Aunt Loris, Mom, and Aunt Ione getting things ready.

My little brother Jody.

Jody's wife and kids Colby and Abby.

Uncle Wayne (the date setter).

Pumpkin favorite.

My sister-in-law Anna.

Aunt Malvena. Yes, her name is Malvena.

Mom getting something out of the oven.

The main course after the crowd had its fill.

Hey that guy looks like me.

Aunt Loris slicing the Ham.

Mom carving a turkey leg.

My older brother Jerry.

My older older brother Paul, Missy, and Sissy the wonder dog.

Jordan my sister's daughter.

My sister Tammy.

Aunt Ione chilling out.

My nephew Brad and Jordan.

Conner and Ammanda

Shortly before dinner.

The living room table.