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28 Aug 16

'IDF preparing for scenario in which hundreds of terrorists from Sinai attack'
This week Col. Yehuda HaCohen will be wrapping up his service as commander of the Sagi Brigade. ...The Division, named after Mount Sagi, was established in 2007 after Israel saw an increase in infiltration and smuggling from the Sinai. For the past two years the division has seen a new threat coming from the Sinai...  

Europe migrant crisis: Germany expects 'up to 300,000' this year
Germany expects up to 300,000 migrants to arrive in the country this year, the head of its Federal Office for Migration and Refugees said. Frank-Juergen Weise told the Bild am Sonntag paper that his office would struggle if more people came. But he said he was confident the number of new arrivals would remain within the estimate.  

Philippines: IS-linked Maute group inmates freed in 'raid'
Eight Islamic militants linked to so-called Islamic State (IS) have been freed from jail in the Philippines in an apparently "staged raid". Police said at least 20 fighters from the Maute group had turned up at the Lanao del Sur jail in the southern city of Marawi, but no shots had been fired. A military source told the BBC they believed the men had been allowed to escape.  

Turkish air strikes kill at least 35 civilians in Syria
Turkey's army and its allies thrust deeper into Syria on Sunday, seizing territory controlled by Kurdish-aligned forces on the fifth day of a cross-border campaign that a monitoring group said had killed at least 35 villagers. Turkish warplanes roared into northern Syria at daybreak and its artillery pounded...sites held by Kurdish YPG militia...  

Top Iranian admiral: US lacks the power to confront Iran militarily
The United States does not have the capability to engage Iran in a war on land, air or sea, a top Iranian Navy commander charged Saturday night boasting of his nation's military prowess. "The US doesn’t enjoy the power to confront Iran militarily," Iranian media quoted Revolutionary Guards Navy Admiral Ali Fadavi as stating.  

Addict risks all in deadly Philippine drug war
Pedicab driver Reyjin dives into a neighbour's house for a quick meth fix, fearful of taking a bullet to the head in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's brutal war on drugs but unable to quit. More than 2,000 people have died violent deaths since Duterte took office two months ago and immediately implemented his scorched-earth plans to eradicate drugs in society, ordering police to shoot dead traffickers and urging ordinary citizens to kill addicts.  

Urgent measures needed to counter growing N. Korean SLBM threat
North Korea’s latest firing of a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) indicates that Pyongyang’s military threat is growing further. The international community must work together to speed up efforts to halt the country’s provocations.  

Venezuela sends opposition leader back to jail, expels Ecuadoran lawmakers
Venezuela sent an opposition leader who was under house arrest back to jail Saturday and expelled a delegation of Ecuadoran lawmakers, amid rising political tension over a campaign to recall leftist President Nicolas Maduro.  

Report: Twitter Suspends DCLeaks Account After Huge George Soros Leak
Twitter has suspended the account of DCLeaks after the site released documents on the liberal billionaire George Soros, including those showing that he worked to block immigration reform and documenting illegals.  

Report: Google Censors ‘Hillary Clinton Health Problems’ Search Results
Google users attempting to search for information regarding presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s health are fed search suggestions that have nothing to do with the issue, many on Twitter pointed out Saturday.  

27 Aug 16

Obama's judges leave liberal imprint on U.S. law
When President Barack Obama entered the White House in 2009, the federal appeals court based in Virginia was known as one of the most conservative benches in the country. Two Obama terms later, Democratic appointees hold a 10-5 majority on the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a panel of which issued a groundbreaking ruling this April backing transgender rights.  

Vatican says it has high hopes of better ties with China
The Vatican is hopeful it can improve ties with China after decades of tension...adding that warmer relations would benefit the whole world. Beijing severed links with the Vatican in 1951 shortly after the Communist Party took power and launched a crackdown on organized religion, with China's new rulers setting up their own church and appointing bishops without the pope's backing.  

Syrian war: US and Russia 'achieve clarity on path forward'
US Secretary of State John Kerry says he and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov "have achieved clarity on the path forward" in Syria, but have "narrow issues" to resolve. The two held talks in Geneva to try to find a way of reviving a cessation of hostilities that faltered months ago. Mr Kerry said they were close, but would not rush into an agreement.  

Czechs and Hungarians call for EU army amid security worries
The leaders of the Czech Republic and Hungary say a "joint European army" is needed to bolster security in the EU. They were speaking ahead of talks in Warsaw with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. They dislike her welcome for Muslim migrants from outside the EU. Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban said "we must give priority to security, so let's start setting up a joint European army".  

Don’t Bee-lieve the Latest Bee-pocalypse Scare
The study is deeply flawed, at every stage – making its analysis and conclusions meaningless. For example, bee data were collected by amateur volunteers, few of whom were likely able to distinguish among some 250 species of UK wild bees. This patchy, inconsistent approach means the database that formed the very foundation for the entire study was neither systematic nor reliable, nor scientific.  

‘Do You Prefer Ma’am or Sir?’: New DOJ Video Shows Cops How to Treat Transgender People
The Justice Department’s Community Relations Service released a new video this week explaining to the law enforcement community the proper way to handle encounters with transgender people. Amid an uptick in reports of discrimination by police toward the transgender community, the CRS has released a 12-minute training video discouraging officers from stereotyping people and telling them to “keep their questions relevant” to the situation at hand.  

VIDEO=> KKK Grand Dragon Endorses Hillary Clinton
For some reason this didn’t make it into her racism speech yesterday in Reno. Ku Klux Klan leader Will Quigg endorses Hillary Clinton for president.  

Iran has a mysterious new mega-tank
In March, Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan — Iran's defense minister — claimed that a new, unseen Iranian tank called the Karrar "is one of the most advanced tanks in the world."  

Rise in synthetic pot emergencies
After a spike in emergency calls for the synthetic drugs K2, Austin police are working to figure out where the supply is coming from and how they can get the dealers out of Austin.  

US: Clinton Calendars Won't Be Released Until After Election
Seven months after a federal judge ordered the State Department to begin releasing monthly batches of the detailed daily schedules showing meetings by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state, the government told The Associated Press it won't finish the job before Election Day.  

Levin: No One Has Done More Damage to This Nation Than Barack Obama
On his show Wednesday, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin slammed Obama and his administration for the Iranian nuclear deal saying, no one has done more damage to this nation than Barack Obama.  

26 Aug 16

Judge orders search of new Clinton emails for release by September 13
A U.S. judge ordered the State Department on Thursday to release by Sept. 13 any emails it finds between Hillary Clinton and the White House from the week of the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, among the thousands of additional emails uncovered by federal investigators.  

‘Not Germany’s waiting room’: Austrian defense chief lashes out at Merkel’s refugee policy
The German chancellor’s “we can do it” approach to refugee crisis is “irresponsible” as it lures more migrants to Europe instead of capping their number, Austria’s defense minister said, calling on European leaders to promptly convene a “summit on deportation.”  

On Aug. 28th, Earth will cross a fold in the heliospheric current sheet. This "solar sector boundary crossing" could disturb our planet's magnetic field and spark auroras at high latitudes. NOAA forecasters estimate a 25% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms.  

Hillary Clinton Withheld Or Deleted Benghazi Related Documents
Among the 14,900 federal documents Hillary Clinton is said to have failed to turn over to the State Department in 2014 are some related to the Benghazi attacks,  

Strong Aftershocks Rattle Devastated Italian Earthquake Zone
Strong aftershocks rattled residents and rescue crews alike Friday as hopes began to dim that firefighters would find any more survivors from Italy's earthquake. The first funerals were scheduled for some of the 267 dead.  

News publishers could charge search engines for story extracts
European news publishers will be given the right to levy fees on internet platforms such as Google if search engines show snippets of their stories, under radical copyright reforms being finalised by the European Commission. The proposals...are aimed at diluting the power of big online operators, whose market share in areas such as search leads to unbalanced commercial negotiations between the search engine and content creators...  

CIA training artificial intelligence to spy on Earth from SPACE using ‘computer vision’
A CIA-linked firm has joined forces with Amazon in a bid to use “computer vision” to snoop on the Earth in unprecedented detail. CosmiQ Works, a firm closely associated with the US intelligence agency, is working with the online retail giant and the satellite mapping firm DigitalGlobe to train algorithms to work out what’s happening on the surface of our planet.  

Turkey PKK conflict: Cizre bomb kills 11 policemen
A car bomb has hit police headquarters in Cizre, south-east Turkey, killing 11 policemen and injuring 78. The huge explosion at 07:00 (04:00 GMT) targeted a checkpoint, and left the nearby riot police HQ in ruins. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim blamed the banned Kurdistan Workers Party, PKK, and vowed to give the "vile attackers the answer they deserve".  

UN, EU help Palestinians build ICC suit against Israel
The United Nations and the European Union have actively helped the Palestinian Authority build its global advocacy campaign against the Jewish state; including it’s filing of "war crimes” complaints” about Israel before the International Criminal Court. Over the last year the UN and the EU were participants in the creation of a $2.1 million empowerment plan for Palestinian women.  

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