I'm always getting requests from people to provide more information about myself. I normally lead a rather boring life which doesn't give me much show and tell. Well anyway, here's a few pictures from my little corner of the world.

Out of about 10 pictures taken of me, this one was judged to be the pick of the litter

Rapture Ready World Headquarters from Jan. 1994 to Dec. 2006.

Here you see the old headquarters. From the spring of 1989 to the end of 1993, Rapture Ready operated from behind door number 2.

This is where I answer email, research current events, and update the site. As you can see, I love post-it notes. In fact, I have a post-it note telling me to use my post-it notes.

This is my nephew Ben. Warning girls he's not as cute as he might appear I used a photo editor to remove several facial blemishes.

This is my other nephew Bradley. Sorry Brad, there's only so much you can do with a photo editor.

All around my hometown of Storm Lake, Iowa you can find miles of power generating windmills. On a breezy day they are very noisy.

This is the house I grew up in. 

This is my godless sinner friend Marty. He lives in Sac City, Iowa.

Here's Marty and his dog Willy.

Hey you three Looky-Lous in the back! Mooooove it.