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As Christians, we are called to pray for God’s guidance and wisdom. At Rapture Ready we feel it is more imperative than ever for believers to stand together in prayerful unity as the world continues on a downward spiral toward the Tribulation hour. Calamity causes people to waste huge amounts of time fixated on watching the destruction instead of praying for protection and God’s miraculous interventions.

The Bible is filled with verses encouraging us to stay focused on praying for God’s will for our lives; for the safety and wellbeing of our families, ministries and leaders; for the spiritual awakening of the unsaved so they to come to true salvation in Christ; and of course for one another and anything that the Lord places upon our hearts.

Up to the final moments of our days on earth, until the day of the Rapture of the Church, we are dedicated to be prayer warriors for the cause of Christ. We have added this new page to invite and motivate our fellow believers to pray for the most pressing needs of the day.

“I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” (1 Timothy 2)

Apr 23, 2018

Shocking Sex Ed in Schools; E.Coli & Salmonella Outbreak; Revelation 13 in View, and more

In Schools: In Maryland, seven students at William Paca Elementary school cut their wrists and forearms using dismantled blades from handheld pencil sharpeners as part of a dare game.

The newest High School US History book is blatantly biased towards Pres. Trump and suggests his supporters are angry xenophobes. It “glosses over” issues concerning Hillary Clinton. Read here.

California Fresno State University professor, Randa Jarrar, who is currently on leave for a semester to travel overseas, tweeted despicable comments in celebrating former First Lady Barbara Bush’s death.

California is cracking down on homeschools. Expect to see more of this if the Lord tarries.

A school district in Orange County, California, is giving parents no choice to opt their children out of Sex education instruction in school, despite a law giving parents the right to do so. It’s up to parents to research and find out what’s being taught in schools regarding sex education and whether it’s without parental permission. Click on the blue links that will take you to the following “must watch” two videos.

Watch this 10-minute version of the documentary “The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda.”

This next one is 7 minutes long. It discusses the book “It’s Perfectly Normal” (with pictures) that the Common Core Curriculum uses for Sex Ed for children beginning at age ten. In 2014 this Sex Ed was in 12 school districts in the US. Surely, it’s in more now. The book is praised by Planned Parenthood who wants to “sexualize children at an early age” so they can meet their “abortion quota,” as someone who was formerly involved in the organization warned us about a couple of years ago.

Wikipedia says that forty-two of the fifty U.S. states and D.C. are members of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Keep in mind, this article is only accurate through November 2016. Pres. Trump wants to abolish it, but each state has the right to decide what curriculum it uses. This article from 2013 showing the Common Core Sex Ed curriculum may also be of interest.

Pestilence: The CDC is warning people not to eat romaine lettuce until the E.Coli outbreak that has stopped. The source has been traced to the Yuma, Arizona, growing region. Yuma County is responsible for 90% of all leafy vegetables grown in the US from November to March. Also, the recall of possible salmonella-infected eggs is now at 207 million.

House mice, which can enter any home in New York City, have been found to carry previously unseen viruses and superbugs resistant to antibiotics. A new study by the W.H.O. says Miami and Houston are at risk of a deadly yellow fever outbreak from the same mosquito that causes the Zika virus. Zika began in Brazil and spread to southern Florida and southern Texas.

In Australia, two people have been diagnosed with super gonorrhea for the first time as it jumps from Southeast Asia, and it’s resistant to antibiotics. Doctors in Australia have called for urgent research into why the flesh-eating Buruli ulcer has become a “worsening epidemic.” Previously most often found in Africa, cases have surged 400% in the last 4 years with more severe infections and in new areas.

Violence against law enforcement: In Florida, Sgt. Noel Ramirez, 30, and Deputy Taylor Lindsey, 25, were eating inside a restaurant when a man walked to the outside window and shot them to death.

In the bloodiest election season ever in Mexico, there’ve been at least 211 acts of aggression towards those running for office in the past several months, resulting in 82 assassinations.

Depravity: Free Pride Glasgow in Scotland banned drag queens from its annual gay pride parade so as not to offend transgenders.

This week, California could possibly pass a bill to prevent anyone from being exposed to material that could advocate changing sexual behavior or gender expression. How far will this go? What about churches and the Bible? Read about it here.The left are the fascists.

Persecution of Christians: An article by the editors of GQ men’s magazine blasts the Bible, telling people they don’t need to read it. They said, “It is repetitive, self-contradictory, sententious, foolish, and even at times ill-intentioned.”

A New Yorker article titled “Chic-fil-A’s Creepy Infiltration of New York City,” ranted about “pervasive Christian traditionalism.”

American Christian pastor Andrew Brunson has been in a Turkish jail since Erdogan’s 2016 imprisonment of thousands of people. His trial on bogus charges has begun. Brunson, who ran a Protestant church in Turkey, faces up to 35 years in jail if convicted.

At Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Southern Baptist Army Chaplain Scott Squires faces punishment after declining to participate in a marriage retreat with a lesbian couple. Southern Baptist policy forbids this, so he provided another chaplain who could oversee the retreat. Apparently that wasn’t good enough.

In the Twin Cities, Quality Care Transportation removed Pastor George Nathaniel from his route after the school received complaints that he was forcing children to pray. Nathaniel denies forcing them.

In Pakistan, Muslim men on motorcycles have been shooting people in a Christian neighborhood. Also in Pakistan, a Muslim man, Rizwan Gujjar, set a young Christian woman, Asma, on fire when she refused to renounce her faith and marry him. She suffered burns over 80% of her face and body and is in critical condition.

Apostasy and push for one-world religion: Instead of encouraging a child whose atheist father died that it’s possible he turned to Christ in his last moments, Pope Francis told him his dad went to heaven because he was a “good man” for allowing his children to be baptized in the Catholic church. Francis told the boy to talk to and pray to his dad. The pope elicited the large audience, who agreed.

Parents, pastors, politicians and educators will join a Muslim imam at a mosque in Michigan, to pray and discuss how to make their schools and community safer.

Anti-Semitism: In Germany, popular Jew-hating rappers received a prestigious award. And the New York Times marked the celebration of Israel’s 70th birthday with an article describing Israel’s creation as a “catastrophe.” The article was written by “Palestinian” Ayman Odeh, who leads Israel’s Communist Party and who also gave a historically false account of the events of 1948.

Extreme weather/natural disasters: In Japan, a volcano erupted for the first time in 250 years. In Australia this week, hundreds of firefighters tackled a large bushfire that affected homes in Sydney. They’ve been fighting bushfires this month with “sustained temperatures” in the mid-30s C (mid-90s F) “never before seen in April” there. Detroit News reported that Michigan is on track to have had the coldest April in 143 years. East Oahu in Hawaii suffered its worst flooding in 30 years this week. Kauai was also hit hard.

In Kauai, the only way off the flooded island was by air or sea. Three men offered people boat rides to safety, then took them 200 yards offshore and told them to fork over $200 each or get out. So far, police have arrested Stephen Koehne who bills himself as a “pirate” on the Internet and pushes gofundme posts with other names and photos. (Are they for him?)

Drugs: Canada is set to be the first country in the G7 to fully legalize marijuana by this summer. Its Liberal party, led federally by Justin Trudeau, is calling for decriminalizing possession and consumption of all illicit drugs.

Drug overdoses (mostly from opioids, including prescriptions) killed more people in the US in 2016 than in the Vietnam War, and the rate keeps increasing. Part of the reason for this is the fault of pharmaceutical companies who assured doctors and patients in the late 1990’s that opioids were not addictive. Skyrocketing opioid deaths have led to a rise in organ transplants; however, those needing these transplants risk getting hepatitis and other diseases.

Nation (ethnic) against Nation (ethnic): At California’s private Scripps College, a student group identifying as “the badass Latinx at Scripps” hosted a pool party at which only people of color were permitted. Watch this snippet from Soviet defector Yuri Besmenov, who explained the tactic of divide and conquer, used to destabilize and demoralize a nation.

Traitors and the Global government agenda: As I’ve stated before, Yuri Besmenov’s complete 1984 interview is available on YouTube regarding the Soviet agenda to destabilize this nation using the Marxist-Socialist-Communist agenda, or you can view sections of his interview on various topics. It is a must watch and is eye-opening to say the least. Everything he warned us about (before his mysterious death) has been happening.

In Florida, an official representing Jacksonville issued a warning for Jaguar Sports to take down its military flags. When a customer said he liked the flags and that he was shot while serving this country, she got close to him, pointed at him and said, “You did nothing for this country.” Part of the video can now only be found on Snopes, ironically.

Bayer just purchased Monsanto. Even CNN reported a while back that this merger would be a nightmare. This is the third such merger this year as mega-corporations take measures to totally control our food and water supply.

French President Emmanuel Macron claims nationalism is a danger to the world and calls on Europeans and the EU to be a bulwark for liberalism.

Part of the global government agenda is depopulation. In Amsterdam, a pod that enables its occupant to commit suicide with the press of a button went on display at a funeral show. It comes with a detachable coffin, mounted on a stand that contains a nitrogen canister.

Kimba Wood, the judge presiding over the court case involving Pres. Trump’s lawyer, forced lawyer Michael Cohen to disclose names of his other clients. She’s a close Clinton confidante whom Hillary wanted for Attorney General. Wood also officiated at George Soros’ wedding. Speaking of Soros, he’s been systematically targeting district attorney races throughout the US. Some candidates he backed have already won. Now he’s focusing on Oregon.

One of the US’ best-known advocates for the 2nd Amendment, Michael Hammond, warns of a new push for “star chamber” courtroom proceedings in which a prosecutor and judge could decide to withdraw constitutional rights from individuals simply because someone claims they are a danger.

New York Democrat Gov. Cuomo has opened the door to tens of thousands of ex-cons on parole to vote despite state law that forbids it. Members of the Democrat party introduced legislation to allow 16-year-olds to vote in Washington, DC as well as San Francisco, California. They need more indoctrinated students to help gain total power back.

The Deep State keeps digging pits and falling in themselves. In a lawsuit, Hillary Clinton’s camp and the DNC are accused of laundering $84 million to evade campaign donation limits. The Federal Election Commission ignored complaints exposing this corruption. And Comey’s memo is showing no collusion between Trump and Russia regarding the election, but Comey is now under scrutiny for passing out classified information to an unauthorized source.

However, the Deep State refuses to give up their agenda. Now this same Democratic Party who sold our uranium to the Russians has filed a lawsuit alleging a conspiracy by Russian officials, the Trump campaign and Wikileaks to damage the Clinton campaign.

Eleven GOP members of Congress wrote a letter to Sessions, Huber, and Wray, asking them to investigate Hillary, Comey and others for a laundry list of potential crimes surrounding the 2016 U.S. presidential election. See here. Some believe if the deep state gets indicted, there will be civil war with left against right. That would be interesting since they’re all spread throughout the nation.

We must not leave out Obama. Released documents revealed that the Islamic terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi was planned at least 10 days in advance, and the Obama administration knew it.

Man trying to be gods: Humans will be genetically modified with DNA splicing for the first time in Europe. Mini humans brains implanted in mice were able to grow to a certain point.

Orwellian society: The state of Michigan is being sued by parents of newborns whose blood was sampled by the state without a warrant. Under the state’s policy, the child’s DNA becomes government property, and it’s up to officials how it’s used and to whom it’s given.

Yahoo already scans users’ emails for ad opportunities. Now users must agree to give Yahoo the right to read emails, instant messages, posts, photos, message attachments, and agree to share that data with parent company Verizon. Facebook is seeking permission for facial recognition in Europe and Canada. Facebook Inc. said it would continue requiring people to accept targeted ads despite a new EU privacy law. “Facebook is an advertising-supported service,” a spokesman said.

Bill Gates is backing a billion-dollar plan to put satellites in space that will cover every inch of the earth – yet another tracking tool for the Antichrist during the seven-year tribulation.

Revelation 13 in view: More restaurants are going cashless, only accepting credit and debit cards and contactless payment systems.

The US government accidentally leaked a file labeled “EM effects on human” The file included methods of remote mind control, forced memory blanking, and psycho-electric weapons.

The UK’s House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee’s report says that AI “should be developed for the common good and benefit of humanity” but should “never” be given the “autonomous power to hurt, destroy or deceive” people. The report recommended that people be educated to work alongside AI in jobs of the future, that such education would “mitigate the negative effects” on jobs which are possible as AI develops, and that “retraining will become a lifelong necessity.”

Terrorism and Islamization: Indonesian ISIS supporters circulated a poster online, threatening to attack various entities in the US, etc. for the cause of their god Allah. Islamists dressed as UN peacekeepers fired off rockets and blew up vehicles in Mali. The jihadists killed one and injured several French troops in Timbuktu.

94% of immigrants in US federal prisons (over 35,000 individuals) have been found to be criminal illegal aliens.

Jonaya English is critical of Islam but never calls for violence; however, British law enforcement (claiming she incites hatred) refuses to investigate death threats against her. Bloggers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were banned from Britain for speaking against Islam.

In the Netherlands, a recent study found that almost 90% of “refugees” are still not working after 2 ½ years since they make more money on welfare.

Sweden has gone from being a low-crime country to having homicide rates significantly above the Western European average. There’s a rising number of ISIS recruits, bombings, hand-grenade attacks, social unrest, car torchings, attacks on first responders, riots, and gang-related murders mainly among the immigrant population.

In France, hundreds of police were deployed after residents in three towns rioted and torched cars following a police stop of a woman wearing an illegal full-face Islamic veil.

In Canada, the Hon. Candice Bergen MP set off a debate on the loophole that continues to allow Justin Trudeau to hide the illegal gifts he received from Muslim Imam Aga Khan.

In Washington, Muslim migrant Abdul Sweidan stabbed his wife 23 times in an “honor killing” in front of their two-year-old because she was going to divorce him. Muslims commit 91% of honor killings worldwide. In Middle Eastern countries, such men are known to get light sentences, if they’re sentenced at all. The “Palestinian” Authority pardons or gives suspended sentences for honor killings.

Wars and rumors of wars: Syrian government forces have begun bombing ISIS-held areas in a Damascus suburb despite an agreement to let militants leave peacefully. Though no one wants ISIS around, the resumed bombing of neighborhoods was frowned upon. Returning citizens said the area had no services, and the Syrian regime had also looted houses and shops and burned buildings.

Israeli security officials revealed that Iran is preparing for a direct assault on Israel with its increasing military on Israel’s northern border. Meanwhile, Russian warships laden with military vehicles headed for Syria to support the regime, which increased its efforts to retake the opposition’s last enclaves.

Gazans raged again Friday at Israel’s border. Now the UN is raging at Israel for allegedly shooting a 15-year-old. Ahead of the protests, IDF dropped leaflets on Gaza, warning residents what they must not attempt to do to avoid a response from the Israeli military. And how do we know it wasn’t a stray bullet? Was it Israel’s? Can one always differentiate a 15-year-old from an adult? Was he really 15? What he was doing? Israel will always be blamed. It’s the times in which we live, as prophesied in the Bible.

Israel and the US have almost completed preparations necessary to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, scheduled for May 14, Israel’s 70th anniversary of her prophesied rebirth. The heathen plan to rage.

Belgium companies are being sued in criminal court relating to the sale of illegal chemicals (that can be used to make sarin nerve gas) to the Syrian regime. Germany provided the components found on Iranian rockets used by the Syrian regime in its Douma chemical attack. Germany also refuses to apply sanctions against Iran for its development of ballistic weapons. The mainstream media showed a Syrian child stating there was no chemical attack, but evidence is showing otherwise.

Last Sunday, thousands of Marines and US troops kicked off a two-week military training exercise hosted by Jordan that includes civilian evacuation operations, and chemical and biological drills. This fall, NATO will lead the most significant military exercise across Norway since the Cold War. Military personnel from 30 countries will participate. Germany increased its troops near the Russian border for NATO drills.

UK and US officials blame the Russians for the global cyber-attack which infected computer systems around the world.

The Canadian government recalled families of its diplomatic staff from Socialist Cuba (Havana). The Canadians and their children continue to show symptoms of poisoning. The US previously withdrew diplomats for the same reason.

Keep looking up, brethren. It surely can’t be much longer till Jesus calls his Church home.

Apr 16, 2018

Who Do We Trust for the Truth about What’s Going On? Plus University Sex Week, a Witches Coven and more…

I’m saving the section on wars and rumors of wars for last since it’s long…and a mess!

Tragedies: Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Fitzsimons, a physically fit, healthy 42-year old who went on social media to question the gun control agenda, “died unexpectedly” earlier this month, but his death wasn’t reported by mainstream media.

A Florida Keys activist known for fighting against the release of genetically modified mosquitoes was found dead. Mila de Mier, 45, was found face down in a swimming pool at a hotel at the Washington D.C. Convention Center hotel on Tuesday.

Violence rocked Cancun, Mexico’s most popular tourist town and a favorite of those on spring break, leaving 14 dead and five others injured in a 36-hour span. The deaths and injuries were the result of six separate incidents during that timeframe. The US government warned people earlier this year about traveling to certain tourist destinations in Mexico.

Environmental disaster: Toxic waste from one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters will be dumped into the ocean, according to the head of the Japanese company tasked with cleaning up the radioactive mess, despite protests from local fishermen.

Extreme weather: At week’s end, deadly storms that spawned tornadoes in the U.S. South and blizzards in the Plains and Midwest moved into the Northeast and New England on Sunday.

Persecution of Christians: A Daily Wire article points out the liberal-left attack on Christianity during Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearing. Democrat Senator Cory Booker demanded that Pompeo, a Christian who is Secretary of State-designate, answer whether or not he believed gay sex is a perversion, as if his yes answer to that would make Pompeo unsuitable for office. Perfect example of the modern Democrat Party and liberalism as a whole.

Traitors and the global governance agenda: The Dept. of Justice OIG McCabe report finds Obama’s FBI and DOJ to be corrupt, dishonest, coordinated and conspiring. See the complete list of points here.

In other Deep State power grabs to complete their Marxist, global-government agenda, special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating President Trump for a donation from Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk of 150 thousand dollars to the Trump Foundation for charity work in 2015 (after a speech in which then-candidate Trump declared his support of the Ukranian people). Yet Pinchuk has contributed $13 to 25 MILLION to the Clinton Foundation since 2006, and is close friends of the Clintons.

Teen Vogue magazine published what they are claiming is an “explainer on capitalism,” authored by a communist (Antifa) extremist. More indoctrination.

Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping met with UN Secretary-General Guterres and urged him to further promote “global governance” to solve the world’s problems.

A new report from the immigration watchdog says hundreds of supposed unaccompanied “child refugees” who came to Britain were found to be adults. Two-thirds were found to be over age 18.

Lying (taqiyya) for the cause of Islam is part of its global governance agenda. Two days before Israel observed Holocaust Remembrance Day, a “Palestinian” Authority TV channel broadcasted the claims of a Palestinian political analyst who denied the Holocaust occurred, instead saying the Jews “colluded with Hitler.” Yet collusion was done by Muslim Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who was involved in the mobilization of support for Germany among Muslims. In Nov. 1941, he met with Hitler. SS Chief Heinrich Himmler even sent a letter bidding the Mufti warm wishes for “the continuation of your battle until the big victory.”

Also, just days before Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day, “Palestinian” Authority TV distorted a 1948 photo of hundreds of dead bodies at a Nazi concentration camp and claimed it showed Arabs killed by Jews. The actual photo, which was taken right after liberation of the concentration camp by the American army, was distorted by PA TV so that the images of the corpses in striped concentration camp uniforms, American soldiers, and concentration camp buildings wouldn’t show up.

For the second time in six years, the Islam party will participate in Belgium’s municipal elections. “Our goal is a 100% Islamic State…,” the party’s founder said. “By establishing Sharia law we want to follow the way of the prophet and the Quran.” The Islam party already has two members who were elected in 2012. This year it will participate in 28 municipalities.

Occult: The Clinton’s and their camp appear to be involved in occult activities, as has been reported from time to time – for example: here and here and here. In the latest news, Hillary attended a meeting of the Wing Coven where she was made an honorary lifetime member. In the Shopping section of the coven’s site, one can purchase their occult merchandise. Afterward, Hillary tweeted her appreciation, saying she was inspired by their passion and commitment.

Apostasy: In Britain, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS trust hired an atheist to be head chaplain. There are two other atheists among NHS chaplains, but Lindsay van Dijk is the first to lead a chaplaincy team.

It’s amazing how many “Christian’s” deny Israel’s right to their covenanted land from God. The same goes for mainstream churches. And the claim that Islam is one of the three Abrahamic faiths is false. The invented ideology of Islam, begun several hundred years after the Bible was completed, twists biblical figures to fit its agenda and calls for killing Jews and Christians. Read the April 10th article titled “Islam’s Abrahamic Dilemma” at this link.

Depravity: A student group at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville hosted “Sex Week” – six days of XXX-rated debauchery. The workshops had names much too offensive to report here.

Parents are pulling their children out of public schools for a day (April 23rd) to protest sex education that has become graphic, hedonistic and ideological (liberal-left indoctrination) under the influence of pro-choice (Planned Parenthood) and gay rights groups. The Sex Ed Sit Out is planned in various US states and in three countries, and is expected to spread as more parents become aware. One of the protest’s organizers, said, “…sometimes when parents catch on and start inquiring, bureaucrats are using deceptive means of not informing them what is being taught.”

The Women’s March organization claims to stand for the dignity, honor, and proper treatment of women, but that doesn’t appear to be its real agenda. The organization tweeted its disapproval of the feds shutting down On April 6, the feds seized the website and charged its founder with 93 counts related to human trafficking. Backpage was a message board where pimps and sex workers could post ads to sell themselves, their prostitutes, and – in some cases – children. The posts related to the “services” of children often used terms like “Amber Alert” as a selling point.

In London, there is an enormous billboard stating “sex with refugees is jasmine-scented and beautiful.” Considering the never-ending Muslim “grooming-gang” scandals (rape and forced prostitution of young white girls) that have been making the headlines for several years in London, why is this allowed?

Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan declared a new knife control policy as stabbings soar to unprecedented levels. He said there’s no reason for anyone to carry a knife and that anyone found carrying one will be prosecuted. No guns, and now they can’t carry knives, which leaves law-abiding citizens defenseless. Isn’t that the plan all along?

The American Medical Association, the country’s largest association of physicians, sent a letter to Defense Secretary Mattis, opposing the banning of “transgenders” to serve in the military.

Ten lawmakers in Louisiana voted against banning sex with animals (bestiality).

At Reproductive Health Services in Montgomery, Alabama, abortion doctors were happy to abort two babies for a girl when she was 13 and again at 14; however, did they report the potential rape or sex trafficking of the girl? No.

Wars and rumors of wars: On Friday, the US, France and Britain struck chemical facilities in Syria. They say they’ll now wait to see if Syria stops the chemical attacks. However, according to Amir Tsarfati’s update on Saturday, the strikes only hit empty buildings. How is that?

Britain, France and the Pentagon swooped in and told Trump that the only way they would go along with the air strikes was if Russia was warned ahead of time and only the chemical facilities would be bombed. In all that delay, Syria had 2 ½ days in which Russia warned the regime to move chemical weapons from their facilities. Pres. Trump wanted to do more—to topple the regime, but they wouldn’t let him. However, we Bible prophecy students know God will fix it, as His word tells us.

Israel, the US, France, Britain, Germany and Canada all agreed there’s proof that the Syrian regime bombed Douma with a chemical attack. Some say why would the Syrian regime give an order that kills and injures its own people? It appears he’s capable of resorting to any means to take back land from the opposition. There are Syrian people coming forward, thanking us for the air strikes on the chemical facilities. About 150 people are claimed to have died. The World Health Organization reported that around 500 people came to local hospitals to be treated for the effects of the toxic agent used.

An article in The Times of Israel, dated April 5th, two days before the chemical attack in Douma in southern Syria, stated: “The Bashar Assad regime is preparing an offensive to retake southern Syria and the Syrian Golan Heights from rebel groups and has reportedly placed tanks and heavy artillery inside the demilitarized buffer zone on the country’s border with Israel.

Iranian and Arab media reported the week before the chemical attack that Russia is delivering new tanks, BMP’s and other heavy weaponry to Assad’s forces ahead of the Golan offensive. Ezekiel 38-39 comes to mind here. And since the strike by the US and allies, Russia promises to arm Syria with more destructive weapons. Russian and Syrian forces have since taken control of Douma, and are denying access to the site for international chemical weapons inspectors.

Israeli National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat said that Israel supports the attack on Assad’s chemical weapons facilities, but emphasized that from Israel’s perspective, the larger issue in Syria is Iran’s growing influence in the area. Attacking chemical weapons facilities, Ben-Shabbat emphasized, would not solve the main issue. And we know that to be true, according to the Bible. Israel’s PM Netanyahu fears that the US will see its job as done in Syria and will leave Israel alone to face Iran.

Many in the liberal media blamed the chemical attack in Syria on President Trump, citing his decision to pull American troops out of the region as having “emboldened” Assad. However, those same networks enthusiastically praised the 2013 deal in which Obama entrusted Russia to deal with the disposal of Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal.

Less than one week after the Syrian regime was accused of using chlorine gas in an attack that killed dozens of citizens, the UN appointed Syria to chair the UN Conference on Disarmament, a forum on chemical weapons that will be held next month.

Some of you may have heard reports that claim globalists in the US and Britain faked the chemical attack in Syria, using a video of people actually suffering from smoke inhalation. Allegedly, this was done to dupe President Trump into provoking war with Russia. Then there’s a report claiming a Swiss lab that tested the substance used on Sergei Skripal in Britain was an agent called BZ, which was never produced in Russia, but was in service in the US, UK, and other NATO states.

Regardless of what is true or not in these perilous times, we should put our trust in God, not in man.

Isaiah 17 verses are brought to mind here: Iran threatened harsh retaliation after Israel allegedly bombed an Iranian facility at a Syrian air base on April 8. Israeli officials responded that if Iran made any foolish moves then everything it’s gained in Syria over the past decade would GO UP IN A PUFF OF SMOKE. Senior Israeli defense officials said that Syrian dictator and Iran-ally Assad’s regime and Assad himself will disappear from the map and the world if the Iranians try to harm Israel or its interests from Syrian territory.

According to Israel’s IDF, a study of the Iranian drone that infiltrated Israeli airspace in February (before being destroyed by the IDF) has revealed the following: “After flight path analysis and an operational and intelligence-based investigation…the IDF concluded that the Iranian UAV was armed with explosives and was tasked to attack Israel.”

On Saturday in Gaza, four Islamic jihadists were transporting explosives in a vehicle headed for Israel’s border when the explosives accidentally detonated, killing them.

Also on Saturday, a large-scale explosion was reported at an Iranian weapons depot in Aleppo, Syria, according to Arabic-language media, which claimed it was an aerial strike. The depot is one of the largest in the country and was reportedly being used by Iran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah and other Iranian militias. Hezbollah denies that the blast was an aerial strike.

The Syrian government in Damascus appears to be turning over the Kurdish city of Afrin to the Turkish military and pro-Turkish militias. The Turks took control of the city last month, after an air and ground campaign, displacing some 137,000 people. The rest of the large population is now trapped in the devastated city, sealed off by Syrian and Turkish forces, with little food or clean water, and no power. There are reports of looting and property destruction by Turkish allied forces. Under the laws of war, civilians should be allowed to flee ongoing hostilities and to gain access to humanitarian assistance.

As for the situation in Gaza: Remember those 10,000 tires the Gazans burned last Friday to obscure the vision of the security fence separating Israel from Gaza so that Israeli troops couldn’t see infiltrators? Afterwards, Israel said imports of tires have been halted until further notice. Not only do these Gazans not care about the effects on the environment, but in a ridiculous response, the “Palestinian” Transport Ministry complained of the ensuing shortage of tires and the negative effect the shortage will have on the “Palestinians” in Gaza, and demanded that Israel supply more tires to them.

Israeli Air Force aircraft bombed a team of “Palestinian” gunmen on Thursday, after they fired machine guns at an IAF aircraft. The gunfire missed the plane, but set off rocket sirens in Israeli communities near Gaza.

Hamas terrorist leader Ismail Haniyeh vowed that they “will continue day after day and Friday after Friday until May 15.” Gaza leaders have planned a series of so-called Marches of Return culminating in a million-strong march to coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary, the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, and Nakba Day — when the “Palestinians” mark what they call the “catastrophe” that befell them with Israel’s creation.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee” (Psalm 122:6).

“It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man” (Psalm 118:8).