On Christmas day I had dinner at Ray and Diana's house. Ray is the brother of my brother's wife, so that would make him my bother-in-law once removed.

Ray and Diana live in the northern part Omaha, Ne.

Some of the folks socializing before dinner.

The line forms here.

My brother Jerry

This is my nephew Ben, and his new puppy Chewy

Sitting on the sofa is my cousin Chuck (left) and my nephew Bradley (right).

Everyone chowing down

It looks like Pepsi was the popular drink at this gathering.

This is one tough old dog. His name is Sparky, and he's 14-years-old. Sparky has survived being hit by a car and two resulting operations.

Diana said they had a cat that doesn't like strangers. She said it was probably hiding somewhere in the house. Well now, look who I found under the dresser - it's Honey the cat.

If you look closely at kitchen area, you'll see a rather extensive collection of Pillsbury Doughboy knick-knacks.

Here's a shot of the living room, and look at all the presents.

I didn't get this gentleman's name, but he sure did have a gift for carving turkey.

Of course, there's always the dishes that need cleaning.