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09 Dec 16

Trump’s pick for environment agency chief sued government over climate rules
Pruitt, who must be confirmed by the US Senate, is an ardent opponent of federal regulations to curb climate change and has questioned the science underlying global warming. He is one of dozens of state officials who have mounted a legal challenge to President Barack Obama’s limits on greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants...  

On Friday, Auspicious 9-Minute Prayer Window Opens for First and Last Time in 28 Years
The rabbi specified the ninth year of the Jubilee cycle, the ninth month, the ninth day, and the ninth hour after sunrise. According to the rabbi, it was in the ninth hour that the Children of Israel were answered on the shores of the Red Sea.  

Environmentalist Hyperventilates When Tucker Asks Simple Question
(Video) All regulations are good and anyone who challenges them is an accomplice to Hitler’s rise, is a denier,” Carlson summarized Schrode’s statement. “That’s not the kind of conversation that leads to solutions, it’s the kind that leads to demonizing other people, and that’s bad.”  

Europe’s Epochal Elections
Now, thanks to elections in France and Austria, an answer is emerging; Europeans appear not ready to “go gentle into that good night” but will “rage, rage against the dying of the light.”  

Solomon Islands hit by powerful aftershocks after magnitude-7.8 quake
Residents in Solomon Islands were hit by powerful aftershocks following a magnitude-7.8 earthquake which struck 130 kilometres from the capital Honiara.  

Tsunami warnings are cancelld after big Pacific earthquake
New Zealand – Tsunami warnings for several Pacific islands, including those in Hawaii, were canceled Friday after authorities determined that a powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake that struck near the Solomon Islands did not pose a broad tsunami threat.  

6.5M Earthquake Hits 100 Miles off Ferndale, Humboldt County
An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 struck Thursday morning about 100 miles of the coast of Ferndale, in Humboldt County, California. There were no immediate reports of damage. The US Geological Survey originally reported the 6:50 a.m. PT quake as having a magnitude of 6.8.  

Democrats plot uphill fight against some Trump nominations
U.S. Senate Democrats plan to fight some of President-elect Donald Trump's choices for top administration jobs, but history and the party's minority status in the chamber are not on their side. A simple majority of 51 votes is needed in the 100-member Senate to confirm nominations. Louisiana will select its newest senator on Saturday. If the Republicans...hold on to the seat, they will control at least 52 seats...  

Magnitude-6.5 quake strikes off coast of Humboldt County
A magnitude-6.5 earthquake struck off the coast of Humboldt County Thursday morning, followed by aftershocks. For the most part, the aftershocks have been insignificant. There have been no reports of damage or injuries. The USGS sent out a tweet confirming the quake, roughly 100 miles out in the ocean, west of Ferndale.  

ISIS has flooded Europe with 1,500 highly-trained terrorists ‘ready to launch attacks’
MORE than 1,500 jihadists fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq have returned to Europe with orders to “carry out attacks”, an EU report warned. An estimated 5,000 European ISIS fanatics went to Syria and Iraq... Around 30 to 35 per cent have returned with “specific missions”, while the other half remained in the battle theatre – which amounted to between 2,000 and 2,500 Europeans.  

Peace process should not be 'all or nothing,' says EU ambassador
Rather than cling to an “all or nothing” peace process, the international community should promote smaller advancements in areas such as water, Lars Faaborg-Andersen, the European Union’s ambassador to Israel said at seminar in Tel Aviv on Thursday. "We've spent too much time promoting an Israeli-Palestinian solution that is all or nothing," he said.  

Palestinian tries to stab Israeli police, shot dead: Israel
An 18-year-old Palestinian threatened Israeli border police with a knife at a flashpoint junction in the occupied West Bank on Thursday and was shot dead, Israeli authorities said. The incident occurred at the Tapuah junction near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, where a number of attacks have taken place in recent months, police said.  

Japan tags dementia sufferers with barcodes
A Japanese city has introduced a novel way to keep track of senior citizens with dementia who are prone to getting lost -- tagging their fingers and toes with scan-able barcodes.  

Satanic display causes controversy in Boca Raton
A Satanic display is causing controversy in Boca Raton on the day the city will celebrate its holiday parade. Now, some local interfaith clergy members are coming together to take a stand.  

Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board ends run on the bank, stops $154M in withdrawals
The Dallas Police and Fire Pension System's Board of Trustees suspended lump-sum withdrawals from the pension fund Thursday, staving off a possible restraining order and stopping $154 million in withdrawal requests.  

MK Bennett: Amona Bill Paves Way for Annexation of Judea and Samaria
Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett, leader of the Jewish Home party, hailed the preliminary passage of a controversial bill to legalize Israeli settlement outposts as paving the way for Israel’s eventual annexation of Judea and Samaria.  

Syrian army's Aleppo advance slows, but victory in sight
The Syrian army's advance in Aleppo slowed on Thursday but a victory was still firmly in sight after President Bashar al-Assad vowed that retaking the city would change the course of the six-year-old war.  

Polar vortex redux? U.S. forecasters say it could hit next week
Anticipation of a freezing blast began to build this week when weather maps and forecast models showed similarities between next week's system and one that developed in January 2014.  

Britain faces 'unprecedented' terror threat, warns MI6 chief
But what I do know is this -- we cannot be safe from the threats that emanate from that land unless the civil war is brought to an end,”.....  

UN official: Regulation Law violates international law
The UN human rights chief on Thursday slammed the “Regulation Law”, which passed its first reading in the Knesset on Wednesday, saying it would clearly violate international law.  

08 Dec 16

Former U.S. Astronaut, Senator John Glenn Dead at 95
John Glenn, whose 1962 flight as the first U.S. astronaut to orbit the Earth made him an all-American hero and propelled him to a long career in the U.S. Senate, died Thursday. The last survivor of the original Mercury 7 astronauts was 95.  

EU chiefs grant 50 MILLION Ukrainians and Georgians visa-free travel to bloc
Some EU leaders had felt Brussels was reneging on pledges to ex-Soviet states it has promised to help as they try to move out from Moscow's shadow. And European Council President Donald Tusk yesterday warned the European Union was risking its credibility by failing to reward Georgia and Ukraine for painful reforms.  

Obama’s Zero Hour Israel Burn at UN Foretold in Stunning Jerusalem Prophecy
An international anti-Jerusalem scenario which sees Obama using his final days in office to damage Israel via the UN, perhaps by allowing a resolution creating a Palestinian state to pass the Security Council without a US veto, is familiar to those who have read the prophet Zechariah.  

Foreign children shouldn't receive free state education, says Marine Le Pen
Children of illegal immigrants will be barred from going to state schools and jobless foreign residents forced to pay a "contribution" for theirs to attend if Marine Le Pen is elected French president, the far-Right Front National leader said on Thursday.  

Apocryphal Book of Enoch Reveals Fallen Angels and Giants Caused Pre-Flood Corruption
The enigmatic Nephilim reappear many times throughout the Bible in many guises: giants, fallen angels, the Bnei Elohim (children of God). They first appear in Genesis, preceding the story of the flood. The text intimates an unnatural relationship between the Nephilim and human women.  

Arrangement Act Protecting Judea and Samaria Communities Approved in Preliminary Vote
Bennett promised that next the government will impose Israeli sovereignty on the town of Ma’ale Adumim, creating an urban corridor that eliminates any chance for a future contiguous Palestinian State.  

Lavrov Tells Kerry Obama Administration Continues Undermining Russia-US Ties
Lavrov told Kerry at a meeting on the sidelines of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Hamburg that he regretted the Barack Obama administration's policy toward Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday.  

Federal Judge Shuts Down Michigan Recount With Trump Still Up
A federal judge Wednesday night shut down Michigan’s presidential recount, ruling that Green Party candidate Jill Stein has no constitutional right to demand a recount.  

Senate joins House to pass sweeping new health bill
The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to support sweeping legislation that will reshape the way the Food and Drug Administration approves new medicines. It will also provide funding for cancer and Alzheimer's research, help fight the opioid epidemic, expand access to mental health treatment and advance research into precision medicine.  

Gays cannot enter Catholic priesthood, insists Vatican
A decree on training for Roman Catholic priests published on Wednesday stresses the obligation of sexual abstinence, as well as barring gays and those who support “gay culture” from holy orders.  

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