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08 Dec 16

Residents evacuated as 6.2-magnitude earthquake hits Xinjiang in western China
A 6.2-magnitude earthquake jolted a city in far western China on Thursday afternoon. The quake struck at 1.15pm in the city of Changji’s Hutubi county in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, according to the China Earthquake Networks Centre.  

Customs and Border chief: Migrant surge not letting up
The surge of Central American families seeking asylum at U.S. borders is not letting up, Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske said Wednesday after touring a temporary holding facility in the Rio Grande Valley set up to manage the influx. The number of apprehensions along the southwestern border can be close to 2,000 a day — with most people turning themselves in...  

Blizzard Shuts Down Nearly 300 Miles of Major Interstate in North Dakota
Dangerous wind chill factors will continue to plague residents in the Northern Plains Wednesday after a blizzard shut down a nearly 300-mile stretch of a major interstate Tuesday in North Dakota. The North Dakota Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol extended the 230-mile closure of Interstate 94 further east to Fargo...  

Trump ignores Gore’s advice, instead picks skeptic to head EPA & dismantle climate agenda
...Marc Morano statement on President Elect Donald Trump’s selection of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt pick for EPA chief: “President-Elect Trump’s appointment of Scott Pruitt is a breath of fresh air. No longer do we have to suffer under President Obama’s ridiculous EPA ‘climate’ regulations. It is also refreshing that a Republican President is not...appointing a weak administrator.  

US Steel wants to accelerate investments, bring back jobs, CEO says
United States Steel would like to accelerate its investments and hire back laid-off employees now that Donald Trump will be occupying the Oval Office, CEO Mario Longhi told CNBC... "We already structured to do some things, but when you see in the near future improvement to the tax laws, improvements to regulation, those two things by themselves may be a significant driver to what we're going to do," he said...  

Marine Le Pen: No free school for foreigners
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has called for an end to free education for foreign children. In a speech in Paris...she had nothing against foreigners. "But I tell them: if you come to our country don't expect to be taken care of, to be looked after, that your children will be educated without charge," she said.  

Fire ants could become Australia's worst pest, experts warn
Red fire ants could wreak more damage in Australia than feral rabbits, cane toads and foxes combined, experts have warned in a new report. Originally from South America, the red imported fire ant is feared for its burning and potentially lethal sting. If not eradicated, it is estimated the insect could trigger up to 3,000 anaphylactic reactions in Australia each year.  

UK foreign minister: Saudi, Iran stoking proxy wars in Mideast
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said that Saudi Arabia and Iran are stoking proxy wars across the Middle East while some politicians in the region are abusing Islam, the Guardian newspaper reported. Britain has a long alliance with Saudi Arabia which is a major customer for British defense companies, though Britain's ties with Iran have been tumultuous since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.  

Liberman: WMDs Israel thwarted from reaching Hezbollah were chemical arms
"Israel has no interest in intervening in the civil war in Syria, our policies and our positions are very clear and are based on three red lines: we will not allow any harm to come to Israeli citizens, we will not allow any harm to the sovereignty of the State of Israel and we will not allow the smuggling of sophisticated weapons or chemical weapons from Syria to Lebanon for Hezbollah,” Liberman said at the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.  

Rescuers comb Indonesia earthquake rubble for 2nd day; death toll rises to 102
Rescue workers, soldiers and police combed through the rubble of a devastated town in Indonesia's Aceh province Thursday, resuming a search for earthquake survivors that was halted at night by rain and blackouts.  

Federal judge halts recount, sealing Trump's Michigan win
A federal judge who ordered Michigan to begin its recount effectively ended it on Wednesday, tying his decision to a state court ruling that found Green Party candidate Jill Stein had no legal standing to request another look at ballots.  

Texas Restaurant Closes, Owner Blames Obamacare
“Several factors led to this decision, but the proverbial straw was brought on by the Affordable Care Act,” the statement says. “If we were to stay in business, there was no way for us to have borne the weight of the oppressive penalties for failing to comply with the mandates of that legislature.”  

U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit With China in October: $31,109,100,000
The United States ran a $31,109,100,000 merchandise trade deficit with the People’s Republic of China in October, according to data released today by the Census Bureau.  

‘US withdrawal of Aleppo proposals shows disarray in Obama’s dysfunctional team’
...They’re still holding on [to] this sort of vain hope that somehow the rebels, which the United States has been backing, will manage to extricate themselves from the situation and triumph and put another feather in the cap of Barack Obama. He was on television earlier today, touting his great success in combating terrorism which is laughable. This is just one more piece of evidence of the disarray, that has come to be a sort of a calling card of Barack Obama and his dysfunctional team.  

Texas Gov. To Cut Off State Funds To Public Universities That Act As “Sanctuary Campuses”
In response to students in his state petitioning their respective universities to institute sanctuary policies to protect illegal-immigrant students, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Thursday via Twitter that any campus caught doing as such would pay a steep price. “Texas will not tolerate sanctuary campuses or cities,” he wrote. “I will cut funding for any state campus if it establishes sanctuary status.”  

US Border Patrol Chief Makes Massive Statement… Trump, Americans THRILLED
Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan confidently told the committee that our border with Mexico needed more “fencing” because fencing has been shown to be effective, the Washington Examiner reported.  

07 Dec 16

The Messy Truth About Van Jones
CNN president Jeff Zucker declared after an internal investigation that the network "would not partner ever again" with TV One. But instead of weeding out left-wing partisans masquerading as mainstream political analysts from their lineup, CNN is doubling down. This week, the network debuted a news special called "The Messy Truth" hosted by "political commentator" Van Jones.  

CRISPR heavyweights battle in US patent court
During the hearing in Alexandria, Virginia, the USPTO judges challenged Berkeley’s central claim: that once its researchers demonstrated that CRISPR–Cas9 could be used to edit DNA in bacteria, any reasonably skilled person could have adapted the technique for use in more complex cells.  

Is RNA splicing the key to a longer and healthier life?
a Harvard team has discovered a link between aging and a core biological process known as RNA splicing, which may be manipulated to not only increase our lifespan, but help us stay healthier for longer.  

The Grand Canyon Between Islam and Christianity
The god of Islam is most definitely not the same as the God worshipped by Christians and Jews...the author (writing with Atif Debs) – both of whom are former Muslims – makes a convincing case that Islamic theology amounts to a complete contradiction of the Judeo-Christian faith.  

The Emergence of the White Jew
A few weeks ago, I said to a close family member that radical feminists are hurting their own cause. "You are a white privileged male," was the response I got in return. This new curse took me by complete surprise, as I have never considered myself either privileged or white.  

Holland LISTENS to the people – Dutch MPs REJECT EU power grab fearing voter revolt
HOLLAND looks set to block plans for another European Union (EU) power grab, fearing it would fuel support for anti-Brussels right-winger Geert Wilders.  

Trump chosen as Time's 'Person of the Year'
Donald Trump was chosen by Time magazine as "Person of the Year." Following him in second place was his competitor for the presidency...  

Fulfilling Ezekiel’s Prophecy, Jacob’s Biblical Sheep Arrive in the Promised Land
The 2,000-year saga of the return of Jacob’s sheep to the Holy Land as prophesied by Ezekiel was officially launched with the first of 11 flights that took place last week. The timing of this tremendous occurrence is deeply Biblically significant and may in fact shed light on the fascinating history of the patriarch’s herd.  

Over Saturn's Turbulent North
The view shows part of the giant, hexagon-shaped jet stream around the planet's north pole. Each side of the hexagon is about as wide as Earth. A circular storm lies at the center, at the pole.  

At least 97 dead after earthquake rocks Indonesia
At least 97 people were killed and dozens were missing or hospitalized after an earthquake struck the northwestern Indonesian province of Aceh early Wednesday morning, officials said. The death toll rose as rescuers pulled more bodies from the rubble.  

Buzzfeed: White People Are A ‘Plague To The Planet’
Buzzfeed published a listicle Monday containing insulting and racist messages towards white people. The listicle, entitled, “19 School Powerpoint Presentations......  

Ohio lawmakers pass 'heartbeat' abortion legislation
Ohio lawmakers approved a bill that bans abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, as early as six weeks after conception, clearing the way for one of the most stringent abortion restrictions in the United States if it becomes law. The Republican-led state House of Representatives and Senate passed the so-called "heartbeat" measure late on Tuesday, sending it to be signed into law by Republican Governor John Kasich.  

GOP Readies Cuts to Federal Workforce Under Trump
For years, Republicans in Congress have been eyeing an overhaul of the federal workforce — by reducing the number of workers and curtailing benefits and pay while making it easier to fire bad employees. Now, with a president-elect who has promised to do much the same, 2017 could be the best time in recent memory to make sweeping changes affecting those who work for the bureaucracy.  

'Detailed' Brexit plan demanded by Labour ahead of vote
Labour will demand the government publishes a "pretty detailed" negotiating plan when MPs debate the UK's Brexit strategy later. MPs are expected to vote in favour of the government's timetable, of starting formal talks by the end of March, while also calling on the PM publish a "plan" beforehand. The government has so far refused a "running commentary" on its strategy.  

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