The 14th of July, Terry and I flew down to Orlando, Florida to represent the book we co-wrote at the Christian booksellers Association convention. The garthering was at the The Orange County Convention Center which has over 1 million square feet of contiguous exhibition space. There was over 3,000 exhibitors at the convention.

The Orlando Airport had a very nice waiting area.

Here is a shot of my fellow travelers the moment we all learn that our flight will be delayed by three hours. We were told the delay was caused by a broken hatch. The replacement was being flown in from Baltimore.

After the flight was cancelled, Continental was nice enough to buy us lunch as payment for the disruption they caused in our travel plans.

Here I am heading over to Northwestern to take another flight back home.

When I arived at the Detroit Airport to catch my connecting flight to Omaha, I quickly learned that I would need to race to the other end of the terminal. I stopped to take this is quick photo of the underground walkway.