Pre-Trib Study Group

The plane! The plane! ...that I'll be fly from Denver to Dallas

Sure, we've all seen the oxygen mask demonstration a hundred times,but do we really think about what we'd do in an emergency situation.

The captain and navigator were so kind to put the plane on automatic pilot and come out of the cockpit to pose for a few photos.

Hurry up folks. I only have four hours to catch my next flight.

Wow, free air...and silly me for not bringing any balloons.

Boy, the quality of MAD magazine has really gone down. This issue was so light on material, I breezed through it in 20 minutes.

Oh, look at the cute baby who sat next to me.

I was going to take a photo of my checked bag as it emerged from carousel, but it never appeared. Frontier had failed to get it on the plane.

The airline finally found and delivered my bag to the hotel. The funny thing is that I have not checked baggage in 13 years. After having to wash my socks out in the sink, I'm now scarred for life.

The Denver airport had booths that sold four minutes of internet access for a buck.

The men in white making the terminal safe.