Here are some pictures Becky and I took at the Tulsa Prophecy Conference. The meeting was at the Sheraton Hotel 5-7 April 2001. Half of my pictures didn't turn out very well, but between the two us, I had more than enough photos.

Dr. Charles Pack was unbelievably kind to me. I was almost embarrassed by his generosity. Easily, the best conference host I've ever encountered.

Phillip Goodman was a wonderful speaker. He has a very folksy way of addressing the audience.

When I saw H.L. Willmington's picture in the brochure, I thought he appeared to be something of an intellectual sourpuss. He turned out to be a rather warm-hearted individual.

I bet Benny Hinn has nightmares about heresy hunter Joseph Chambers.

I have all of Ed Hindson's books so it's about time I got to see him in action.

Terry James has lost his physical sight, but unlike many people today, his spiritual vision remains 20/20.

Dave Hunt always amazes me in his dogged commitment to truth.

Grant Jeffrey well prepared form the camera.

Grant Jeffrey not so prepared for the camera.

During one of the dinner breaks, Terry James and Mike Hile hosted a question and answer session in a side room. I was there and so was Becky (The Queen of Questions). She got several of her questions answered during the main Q&Aperiod.