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27 Nov 15

Saudi Arabia executions: Kingdom to behead 50 men convicted of terrorism offences despite threat of Shia revolt
Saudi authorities appear set in the next few days to carry out a series of beheadings across the country of more than 50 men convicted of terrorism offences. Among those facing execution are three young men who were juveniles when they were arrested.  

Indo-Israeli Barak 8 Scores Direct Hit on 1st Sea Launch
Israel’s Ministry of Defense and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) conducted today the first full system flight and intercept test of the Barak 8 missile system developed jointly by Israel and India. Upon the completion of the system verification test series, Barak 8 is expected to achieve initial operational capability next year.  

Report: Former Iranian president says he will run in February election for influential body
ran's former influential president says he will run in elections for a clerical body that is in charge of choosing the country's supreme leader. The pro-reform Shargh daily on Thursday quoted Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani as saying, "God willing , I will come," to run in elections for the Assembly of Experts.  

Silicon Valley professionals are taking LSD at work to increase productivity
It seems unlikely, but that’s apparently what some Silicon Valley professionals have been doing - and reporting great results. According to Rolling Stone, a growing number of people are experimenting with "microdoses" of psychedelics to help them work.  

China Announces Military Overhaul to Make Army More Combat Ready
President Xi Jinping announced a major overhaul of China’s military to make the world’s largest army more combat ready and better equipped to project force beyond the country’s borders.  

Japan plans to deploy troops near disputed islands
Japan's deputy defense minister met with the mayor of a southern island Thursday to seek his support for the planned deployment of hundreds of troops in the region including nearby disputed East China Sea islands.  

UN nuclear watchdog to report on Iran probe next week
The UN nuclear watchdog said Thursday it will provide next week a long-awaited report on Iran's alleged efforts to develop atomic weapons, but warned its conclusions won't be "black and white".  

26 Nov 15

Thousands of people evacuated after Halmahera earthquakes
"At least 611 earthquakes occurred between November 16 and 23," the Chief of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho stated in a press release on Thursday.  

France, Italy support 'global agreement' with Turkey
French President Francois Hollande and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said Thursday their countries support a "global agreement" with Turkey on the refugee crisis and a broader coalition to destroy ISIL.  

Britain to plunge into Arctic FREEZE as TWO FEET of snow set to fall THIS WEEKEND
BRITAIN is about to be plunged back into the freezer with 70mph Arctic gales and two feet of snow on the way.  

End of the Euro: Juncker FINALLY admits migrant crisis could spark end of single currency
Mr Juncker, head of the European Commission, said Europe’s single currency will be jeopardised if its Schengen passport-free travel zone unravels due to countries reintroducing border controls to keep refugees out.  

Turkey Backpedals as Tensions Rise With Moscow, Says ‘Didn’t Know Downed Plane Was Russian’
Turkey begins to dial down its outrage as Moscow raises hostilities and brings more military hardware closer to the Syrian-Turkish border.  

'Conflict With Russia Would Badly Hit Turkey' – Ex-Minister
"The incident with the Russian bomber was expected to provoke a hard response from Russia. Turkey downed a Russian warplane, one pilot was killed. This is more than just a clash of opinions between the two countries. In this situation, Russia could not turn a blind eye to the incident,"  

PETA Gets Sued For Stealing, Then Murdering, A Family Dog
The family captured video on their home surveillance system of two PETA employees, Victoria Carey and Jennifer Woods chasing Maya down, taking her off the family’s porch and shoving the dog into a white van. PETA admitted four months later it euthanized Maya later that day.  

U.S. has urged legal reforms abroad to block Islamic State recruits
...U.S. officials...March 2015 memo details the steps the Justice Department has urged other governments to consider, including prosecuting “aspiring foreign fighters” before they leave for Syria or Iraq. ...the document urges governments to consider making it a crime to travel to...areas like those under the control of Islamic State or to attempt to join a group deemed...to be a terrorist organization.  

Egypt's Coptic Pope makes historic visit to Israel
Egypt's Coptic Pope Tawadros II left for Jerusalem Thursday for the funeral of a senior cleric, the first visit by the head of Coptic Christians in decades, a church spokesman said. He will attend the funeral of Archbishop Anba Abraham, the head of the Coptic Church in Israel who died on Wednesday at the age of 73.  

Islamic State Radicalizes ‘Thousands’ in United States
The Islamic State has likely radicalized thousands of people in the United States, according to a new report... “Based on the evidence available, the number of ISIS supporters in the United States measures in the thousands, rather than hundreds,”...“Whether ISIS will launch an attack on the scale of the Paris attack is unknown, but it is clear that the United States is a primary target...  

Moderate earthquake rumbles off Oregon coast
A moderate earthquake has struck off the coast of southern Oregon. The U.S. Geological Survey says the magnitude 4.4 temblor struck at 11:36 p.m. Wednesday and was centered about 170 miles west of Coos Bay and six miles beneath the seabed.  

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits southern Iran
Tehran: A 5.3 magnitude earthquake jolted at dawn Thursday Masjed Soleiman city in the South-west Iran, according to Tehran University's seismological center. No casualties or damages were reported so far.  

Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits Western Brazil: Geological Survey
A large but very deep 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit western Brazil today, the US Geological Survey said. The earthquake struck at 12:45 am (5:45 GMT) at a depth of 375 miles (604 kilometers). It occurred some 81 miles southwest of the town of Tarauaca and 436 miles northeast of Lima, Peru.  

Turkey expects new talks on its EU bid next month
The EU will give fresh impetus next month to Turkey's bid to join the 28-nation bloc by opening talks on economic policy, Turkey has announced. Turkey's new Europe Minister Volkan Bozkir said the EU had agreed to open a new chapter in stalled negotiations. Turkey's long-running dispute with EU member Cyprus, and the EU's concerns about human rights in Turkey have made progress in the talks extremely slow.  

CNN wipes Israel off of the map
A CNN Money article on the Middle East dropped Israel's name from a map of the Middle East that accompanied a story on the turmoil in the region. The article, entitled "Beyond ISIS: 2016's scariest geopolitical hot spots," naturally featured the ongoing war in Syria...But the name Palestina, Spanish or Portuguese for Palestine stood in for Israel on the map.  

A year’s worth of rain in Qatar as floods hit Saudi Arabia
A year’s worth of rain deluged parts of Qatar on Wednesday as seasonal storms moving through Saudi Arabia flooded streets in a city northwest of the capital, Riyadh.  

IDF: Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Who Stabbed Soldier
A Palestinian stabbed and critically wounded an Israeli soldier on Wednesday and was shot dead by troops, the army and a hospital official said, a day after a visit by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to explore how to end eight weeks of violence.  

American and Russian militaries don’t agree about much in Syria
During a two-day period early this week, the United States reported that coalition aircraft had conducted 23 strikes in Syria, destroying about three dozen Islamic State vehicles, buildings and tactical units.  

Charges against police officer in teen’s slaying don’t quell anger in Chicago
Leaders of the Chicago City Council’s black caucus called Wednesday for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to remove his police chief, Garry McCarthy, one day after authorities released a graphic video showing a white police officer fatally shooting an African American teenager last year.  

This is America's new $13 billion warship
The US Navy is just months away from adding the most expensive warship in history to its fleet, the $13 billion USS Gerald Ford.  

Russian airstrikes reportedly target Turkish aid convoy in Syria
Turkey's state-run news agency and activists on the ground say Russian airstrikes hit an aid convoy travelling near the Syrian border town of Azaz in the Aleppo province.  

Putin Pushes Back: How Russia Is Responding to Turkey’s Downing of Fighter Jet
One day after Turkish forces shot down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border in an incident that set the U.S. and NATO on edge, Moscow has rolled out a multi-prong response. On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered advanced air defense missiles systems to be deployed at the Russian air base in Latakia, Syria, which is roughly 30 miles from the Turkish border. The S-400 missile can protect aircraft from aerial threats within a range of 250 miles.  

A mysteriously buckling road in California is still rising — and geologists have no idea why
A 60-meter stretch of road in Santa Clarita, California, rose up off the ground and crumbled in the space of about 3.5 hours on Thursday 10 November, with further buckling reported over the next few days.  

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