Here are some pictures Becky and I took at the Tulsa Prophecy Conference. The meeting was at the Sheraton Hotel 5-7 April 2001. Half of my pictures didn't turn out very well, but between the two us, I had more than enough photos.

This picture was taken the evening we all arrived. By user name going L-R LurkinGuy, RaptureReady, Becky1, DeeLeeKay, RJ and Scotty84

This one was shot in the hallway by Becky. User names L-R Kkwolfe, MLauver, PureJoy, DeeLeeKay, and RaptureReady.

I grabbed the camera from Becky, and she took my place.

Dr. Pack and me posing for a buddy shot.

The restaurant in the hotel was good eating. From L-R Mailman Dan, Becky, Paul, John from Ireland, and Christine.

John came all the way from Ireland, and boy do I look like a goof in this picture.

These two gentlemen are authors Terry James and Mike Hile.

The sign reads, "Dan the ATF called and so did your wife." Dan's wife thought he was going to a right-wing cult meeting.

There was about 10 of us that went up to Phil Goodman's spacious room to shoot the breeze over a number of prophecy related topics.

I can't remember what state these folks were from. I know they grow a lot of wheat there.

This photo was taken at the conclusion of the conference. The girl in the dark sweater is Christine (Berean Salmon).