopes Pyongyang will take note of Iran nuclear agreement and return to negotiating table.  

Taliban’s Supreme Leader Dead
Omar has been in hiding since 2001, when a U.S.-led coalition woke up after 9/11 and waged war on the terrorist organization, and it is possible that the report of his death comes two years after the fact.  

Fed expected to push ahead with rate hike plan
The U.S. central bank is scheduled to issue its latest policy statement at 2 p.m. EDT following a two-day meeting, spelling out how policymakers feel the economy has progressed since they last met in June.  

Ukraine struggles to control maverick battalions
"I would like Ukraine to lead the crusades," said Korchynsky, whose battalion's name is Saint Mary. "Our mission is not only to kick out the occupiers, but also revenge. Moscow must burn."  

USGS says 5.9-magnitude earthquake shakes region along Colombia-Panama border
A strong earthquake shook a sparsely populated region along the border between Colombia and Panama on Tuesday evening. There were no early reports of damage or injuries. The U.S. Geological Service said the quake had a preliminary magnitude of 5.9, while Colombia's seismological institute put it at 6.1.  

Crescent quake makes, breaks history
"We had a lot of stuff fall from shelves and off the walls,” Frontier Country Historical Museum volunteer Vickey Howard said of the 4.5-magnitude quake, among the largest recorded in the state.  

6.3-magnitude earthquake hits Alaska; no major damage reported
The quake's epicenter was about 150 miles from Anchorage to the west of Cook Inlet, near the Chigmit Mountains. The area is southwest of Redoubt Volcano. It was recorded some 70 miles below the earth's surface.  

Mind-Blowing Temperature Fraud At NOAA
The measured US temperature data from USHCN shows that the US is on a long-term cooling trend. But the reported temperatures from NOAA show a strong warming trend. They accomplish this through a spectacular hockey stick of data tampering, which corrupts the US temperature trend by almost two degrees.  

China Pushes to Rewrite Rules of Global Internet
As social media helped topple regimes in the Middle East and northern Africa, a senior colonel in the People’s Liberation Army publicly warned that an Internet dominated by the U.S. threatened to overthrow China’s Communist Party. Ye Zheng...said the Internet represented a new form of global control, and the U.S. was a “shadow” present during some of those popular uprisings. Beijing had better pay attention.  

Gaza: 'Israeli war crimes' followed soldier's capture - Amnesty
Amnesty International says there is "strong evidence" Israel committed war crimes in Gaza following the capture of a soldier by Hamas in last year's war. Its report says at least 135 civilians were killed in a bombardment of Rafah after Lt Hadar Goldin was seized on 1 August. He was later declared dead. Amnesty said Israel employed a "'gloves-off' policy with devastating consequences for civilians".  

Report: Israeli Air Force strikes target in Syria, killing at least 2 people
Arab media reported on Wednesday that the Israeli Air Force struck a target in Syria, killing at least two people. According to a report on the Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Mayadeen news portal, an Israeli air force jet struck a car in the countryside of Quneitra in the Syrian Golan Heights, killing three people.  

Israel's High Court orders demolition of homes in West Bank settlement
The High Court of Justice on Wednesday ordered the state to raze two apartment buildings in the West Bank settlement of Beit El... Settlers and security forces held a tense standoff late Tuesday night in Beit El, as they waited for the High Court ruling which effectively sealed the fate of the disputed apartment buildings known as "the House of Draynof."  

Scientists worry about arms race in artificial intelligence
Scientists and tech experts — including professor Stephen Hawking and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak — warned Tuesday of a global arms race with weapons using artificial intelligence.  

Pollard to be freed; US analyst spied for Israel
Jonathan Pollard, the former Navy intelligence analyst whose conviction of spying for Israel stoked fierce international passions, has been granted parole and will be released from prison in November after nearly 30 years.  

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake rattles south-central Alaska
A magnitude 6.3 earthquake rattled a wide area of south-central Alaska, including Anchorage, on Tuesday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The tremor struck about 40 miles south of Mount Redoubt, an active volcano near Cook Inlet, and 140 miles southwest of Anchorage, the state's largest city, and was felt 150 miles from its epicenter, the USGS said.  

Mexico sentences 5 men to 697 years for killings of 11 women
Mexican prosecutors announced Tuesday that they had won "historic" convictions and sentences of 697 years in prison against five men for killing 11 women near the border city of Ciudad Juarez.  

Did White House influence 'Daily Show' coverage?
As Jon Stewart begins his final run on the "Daily Show," a pair of scandals threaten to besmirch his reputation with his left-leaning fans. A report by Politico suggests the influential Comedy Central comic may have been influenced by the White House on a number of occasions, possibly shaping what issues he discussed and what viewpoint he adopted on his popular satirical news show.  

Rev. Graham: USA 'Now Exporting The Acceptance of Immorality Via Our President'
n reference to President Barack Obama's trip to Kenya where, during a press conference he expressed support for gay rights and equated legal restrictions on homosexuality to Jim Crow laws and slavery, Reverend Franklin Graham said the United States was "now exporting the acceptance of immorality" through Obama.  

28 Jul 15

US Zionist group backs Huckabee on Holocaust-Iran deal analogy
The Zionist Organization of America stood by Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who said President Barack Obama will march Israelis “to the door of the oven” as part of the Iran nuclear deal.  

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