Over the years, an endless parade of reporters has come to my home in Bellevue, Nebraska. At first, it amazed me that these media folks would want to converse with me. I now realized the Rapture Ready's dominance of the subject of bible prophecy is what drives their interest in the site. Recently, I decided to start taking some pictures of my visitors. The following links should give you a general idea of how the interview process works.

Page 1 - Cinema 36 - Sunday and Fabian Riley are filmmakers that specialize in putting together documentaries. They interviewed several people associated with the Rapture Ready site. My admin Becky and I took pictures of our interview sessions.

Page 2 - Dutch TV (Netherlands) - Marjan Moolenaar and her Camera man Wolfgang came to visit with me about Christians and the end times. They are correspondent of the Dutch TV program “Netwerk.”

Page 3 - Spiegel TV (Germany) - Of all the reporters that visited me, I have the least remeberance of who these folks are. I'm at a complete loss at recalling their names, but I do know they were from Spiegel TV.