Here some pictures Christine (FloridaCP) took at the Tampa Prophecy Conference. The meeting was held at the Without Walls International Church in Tampa 21-24 Feb 2001. Of course, I had to add my little commentary to each picture.

It looks like Hal Lindsey's luggage got lost. Luckily, the Airport giftshop had a shirt his size.

When he's not conducting the Toronto Symphony, Grant Jeffrey also does prophecy conferences.

Yes, this world is coming to an end, and Don Perkins has the charts to prove it.

Rapture Ready T-shirts! Now why didn't we think of that?

J.R. Church always seems to dress like he's going to a funeral.

Gary Kah caught in a rare moment... Smiling

Here's the RR gang waiting for the next Greyhound Bus to take them back home. (front L-R) BigglesNC, Jamorous, Cindy - Creeper's friend (back L-R), Creeper, and Aineo.