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30 Jul 15

The Persecution Of Christians Is Intensifying As Anti-Christian Hatred Sweeps The Entire World
There is very little that the entire world seems to agree upon, but there is one very frightening trend that is now taking hold literally all over the globe. A passionate hatred of Christianity is sweeping across the planet, and very few global leaders have been willing to step forward and speak out against this rising persecution of Christians.  

A whole new world: Astonishing drought unveils lost Wild West town that has been submerged under Nevada's Lake Mead since 1935
It has been submerged in water for more than 80 years. But now, following this summer's record drought, Lake Mead has almost completely dried up, revealing entire towns that disappeared decades ago. And tourists are flooding in.  

Federal judge threatens to hold IRS chief in contempt
A federal judge threatened to hold IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in contempt Wednesday after the IRS failed to produce, as ordered, newly recovered emails of former IRS official Lois Lerner. “If there is further noncompliance, I will haul into court the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service to show cause why that person should not be personally held in contempt of court. I can't make that any clearer,”  

Growing unrest: volcanoes rumble and are shaken by earthquakes from Mexico to the Philippines
– Mexico’s National Disaster Prevention Centre said in its daily report that the volcano registered a total of 80 low intensity exhalations and six explosions yesterday, releasing plumes of smoke between 1.5 and two kilometers high.  

Iraqi MP: 'Iraq should establish ties with Israel, we share interests'
Asked about who created the Islamic State, al-Alusi rebuffed wide-spread conspiracy theories linking the extremist groups to non-Arab, non-Islamic actors. "It is our creation, not a Western or European or Crusader or Jewish or Israeli creation. It is a creation of the Arabs and Muslims, because we have failed to protect our society and have allowed these extremist views –to exist."  

Earthquake Hits Israel, No Injuries, Damage Reported
A 4.3-magnitude earthquake occurred early Thursday in Israel. The quake was centered on an area near the Dead Sea, and several people reported feeling its effects in southern Israel. Residents of the north also said they felt vibrations, and investigators are checking whether there were indeed two quakes around the same time.  

CISA: the dirty deal between Google and the NSA that no one is talking about
One of the things that civil liberties activists like to lament about is that the general public seems to care more about Google and Facebook using their personal data to target advertising than the government using it to target drone strikes. The reality is that both types of abuse are dangerous, and they work hand in hand.  

Alien swarm? 10 UFO-like objects filmed flying over Japan
A video shot in Japan’s port city of Osaka has been making the rounds online, displaying a swarm of white spherical objects of unknown origin flying across the sky. The low-quality footage has triggered speculation over extra-terrestrial life and UFOs.  

Out of Shadows: New tech allows face recognition in utter darkness
German researchers have developed a new technology that can identify a person in poor lighting or even in absolute darkness thus potentially solving one of the main issues of the modern face recognition systems. ...Saquib Sarfraz and Rainer Stiefelhagen...created a system that analyzes mid- or far-infrared images and matches them with the ordinary photos thus allowing the people’s faces to be recognized.  

Sex trafficking: Lifelong struggle of exploited children
In the US, poverty, deprivation and exploitation draws thousands of its own children down into a dark underworld that offers few ways out. It is a world few Americans are aware of. But tens of thousands of American children are thought to be sexually exploited every year. It's believed that every night hundreds are sold for sex.  

Russia warns US as NGO blacklisted as 'undesirable'
Russia has said it will not tolerate "interference" by foreign organisations after it put a US pro-democracy foundation on a blacklist. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED), funded by the US Congress, is the first organisation to be labelled "undesirable" under a new Russian law. Russia's Foreign Ministry warned that "we will never tolerate mentoring and open interference in our affairs by foreign structures".  

Iraqi MP: 'Iraq should establish ties with Israel, we share interests'
...Iraqi MP and leader of the Ummah Party, Mithal al-Alusi, called on Iraq to establish ties with Israel and expressed hope to see an Iraqi embassy in Israel at some point in the near future. ...[he] referred to diplomatic relations with Israel as "our [Iraqi] interest," and added that he does not want Baghdad's interests to be solely to "Abu Mazen," the name by which Mahmoud Abbas is commonly referred to in the Arab World.  

Foreign Ministry calls Sunni Arab states 'Israel's allies'
The Director General of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, Dore Gold, called the Middle East’s Sunni Arab nations “Israel’s allies.” ...“What we have is a regime on a roll that is trying to conquer the Middle East,” Gold said of Iran, “and it’s not Israel talking, that is our Sunni Arab neighbors — and you know what? I’ll use another expression – that is our Sunni Arab allies talking.”  

Alan Greenspan: This is 'extremely dangerous'
While markets hone in on the Federal Reserve's monetary policy hints, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan sees a bigger economic irritant—government spending. On Wednesday, Greenspan decried a rise in entitlement costs, which he contended have pressured the U.S. economy.  

Equality Obama-style: profiteering of neighborhoods, fetal organs
Every aspect of the Obama administration’s policy of creating equality in America has established the opposite goal. Better characterization of the policy would be that of ‘re-creating,’ as true equality was built into the founding documents at this nation’s outset. There is a dissembling penchant of this president to makeover the world according to his invalid, biased perspective.  

Terror Arrest in Lackawanna (New York)
Arafat Nagi was arraigned Wednesday morning on charges that he attempted to support a designated terrorist organization. “Nagi attempted to join this terrorist organization, and specifically pledged allegiance to it and it’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” said US Attorney Bill Hochul.  

Canadian Islam Converts Plotted to Kill Jewish Children
A Canadian courtroom was the scene for another revelation about the twisted mindset that animates Islamists. Amanda Korody, found guilty for her part in orchestrating a terrorist bomb plot, wanted to infiltrate a synagogue where she could kill “small Jews” so these children would be spared eternal damnation in hell.  

Can Trump Win?
The GOP base is finally coming out of its economic superiority stupor and focusing on the only issue that has broad appeal to Americans: Law and order. Whether looking out at America’s collapsing boundaries of global influence or within at the pending domestic suicide of our cultural, judicial and economic hegemony, chaos is brewing in a cauldron of lawlessness.  

29 Jul 15

Meteorologists eye rare early season tropical cyclone in Pacific
A tropical depression over the Solomon Islands is being watched closely by meteorologists and climate experts alike in case the deep low pressure system forms into a second rare early season cyclone for the region. This month, Cyclone Raquel became the first July cyclone in Australia's eastern region since the satellite era began in the early 1970s.  

Planned Parenthood Begs Media: Stop Covering Our Scandal
Planned Parenthood is in real trouble. Three shocking videos released over recent days -- with more on the way, apparently -- have shown officials at the abortion giant haggling over the price of aborted baby organs. It's ghastly, gruesome stuff, replete with one representative describing how she alters her late term abortion procedures to "crush" the baby in specific areas as to preserve sought-after and lucrative body parts.  

Earthquake Magnitude 6.3 Hits South Central Alaska; Tremors Felt Miles Away
There were no reported injuries as a result of the seismic event. The earthquake, which struck about 40 miles south of Mount Redoubt at 6:30 p.m. Alaska time, originated 70 miles deep, the agent further said. Michael West, a seismologist at the Alaska Earthquake Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, said, “It’s deep — that’s important. That means the shaking was not as strong, but spread widely.”  

Laughing Over Dead Babies?
The Center for Medical Progress has now issued a third recording of Planned Parenthood officials explaining their grotesque trafficking in baby body parts. It is even more devastating than the first two.  

Thync review: Where we just say yes to a drug-like, brain-zapping wearable
Meet Thync, a wearable that zaps your brain to change your mood – like a drug that replaces chemicals with technology.  

U.S. State Dept. Bars Christians from Testifying about Persecution
During the height of one of the most brutal months of Muslim persecution of Christians, the U.S. State Department exposed its double standards against persecuted Christian minorities.  

Messianic Predictions Upon Jonathan Pollard’s Release from Prison
“You are a cosmic key to the redemption of the Jewish people. Your release is synonymous with the release of the Shechinah [the Divine presence] from galut [exile]. Your release is tied up with the Moshiach Ben David’s [Messiah son of David’s] return to the Land. Your release is bound to the redemption of the land and people of Israel.” Jewish and Christian believers agree that the judges and lawyers involved in the case 30 years ago could not have anticipated the confluence of events.  

Nicaragua Alert to the Phenomenon of Earthquake Swarm
The authorities and the people of Nicaragua remain on alert today after an earthquake swarm, located among the fault lines of Tiscapa, Zogiab and Escuela in this capital. The coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council, Rosario Murillo, urged Nicaraguans to remain calm and follow all the information about the phenomenon.  

Nationwide Boycott Called As Boy Scouts Of America Adopt The LGBT Agenda
In 2015, the BSA has been hijacked by the LGBT Mafia, and as such, we call for an immediate nationwide boycott and rejection of the Boy Scouts of America. Where is the voice of the Christian Church in this nation to rise up and condemn this? I’ll tell you why, because the useless, silent, end times Laodicean Christian Church is too busy “asking for blessings” instead of standing on the Bible.  

Outrage In Nevada As LGBT Rainbow Flag Replaces American Flag Over Reno City Hall
Sunday in Reno, Nevada, the infamous gay-pride rainbow flag replaced the American flag over City Hall. The outrage was immediate.  

U.S. State Depratment Bars Christinas From Testifying About Persecution
During the height of one of the most brutal months of Muslim persecution of Christians, the U.S. State Department exposed its double standards against persecuted Christian minorities.  

Illegal Aliens Outnumber Unemployed Americans
the Pew Research Center says that the number of illegal aliens in the country currently outnumber unemployed Americans. The number of illegal immigrants in the United States totaled 11.3 million in 2014, outnumbering the 9.6 million Americans who were unemployed in the same year, according to data from Pew Research Center and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  

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