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29 Mar 15

6.0-magnitude earthquake strikes northern Chile
Santiago: A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck northern Chile on today, the United States Geological Service said. There were no immediate reports of damage.  

Putin letter to Arab summit triggers strong Saudi attack
SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt - Saudi Arabia accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of hypocrisy on Sunday, telling an Arab summit that he should not express support for the Middle East while fuelling instability by supporting Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.  

White House showed 'reprehensible animosity' to Netanyahu: Boehner
Washington (AFP) - The Obama administration has displayed "reprehensible animosity" towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, House Speaker John Boehner says. Netanyahu's recent election victory dramatically exacerbated a diplomatic crisis with Washington, bringing his thorny relationship with US President Barack Obama into sharp focus.  

Second western Minnesota turkey farm hit by bird flu outbreak
A second Minnesota turkey farm has been struck by a form of bird flu that's deadly to poultry and will lose 66,000 birds, state and federal officials said Friday.  

Earthquake measuring 5.9 magnitude strikes in Moluccas, Indonesia
An undersea earthquake measuring 5.9 magnitude struck in Moluccas, Indonesia on Sunday, the US Geological Survey said.  

Real World Economics: On Asia bank, heed 'Gambler' wisdom
Defined by The Economist as a "World Bank" for Asia -- is one of those issues that has drawn great attention from the international economic media but is entirely ignored by the average person in the United States. Are we correct to be so blase? The basic issue is that China is trying to set up a new international bank, somewhat like the World Bank...  

Iran nuclear talks: John Kerry cancels US return
US Secretary of State John Kerry has cancelled a planned return to the US to stay in Switzerland as the Iran nuclear talks approach their deadline. The State Department confirmed that Mr Kerry would be staying in Lausanne for more talks.  

Tunis Bardo Museum attack: Thousands join protest march
Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of Tunis for an anti-terror march. Chanting "Tunisia is free! Terrorism out!" they marched to the Bardo Museum, the scene of an attack in which 21 tourists and a Tunisian died. French President Francois Hollande and other world leaders attended a ceremony at the museum.  

Putin to Arab League: Palestinians have right to state with capital in east Jerusalem
Moscow will support the Palestinians in their efforts to build an independent state with a capital in east Jerusalem, Russia's President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday according to Israel Radio. Speaking at the 26th annual Arab League Summit in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik over the weekend, Putin said that "Palestinians have the right to establish an independent and habitable state with a capital in east Jerusalem."  

Arkansas follows Indiana into 'religious freedom' fight
Indiana was the focus of harsh news this week when Gov. Mike Pence signed a “religious freedom” act and much of the business and political world erupted in criticism. Those opposed to the law, which allows businesses to refuse service to potential customers and clients on religious grounds, say it’s a clear shot at the LGBT community – in particular those advocating or wanting to participate in same-sex marriage.  

Official: Al-Shabab siege at Somali hotel ends, 24 dead
Blood spattered utensils, bullet-pocked walls and overturned chairs mark the reception area of a prominent hotel in the Somali capital following an attack by Islamic extremists that killed at least 24, including six attackers.  

Czech tourists freed in Pakistan after two years
Two Czech women tourists who were kidnapped two years ago in Pakistan have been released and have returned home, Czech PM Bohuslav Sobotka says. Hana Humpalova and Antonie Chrastecka, both 26, were abducted while travelling on a bus in south-western Balochistan province in March 2013.  

Guinea declares Ebola 'health emergency' in five regions
Guinean President Alpha Conde has declared a 45-day "health emergency" in five regions in the west and south-west of the country over Ebola.  

Chilean president describes 'bleak' scene in flood-hit north
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet pointed to a "bleak" situation in the country's flood-hit north Saturday, after deadly rains swept through the normally arid area last week. The president spent two days in the devastated Atacama region and in nearby Antofagasta, where floods left at least 10 dead, 19 missing and hundreds of people homeless. The death toll is expected to rise.  

Boko Haram kills 41, prevents hundreds voting in Nigeria
Boko Haram extremists killed 41 people, including a legislator, and scared hundreds of people from polling stations in the northeast, but millions voted across Nigeria Saturday in the most closely contested presidential race in the nation's history.  

Eurozone can't survive in current form, says PIMCO
The eurozone is "untenable" in its current form and cannot survive unless countries are prepared to cede sovereignty and become a "United States of Europe", the manager of the world's biggest bond fund has warned.  

28 Mar 15

the 'Priestly Training Academy' established by the Temple Institute held a Passover offering practice drill that was documented by professional photographers. This was the most accurate and authentic reenactment of this service to have taken place in nearly 2,000 years.  

Egypt's president backs joint Arab military force
A joint military force should be created to defend Arab nations, Egypt's president said Saturday. President Abdel Fattah Sisi made his comments at a summit of Arab leaders in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, where the escalating conflict in Yemen was top of the agenda.  

Israel to resume tax transfers to Palestinian Authority
Israel is to stop withholding tax revenues collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority (PA), a move that has crippled the Palestinian economy. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the "deteriorating situation in the Middle East" and rise of extremists required him to "act responsibly". Israel's military had reportedly warned that the policy was fuelling violence.  

Sleeping sickness traps Kazakh town in waking nightmare
For two years, the residents of the tiny Kazakh village of Kalachi have been living through a nightmare – literally. Whatever they are doing, whoever they are, and at anytime or day, a resident of this remote settlement on the central Asian steppe lives with the knowledge they may suddenly fall asleep – and remain unconscious for days.  

Syrian army turns to women on Damascus front lines
Damascus - Perched on a makeshift bench taking turns with a sniper rifle, the Syrian army's top markswomen await their "prey" on the front line in east Damascus.  

Obama’s latest concession guts what’s left of the Iran nuclear deal
You don’t have to be an Israeli spy to know what’s going on at the nuclear talks between Iran and the West at Lausanne, Switzerland.  

Obama’s hypocrisy with Netanyahu
It took Bibi Netanyahu nearly a week to apologize properly for his inflammatory comment on Israel’s election day warning that Arab voters were “heading to the polls in droves.” On Monday, speaking at his Jerusalem residence to a group of Israeli Arab community leaders, the newly reelected prime minister expressed his regret: “I know the things I said a few days ago wounded Israel’s Arab citizens. That was not in any way my intention, and I am sorry.”  

Obama Admin Threatens U.S. Allies for Disagreeing with Iran Nuke Deal
LAUSANNE, Switzerland—Efforts by the Obama administration to stem criticism of its diplomacy with Iran have included threats to nations involved in the talks, including U.S. allies, according to Western sources familiar with White House efforts to quell fears it will permit Iran to retain aspects of its nuclear weapons program.  

Stop Al-Quds Day!
Al-Quds Day” is an annual event created by the late Ayatollah Khomeni calling for the destruction of the Jewish State. The hateful nature of this event at Queen’s Park has been well documented since 2009 and there is no reason to believe this year will be any different.  

If There is Any Racism, It Has Been to Bend Back in Favor of Arabs!
The ironies have never been greater, as will be the representation of the Arabs in the new Israeli parliament now in formation. Prime Minister Netanyahu has been accused of racism upon trying to get out his base to vote by pointing out that the press was observing that Arabs were coming out in droves on Election Day. But what does this tell us?  

France, Israel, Iran and Obama
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius was in New York on Friday March 27th to lead a discussion at the United Nations Security Council on the subject of persecuted minorities in the Middle East. However, in comments he made to reporters, the focus was on ways to keep the search for an Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution alive and the prospects for an imminent nuclear deal with Iran.  

Obama installing Islam leaders while Michelle and Susan Rice provide cover?
The full-scale social engineering of President Barack Hussein Obama in the elections of countries where he has no business being seeks to install radical Islamists to power. Even though it’s s a provable deadly blueprint that’s putting the West at great risk, no one is calling him on it.  

Clearing Up the Middle East Situation
Recently my mom complained to me that she is confused by what is happening in the Middle East. I doubt she is alone in this, and for her benefit and those of you who share her confusion I have decided to clear things up. With that in mind, what follows is a brief summation of the situation in the Middle East—hopefully it will answer a number of questions you might have.  

27 Mar 15

John Bolton: Bomb Iran Before It Gets the Bomb
There is only one way to block the Iranians from building a nuclear bomb, according to former ambassador John Bolton: Bomb them first. "The inescapable conclusion is that Iran will not negotiate away its nuclear program," Bolton wrote in an opinion piece for The New York Times on Thursday. "Nor will sanctions block its building a broad and deep weapons infrastructure."  

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