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24 Nov 15

I live in Jersey and Trump is right: Muslims DID celebrate on 9/11 in NJ . . . we saw it!
It did happen, and I saw it. Donald Trump is telling the truth about Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on September 11, 2001. I drove with family members though Patterson, N.J. that morning, after the planes hit. It’s not the kind of thing you forget.  

Turkey to brief NATO on downed Russian jet
Turkey will brief NATO ambassadors on Tuesday about the events surrounding its shooting down of a Russian jet, a spokeswoman for the military alliance said. "There will be a North Atlantic Council meeting this afternoon," at 1500 GMT, said spokeswoman Irina Novakova. "The aim is for Turkey to inform allies about the events of this morning." It was the first time a NATO member has downed a Russian or Soviet military aircraft since the 1950s.  

NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of minor geomagnetic storms on Nov. 25th when a solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field.  

Top Democrat: ISIS Threat Has 'Gotten Worse' Under Obama's Policies
Feinstein, a top ranking Senate Democrat who serves on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. "I'm concerned that we don't have the time and we don't have years. We need to be aggressive now." ... "What I'm saying is this has gone on too long now and it has not gotten better, it's gotten worse," [Feinstein said].  

IBM wants to predict earthquakes and volcanoes with Watson
IBM announced on Nov. 20 that it had created an award-winning simulation of the Earth’s tectonic plates that could soon be used to make predictions about when the next great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will occur. And its artificial intelligence system, Watson, may prove to be the computer brain that can tell us when it’s time to get out of the Bay Area.  

Stonehenge-Like Structure Leaves Archaeologists in Israel Baffled
When asked by Breaking Israel News about Gilgal Refaim and a possible Biblical connection to the site known as the “pile of stones” referred to in the Bible (Genesis 31:51) by Laban as Jegar-sahadutha and by Jacob as Galeed, Moskoff agreed that there was value in the connection.  

Mexico News: 5.5 Magnitude Quake Shakes Capital
But while the quake was felt strongly there, no damage was reported. Unfortunately for the country's capital, located on an unstable former lakebed, they get the brunt of the quake even though the location occurs some distance away.  

Planned Parenthood sues Texas over threat to cut Medicaid funding
Planned Parenthood, other women's health providers...sued Texas on Monday, seeking to halt its threatened cut in Medicaid funding... The suit filed in federal court in Austin comes as Texas and several other Republican-controlled states try to cut funding for Planned Parenthood after an anti-abortion group released videos it said showed Planned Parenthood officials negotiating prices for fetal tissues from abortions it performs.  

China ‘cloning factory’ to produce cattle, racehorses and pets
The world’s biggest animal “cloning factory” is due to open in China, producing one million calves a year, sniffer dogs and even genetic copies of the family pet. The £21 million “commercial” facility will edge the controversial science “closer to mainstream acceptance”, Chinese media said, following the development of a technique which began when Dolly the sheep became the first cloned mammal...in 1996.  

US issues worldwide travel alert over terror threats
The US has issued a worldwide travel alert for its citizens in response to "increased terrorist threats". The state department said "current information" suggested the Islamic State [IS] group, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and others continued "to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions". The alert, it said, will remain in place until 24 February 2016.  

Kerry condemns Palestinian attacks as 'acts of terrorism'
US Secretary of State John Kerry has denounced as "acts of terrorism" a wave of Palestinian attacks targeting Israelis, on a visit to Jerusalem. "No people anywhere should live with daily violence, with attacks in the streets, with knives, with scissors, cars," he said, alongside Israel's PM. Mr Kerry will later meet the Palestinian president in the West Bank.  

How The New York Times whitewashes Palestinian terror
This week began as the last one ended — with more Palestinian stabbing attacks against Israeli Jews, and more dead. And yet, this information might surprise readers of The New York Times.  

Young French Jews Bolt for Israel; 127% increase since 2014
Birthright Israel, the charity founded in 1999 to bring young Jews on trips to Israel, has witnessed an unprecedented increase in participation among French citizens over the past two years.  

United Nations plans require biometric identification and birth registration for all humans on Earth
Most Americans are too busy to pay attention to the United Nations, let alone the actions of their own government. This is unfortunate considering the fact that the place is run by representatives of vile, authoritarian regimes that are always looking for ways to control their respective populations as well as those of other countries.  

Church of England: banning Lord's Prayer adverts will have a 'chilling' effect on free speech
The Church of England has branded UK cinemas "plain silly" after they refused to show adverts featuring the Lord's Prayer before films. They said that the choice to ban the advert would have a "chilling" effect on free speech.  

Federal court rules Wisconsin abortion law unconstitutional
MADISON, Wis. — A Wisconsin law that requires abortion providers to get admitting privileges at nearby hospitals is unconstitutional, a federal appeals court panel ruled Monday.  

Israel’s History Trumps European Union Labelling Laws
Jewish history spanning 3000 years is set to trump the European Union’s (EU) unprecedented action requiring the way goods are labelled originating from four areas of territory disputed between Arabs and Jews—the West Bank, Golan Heights, East Jerusalem and Gaza.  

Parent Successfully Fights Transgender Education in Public School
Mt. Horeb, WI - Thanks to an alert parent who called Liberty Counsel, primary students at a Wisconsin elementary school will not be indoctrinated by the writings of a transgender activist today. The school cancelled the program after receiving a letter from Liberty Counsel but plans to revisit the matter.  

Bad news, Democrats. Terrorism is now - by far - the most important issue to voters
If you’re a Democrat running for president, you’re desperately hoping to find an issue that lets you divide American voters and pit them against each other.You think God is a hokey, outdated, concept so you’re not praying, but you are wishing with all your might that some kind of exploitable social issue presents itself.  

Dear Left: No one is ‘giving in to fear and hatred’ so you can put a sock in that lecture
Before we go any farther in the current discussions about ISIS and how to fight them, we need to take a quick pause and destroy a rising narrative on the left. It’s the one where they lecture you not to “give in to fear.”  

Poor guy! America expects annoyed Obama to actually fight ISIS
All week long we’ve played clips on our radio show, and embedded them on our web site, showing President Obama taking questions from reporters and others about his strategy – or lack thereof – for fighting ISIS.  

23 Nov 15

'Sophisticated network' of radical mosques in U.S
There are more than 80 radical mosques in the U.S., according to the Clarion Project, a non-profit group that describes itself as “dedicated to exposing the dangers of Islamist extremism.” The Islamic Center of Tucson was “basically the first cell of al-Qaeda in the United States,” terrorism expert Rita Katz told The Washington Post in 2002.  

Mideast chaos, violence won’t end with IS defeat
The chaos and violence gripping the Middle East are not likely to evaporate even if the forces arrayed against the Islamic State group manage to crush the brutal army and its drive to establish an Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria and beyond.  

Report: Russian ground troops arrive in Syria in unprecedented military action
The report, which has not been substantiated by other sources, claims Russian military forces have been providing cover for T-90 tanks along with military air support which have attacked multiple strategic targets held by rebel forces in Idlib and Latakia.  

ISIS Vows to Attack Times Square and The White House
Scientists have struggled for years trying to understand the source of Earth’s oceans and the planet’s water. Until recently, the prevailing scientific theory held that icy comets hit the Earth while it was still forming. A discovery last year by geologists seems to prove that the real source of the earth’s water is from deep underground, amazingly similar to the Bible’s account of creation, which described waters below and waters above (Genesis 1:7).  

Kerry agenda in Israel has no plans for new peace talks, State Dept. official says
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on his visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority is not planning to restart peace talks or broker any agreement. Kerry will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in an effort to tamp down the current violence.  

Syrian Army Liberates Two Christian Villages From the Clutches of ISIL
The Syrian Army has managed to regain control of the Christian villages of Mheen and Hawwarin, located in southeastern Homs province, a source in the Syrian military told RIA Novosti.  

Iran's Revolutionary Guard simulates capture of Temple Mount
Thousands of paramilitary forces from Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard have held a war game simulating the capture of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem from Israeli control, state media reported on Saturday.  

Fear has engulfed Europe
Five minutes from where he had dinner in Paris, dozens were being murdered; when he arrived in Hanover, alerts of a bomb led to the evacuation of a stadium; when he landed in Marseille, the airport was evacuated and a Jewish teacher was stabbed. One week in Europe made it clear to Ben-Dror Yemini just how explosive the situation in Europe is, and how long is the road ahead in the fight against jihad.  

UK calls on France & Canada to track down alleged Russian sub
Britain has once again been forced to call in foreign help after it says it spotted a Russian submarine off the west coast of Scotland. Despite the presence of French and Canadian patrol planes and Royal Navy ships, no trace of the sub has been found. The alleged Russian vessel is believed to have been seen at least 10 days ago in the area, and the search to find the sub has been taking place ever since.  

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