This page was created to allow you folks an opportunity to read the same thought provoking information I receive everyday. Because whether or not an e-mail is from someone that agrees with me or disagrees, I will post their comments. The only e-mails I won't add to this web page are ones that use profanity or are way too long. 


May 26
Hi, my name is Alicia and I would just like to take the time and say thank you for your encouraging articles. I was at home today cooking and something told me to google God's Rapture( not sure why). I ended up on your site and I'm viewing it in an entirely different light. When I've heard of it in the past, it was never personal or applicable to me. Boy was I wrong. I am a Christian and do believe and love the Lord but I've been feeling recently like I'm not utilizing my gifts as best as I should.( ok I am straying a bit here).

I have spent most of the day just reading various articles on the site and have become so motivated just to win as many souls for Christ as I can. I read what you said about people wanting to help but never stepping up after. Please let me know how I can make a difference by helping you. I do look forward to getting a list from you. I do believe God brought me to your site today and I will spread the word about it as much as I can. Continue to do a wonderful job spreading God's word. Most of us young people can't relate to things in the bible as they would apply to us and that's what really drew me in with the articles. Once again thank you for taking the time, you've somehow revived my spirit and I am so happy that God's love is being shared.

I do not know who or what this Website is. I got to it I don, know how, but if you really believe in the 'rapture' may God really open your eyes. I have been studying this subject & related ones for over 40 years. This is one of Satan's biggest lies. Do not believe me or contact me, just study the KJV with the Strongs. Make sure it is not a basterdize version of either one. That is it you really want to know God truth.  

Just heard a news report say that the Social Security Admin's new list of "Baby Names" has the name Noah at the top = Does this mean we are entering the "Days of Noah?" I'd laugh if I didn't remember how much more work reaching the lost has to be done!
All praise be to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you for your obedience, witness and testimony John. You are correct in the fact the afflictions are only getting stronger, let us rejoice in the Lord as we keep our eyes on the prize; the crown of glory in the resurrection from the dead along with Christ Jesus!

God sent me to your site tonight at 1am to receive comfort, wisdom and knowledge. He is ever faithful and always on time!

I believe that very soon the antichrist will be revealed and the world will fall into the second half of the great tribulation period. Have you heard about the the government making the microchip mandatory in March for anyone who receives a government check, social security, welfare, etc?

I can't wait until Groom comes to get us, His bride! I can't wait to be free of the shell and home with our King Jesus! I thank God for the Holy Trinity! What a gift the Son (word) and the Holy Spirit! I am sold out to the Lord God Almighty!

Thanks again for your surrender to Christ! I look forward to meeting you sometime soon! Until we meet again! Keep up the good fight and finish the race strong!

Dear Mr. Strandberg and Mr. James,

I have enjoyed visiting your site the last few years and reading the various articles. I recently read one of your contributor’s pieces concerning a review of the movie Frozen. I’ve attached an article that I would appreciate you sharing with Christina who authored the Frozen piece. It’s written by another Christian who actually references one of the animators who worked on Frozen and what he had to say concerning the movie’s message.

The article states, “Longtime Disney animator Mark Henn, who worked on Frozen, agrees that the film has a Christian message, but not a blatant one. The film even contains a brief glimpse of what looks like a flowered cross and a coronation service. Referring to the film, Henn told the evangelical Christian Broadcasting Network: “Christian families can use [Frozen] to talk to their kids ultimately [about] honest, sacrificial love … [T]hey can just peel back the layers a little bit and … just have conversations about that.”

Like many Christian parents, I found nothing wrong with Frozen. I felt the story had good lessons, the greatest being that true love is sacrificial and drives out fear allowing us to make mistakes and be who God created us to be. In my opinion, Frozen is a fun and innocent fairytale with some tried and true lessons. I believe it’s popularity stems from the fact that it’s message is one that’s relatable and resonates with people. It is what it seems to be...innocent. It seems both unwise and irresponsible to try and project additional “agendas”that simply aren’t there....such as it having a “gay agenda”. As a Christian, I wholeheartedly realize that we all have to be very careful about what we engage in and allow into our homes. We have to be guided by God and ask for His wisdom to ascertain what He does and does not want us to engage in. I do, however, think there are times when people, if not careful, can make the mistake of becoming so blinded by intense legalism that they see only what they want to see, even if it’s sorely inaccurate.

Perhaps I’m wrong and Disney has a “ hidden agenda” with this film, but in all honesty, I don’t see it for more than what it appears to be...a sweet film with heart and a worthwhile message.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your reply.

Mar 3
I found your website by chance. I'm more of a deitiest (sp) or agnostic anymore. I used to attend church and was even a youth group leader. But people and religion have turned me away from church but not my belief that god exists. But maybe the bible was written to just explain things people couldn't explain at the time.

That being said, I find your website very logical and informative. Thank you for making it. I will be there reading things for a good while.

Hi Mr. Todd. I just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff. You are bold and you tell the truth and it is a relief. A wealth of information is on your website and I don’t know how you keep up with the times that we are in. It appears that everything is happening so fast with end times events. I will pray for you and your ministry.
Dear Todd,

It pains me that a person obviously as intelligent as you could believe this nonsense about Santa For Adults.

But your site ( is great--even for godless atheists like me--a lot of entertainment content there!

But, trying to save your soul, permit me to make a prediction: there will be no rapture/second coming/any other supernatural stuff during your lifetime. I hope you will remember my prediction in the future (I hope you live long and well!) and admit to yourself--"yes, that godless atheist was right after all. No rapture. Damn."

I dare you to print this email on your site, haha.

Good afternoon, Mr. Cameron,

I just read this short story of yours. First off, I want to thank you for posting a writing that is well edited. Too frequently I find writings lacking in the grammatical necessities. As someone who works with languages and does translation, that is something I always notice with despair, but this time with great pleasure. Next, I wish to thank you for a wonderful short story. It brings to mind how, sadly, too many pastors are NOT preaching about the Rapture nor do they touch Revelation with a ten foot pole. It brings to mind my prayer that, starting with my own pastor, all would be touched with the urgency of the lateness of the hour and get past the fear of Revelation and simply preach the Rapture and salvation. I have enjoyed this short story immensely, so thank you. I noticed it is the second in your collection. What is the title to the first one, so I can read that one as well, please?

Thank you once again. Lord willing, we shall all meet in the air with the Lord Jesus! God bless you!

Just wanted to add my thanks for the excellent articles at your site.I've strolled through them over the last couple of years and have thoroughly enjoyed just about every word written. You have encouraged and fed me, and since the church isn't doing much of that these days, believers must look elsewhere. So, thank you.
Dear Todd,

Just a note to say how much your site has helped me. It has educated me, comforted me, and blessed me immensely. Thank God for folks like you who care enough to get the good news out, and to warn people about God's approaching judgment. May the Lord continue to bless you in your efforts to point the lost toward God's Kingdom.


Hello, I want to thank you for your web site. Your daily update of news articles have been a tremendous blessing as we approach the coming of our Lord. It's marvelous info we can pass to our churches as we battle the apostasies and and see the fulfillment of Scripture right before our eyes. Thank you for letting God use you to help us see the Scripture coming true Blessings,
Kingdom Greetings in the name of almighty God, EX 14 VS 14 I want to begin by thanking God almighty for his infinite mercy and his grace opportunity to meet through this medium,i know you will be surprise to see this letter but i use this medium because it is the easiest and fay to reach you.Please pardon me if this by the grace of God that I visited the Internet and was privileged toast w find your contact. After prayerfully reading and studying your Web Page, I was spiritually charged, moved and thrilled. My spiritual electricity went stronger to find that you have what we need for spiritual growth. Right now I don't feel like my feet are touching the ground because of the desire that has been ignited in me by reading your web page. I humbly pray that the Holy Spirit visit your hearts and humbly spend time with us as our spiritual mentors. We hunger and thirst for your fellowship and teachings. If God provides the opportunity we beseech that brothers make a MACEDONIAN TRIP I hope to here from you my teacher Amen. God bless you in Jesus name Amen.
Many thanks for your site I just love all the information you have made available to those who are waiting “The Lord’s soon Return”



Finally i find an email for you. It's 2:55 a.m. in Japan right now, but I don't want to sleep without giving credit where credit is due. You've eased a load off my mind Todd, i'm happy to have found to have found your article. I was bible studying and needed a little clarity on where exactly we'll be when all hell (literally) breaks loose. I've read and re-read your Pre-tribulation rapture article carefully and cannot find any fault or sensationalism in your reasoning. Its sound, its simple and best of all its true! (joyful dance of Snoopy...)

The scriptures you used have given me such a sense of peace and assurance that i'm sure i'll be able to pass out as soon as i log off here, haha...

I just wanted to say thank you for a clear, lucid, "I'm not fighting with you, I'm just stating facts" article. You write with the easy air of a man who knows he doesn't have to make stuff up to prove anything- your use of God's word is astute and baseline- its clear you know how to apply it. God bless u, don't go silent on us as these evil days press on us. May you continue speaking His truth in faith and love.

Esther, (A Liberian in Japan)

Favour is where it doesn't rain. Grace is where God gives you an umbrella.

todd if christ was writeing this,,,how would he get your attention? why do you think christ is going to let anyone let alone the anti christ destroy 6 billion people? no matter how bad they are, all they have to do is ask for forgivness. at any time and they are saved, we have been living in the dellisuion for 6 thousand years, and now it is time that the veil to be lifted.the myth associated with the 666 numerical numbers was intentionally left wide open to reap the earth of all souls on earth to inherit the earth through all modern medicine and machines that produce life forms in that they may build the new jerurselem on earth itself with the help of other planets. think of it this way, how much education knowledge, and bar codes and eyes on your body and how many people would jump at the oportunity to build a human that would live forever? since 2000 exactlly the world ecomony has been in the bottom of the abyss. woldnt it be nice to have seven billion people totally employed day and nite if they want to build people who are working for god. they want to see people llive forever. think of it this way again, instead of the imaginary anti christ which does not exist,we have saved mostly probly seven billion people, we have saved them all. and even if the ones that are working on projects and they have their bar codes and numbers and all sorts of equipment that they wear would be remembered and frozen and brought back to life by other people. and further more the only man quialified to lead the world at the top of the world is the only man i have ever heard say yes we can, yes we can. obama. because once this kicks off you no longer have abama care worries, you no longer have ambesty worries, or lost of children , people and animals accounted for any where or anytime.

Dec 16
Just got off your site and decided to do some checking to find out a bit more about this Todd guys. Read "who is this joker" and was blessed by your testimony and reality that apart from The Lord we really don't bring much to the equation.

I just wanted to say thanks for your faithfulness to do what God has told you to do. I started religiously going to the site about 6 months ago and my life has been changed for the better. The only thing I am struggling with is the keeping my heart in a right place and not being angry or bitter over our rapid abandonment of godly heritage. What I am finding is that God is doing some transformation in my heart by tearing away some connections of this world such as finding identity in being American rather than it all being found in Christ. Hebrews 11 is becoming more and more real in my life and as realizing what it means to be a pilgrim and stranger in this land. Thanks for your part in helping me to be rapture ready.

I hope our paths cross one day in heaven. I believe you are a guy I would love to fellowship with and praise our Lord together. He's coming soon. Lord bless you and stay faithful to the end.

Your bro

America’s continuing decline is in keeping with true Bible prophecy and not wild off course speculations as with books such as American Babylon recently released. America is not going to ‘rise’ again and is not the Babylon The Bible refers to. More arrogance and another means of selling a book. We will not be a leader in the final days of history. I believe now more than ever that God put Obama in office to further the decline of this once greatest of nations. Watching old episodes of the Andy Griffith show is astounding in the sense that this was merely 50 years ago. The decline of this country in 50 short years is just amazing. I agree that America is about to receive her pink slip.
The bible state in thesalonians 4:16-17 jesus himself shall come, der is No scripture in the bible that talks about rapture, da bible only talks about the second advent of jesus... true christians will face the great tribulation to show their allegiance to God! Rapture is a false teaching that tell sinners there will be a second chance for them, which you and i know its false, rapture is the devils teaching to deceive the world and turn their focus away from the coming of jesus.... Jesus Christ himself never spoke about rapture, he spoke about his coming.... Matthew 24 God will hold responsible, preach what the scripture says NOT what the world thinks!!!
Dear Sir In recent months we have been much exercised by what is happening in the Middle East - we live in Cyprus (!) - and how it ties in with eschatology. And, in our research, we have come across your website, which was very helpful although it said nothing really new when contrasted with J D Farag, Amir Tsapfari, Joel Rosenberg, et al. However there is one little quibble that I have, I have been a Christian now for 38 years and had no contact with church prior to my conversion as an adult, therefore, I find the KJV very, very difficult to understand. With this in mind I am sure that there are many other adult converts who find this difficult too therefore does it not behove you when quoting scripture to quote it in 21st century English? I had to flip from your website, to another to be able to understand some of the scriptures you had quoted, which is, a little unreasonable, don't you think? Also I have read far more cogent arguments than yours but then I love languages and the way they are constructed so, maybe, this is a purely personal opinion. I am now watching Syria with bated breath - see Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 and yearning to go home. May the Lord draw you closer to Himself as you continue to seek His face and do whatever He gives your hands to do.
Thanks for your commentary today. I strongly agree with your assessment of the society and the rapid movement to the environment that will usher in the ANti-Christ and lead to the pre-trib rapture of the church. Your words each week have insight and wisdom. However, this week your thoughts aligned so directly with mine that I was very excited for the confirmation of my own thining.
Thanks so much
I read your page entitled "Scary Scary Stuff". You use the word "truth" -- but of course, it isn't the truth; it's just your opinion. Maybe it's the Koran which is true and not the Bible -- how can anyone know? The problem is that human beings don't know what the truth is -- except for the nut-cases who confuse their opinions with reality. The fact that the Bible consigns 95% of the world's people to hell is nothing more than a good reason not to be a Christian. Thank you for making the argument so well!
Dear Todd: there are other people putting banners on the sides of web sites that totally get me upset for them doing it. Why don't you try to do the same even though it may make some people upset which is absolutely bound to happen but i think it would be worth your effort. At least it the topic of getting saved born again is a good thing and maybe something like that could work out to your benefit if of course you haven't already done it. Thank you in Christ.
Hello Todd,

I just read your piece on Arnold Murray and his "teachings". Like you, I believe he is out of his mind, racist, anti-Jew and he and his son do nothing but opine on the bible and mash in incorrect relationships to Hebrew and Greek words they define incorrectly ultimately resulting in the phrase "if you will..." whenever they realize they cannot proceed any further with whatever hodgepodge just came out. I have seen them say diametrically opposed statements... sometimes within minutes of each other.

My favorite would have to be a few days ago when he proclaimed HIS god's omnipotence and omniscience (which are incompatible because the latter would allow his version of a god to know the future while the former would allow for the changing of what that future will actually become, but I digress) and that certainly (they use words like "certainly" and "obviously" as bashing tools) nobody could hide from his god anywhere in the universe. Unfortunately, the bible that he claims to believe as factual has Adam hiding from the all-knowing before page 5 of the bible in Genesis 3-8 through 3-10.

I kept the recording of his proclamation that nobody could hide from the all-mighty anywhere in the universe on my DVR for when I am in a sour mood and need a laugh.

Putting aside all of the Murrays' flaws in character and ideology, you must realize that there are MANY christian sects that would say the same thing about you, not negatively, but specifically that your interpretation of the bible is not correct while theirs is the "truth". I posit that every religious sect believes their version of ideology to be factual and because of that paradox, it is almost certain that NONE have it right (and that, of course, is assuming there is actually anything to disagree about in the first place).

So I was wondering how you would respond to the groups that claim your ideology is wrong while theirs is right, but more importantly, how would you explain the directly proportional relationship that as factual learned knowledge (like the Earth being a sphere) increases, the less that a god actually appears physically or causes an event that cannot be ascribed to anything other than the supernatural? A specific example would be that hundreds of thousands of jews saw a body of water split down the middle leaving a path for them and then collapsed on the Egyptians. All throughout the bible, its god has no shyness at all about making appearances in the old testament, but as it proceeds and later on in the new testament, the accounts of supernatural events have all but ceased with the final "appearance" being the inspiration for the revelation. No burning bush or pillars of salt... just a vision (or delusion) in the mind of St. John.

Isn't the universe magnificent and incomprehensible enough to not require a deity to be the reason for natural disasters (e.g. Katrina was the direct result of indulgence in homosexuality according to Pat Robertson) and can't we live the short life we have appreciating the joys (and even the torments) we experience for the unique path we each create (and sometimes is decided for us with or without our liking it) for ourselves just for their own sake? The corollary would then be the question "How could we expect any satisfaction in an eternal existence, where everything we could ever want is provided with no risk, when our very nature is based on working or playing or fighting hard for the things we desire and overcoming the challenges in our lives to achieve our most basic fulfillment?" Your input on this would be appreciated as well. Personally, I believe that if I had the choice for myself, I would choose hell over heaven just for the variety, but more importantly to see every hypocrite that has ever existed who proclaimed their belief but whose "worship" consisted of an hour on Sundays (more of a hobby than worship as they are defined... at least as far as I can tell) with looks of unbelief on their faces as they realize that fear and worship are not synonymous. :)