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01 Nov 14

Spanish Intelligence Intercepts Plot to Weaponise Ebola
Spanish intelligence has intercepted messages passed between jihadists online discussing the weaponisation of the deadly Ebola virus for use against the West, while a blackmailer in Prague has threatened to unleash the virus unless the Czech Republic pay him one million bitcoin, a volume of online currency worth over £200 million.  

Obama’s Border Policy Fueled Epidemic, Evidence Shows
The deadly EV-D68 enterovirus epidemic, which struck thousands of kids this fall, was likely propelled through America by President Barack Obama’s decision to allow tens of thousands of Central Americans across the Texas border, according to a growing body of genetic and statistical evidence. The evidence includes...multiple strains of the virus, and that it appeared simultaneously in multiple independent locations.  

UK travellers warned of increased global terror threat
British travellers have been warned they could be targeted by terrorists seeking revenge for UK air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants. The Foreign Office (FCO) has updated its travel advice for all destinations. It urges Britons living or travelling overseas to be "vigilant" because of the threat from those "motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria".  

Rocket launched from Gaza lands in Israel, army confirms
A rocket launched from Gaza on Friday landed in the Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel, the army said. The IDF had detected a projectile heading toward Israeli territory – the second such incident since Israel and Hamas reached a deal on August 26 to halt seven weeks of fighting. The cease-fire has largely been holding.  

Pentagon: DOD personnel to handle Ebola bodies
A Department of Defense memo confirms DoD personnel – which could include civilians and/or troops – will have direct contact with “exposed remains” of Ebola victims.  

American voters' message to Obama and Iran
Only a Republican-controlled Congress can stop US president from allowing Iran to become first Islamist jihadist state with a nuclear weapon.  

Whatever it does next, the US will be taking Israel on
When tensions between the White House and the government of Israel stem from political-ideological disputes, maintaining a semblance of business-as-usual is still possible. But when things spill over into the personal domain, the style and the insults become personal too.  

Islamic State kills 85 more members of Iraqi tribe
Islamic State militants have executed 85 more members of the Albu Nimr tribe in Iraq in a mass killing campaign launched last week in retaliation for resistance to the group's territorial advances, a tribal leader and security official said on Saturday.  

Second terror attack in as many weeks rattles northern Sinai
Egypt has declared a three-month state of emergency in the northern peninsula, which has seen an uptick in violence since the removal of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi last year.  

Diplomacy: Back to square one on Jordanian-Israeli relations
Despite high hopes, 20 years on, the Jordan-Israel treaty focuses on security cooperation – which had already existed for decades – and the great vision of peace has not materialized.  

Gaza Fires Rocket Which Strikes Southern Israel
Breaking news has just come in from the Israel as a rocket from Gaza was fired at southern Israel. According to articles by both Channel NewsAsia and France 24, the rocket hit the Eshkol area in Southern Israel on Friday, October 31. This is the first rocket to strike the country since September 16, in which both Israel and Palestine agreed to a cease-fire.  

Seattle megachurch dissolves after founder resigns
Two weeks after lead Mars Hill Church pastor Mark Driscoll resigned amid questions about his leadership, the Seattle megachurch he founded announced Friday it was dissolving its network of branches across four states. The church said on its website that the best future for its branches would be for them to becoming "autonomous self-governed entities."  

World War 3: Russia Simulated Attack On Denmark, Could Be Preparing European Invasion
Russia continues to stoke fears of World War 3 after a sharp increase in military activity in the North Atlantic and new revelations that the nation simulated an attack on Denmark this summer. The simulated attack took place on the island of Bornholm this summer, the Danish Defense Intelligence Service revealed this week. According to DDIS, Russia sent military jets equipped with live missiles to the island in June, at the same time 9,000 dignitaries were gathered for a political festival.  

Former U.S. Marine, who had been held in Mexican jail for months after arriving at the border from California with guns in his vehicle, was freed on p
former U.S. Marine, who had been held in Mexican jail for months after arriving at the border from California with guns in his vehicle, was freed on psychological grounds on Friday, a Mexican court said. Andrew Tahmooressi, 26, an American veteran of the war in Afghanistan who left the U.S. Marines in 2012, had been held in Mexico since his March 31 arrest by Mexican customs agents at the San Ysidro border crossing between San Diego and Tijuana.  

Virgin crash sets back space tourism by years: experts
The deadly crash of Virgin Galactic's spacecraft has dealt a devastating setback to the cause of space tourism, delaying the first commercial flights to the stars by years, experts said Friday.  

Virgin spacecraft crash kills pilot
The moment the craft exploded was captured in an image shortly after it separated from the carrier aircraft.A pilot was killed and another injured as Virgin Galactic's SpaceShip Two space tourism craft crashed in the California desert.The craft was flying a manned test when it experienced what the company described as "a serious anomaly."  

'Smart' television watches you
LG investigates 'spying' Smart TVs LG promises fix for 'spying' TVs A review of the best commentary on and around the world... Today's must-read "The FBI will not have to bug your living room; you will do it yourself." So says Michael Price of Salon.com, the nervous new owner of a "smart" TV - a web-connected telly that recognises his face, listens to his voice, and could send that information (and more, including emails he receives) to a third party."Got that? Don't say personal or sensitive stuff in front of the TV," writes Price.  

Judges for sale?
Citizen's United is back in America's courtrooms. But, this time, the famous US Supreme Court case isn't facing scrutiny, it's deciding who's sitting on the bench in the first place.  

Syria IS: Iraq Peshmerga fighters 'cross into Kobane'
Turkey finally authorised the Iraqi Kurds to cross the border last week. Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have crossed the Turkish border to help defend the Syrian town of Kobane from Islamic State.  

Being safe while isolated
An attempted murder in Jerusalem underscores the danger of Obama’s subversion against Israel.An attempted murder in Jerusalem underscores the danger of Obama’s subversion against Israel.  

31 Oct 14

Isis now targeting women with guides on how to be the 'ultimate wives of jihad'
women, who Isis believe should never undertake combat roles, can contribute to jihad through "feminine manual labour" such as cooking and nursing fighters.  

FEMA conducts pandemic training in NY, NJ
Titled “2013-14 Pandemic Influenza Continuity Exercise Strategy,” the FEMA training simulates a global pandemic of influenza that spreads from person to person, including in the U.S..  

Christians outraged by orders to teach 'other faiths'
the U.K.’s official education inspector told an independent Christian school that it is out of step with “British values” prescribed by the government and must invite someone from another faith, such as a Muslim imam, to lead assemblies or it risks being closed. The threat comes amid a series of new school inspections imposed by the government in response to a “Trojan horse” scandal in which several public schools in Birmingham, England, were taken over by Muslim managers who imposed Islamic education standards.  

Jordan Threatens to Revoke Peace Treaty Over Temple Mount
Jordan's government has threatened to revoke its 1994 peace treaty with Israel after the Temple Mount was temporarily closed to both Jews and Muslims on Thursday, in an attempt to calm tensions after an Arab terrorist shot Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick.  

Houston, YOU Have a Problem!
Mayor Annise Parker crossed what some are calling a “bold red line.” In a dispute over a ballot item, city attorneys threatened 5 local pastors with subpoenas if they did not turn over all their sermons, speeches and communications such a emails and letters to their congregations related to the lawsuit. This attack on free speech and religious freedom brought immediate outrage from church leaders, Christian bloggers, conservative media and Christian attorneys dedicated to protecting these freedoms.  

First Presidential Debate in Works for Republicans
Prospective Republican White House hopefuls have been jockeying for position while helping their GOP colleagues in midterm contests from Iowa to New Hampshire in recent weeks. The list includes Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.  

Curbing immigration would be a 'disaster' Tony Blair warns as he begs Labour not to chase
TONY Blair was mocked today for pushing more voters towards Ukip after he claimed curbing immigration to Britain would be a "disaster".  

Amelia Earhart plane fragment identified
A fragment of Amelia Earhart's lost aircraft has been identified to a high degree of certainty for the first time ever since her plane vanished over the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937, in a record attempt to fly around the world at the equator. New research strongly suggests that a piece of aluminum aircraft debris recovered in 1991 from Nikumaroro, an uninhabited atoll in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati, does belong to Earhart’s twin-engined Lockheed Electra.  

Temple Rage Tensions hit new high in Jerusalem
police prepare for 'day of rage' in Jerusalem as flashpoint Temple Mount reopens; 'war between Jews and Arabs is a religious,' Arabs say.  

ECB's Visco says concrete risk of deflation cannot be ignored
The eurozone faces a real risk of deflation, with medium and long-term inflation expectations now at historically low levels, European Central Bank governing council member Ignazio Visco said on Friday. Noting that the outlook for economic growth has weakened across the euro zone, Visco, who is also governor of the Bank of Italy, said 5-10 year inflation expectations had fallen below 2 percent, the ECB's level for price stability.  

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