These photo's are from the 70's and 80's. Some of the pictures were in pretty bad shape, but through the magic of photo editing, I manage preserve them for the ages.

Kindergarten 1972 and the Teachers was Mrs. Ewalt

In first grade we were such a rowdy group, it took two teachers to keep us under control.

Mrs. Myers was my third grade teacher.

Mom and Dad unwrapping an anniversary gift.

Here's mom in the kitchen.

This is me during those goofy years of pre-adolescence.

Quick, someone call Sea World. Shamu has beached himself. No Wait, that's just my brother Jody.

With me are my younger brother and sister Jody and Tammy.

Brandy was one of many dogs we had. We could never get her house trained, so this is a rare moment when she was indoors.

Brandy was a puppy factory. Her first litter yielded 7 little rascals.

A year later Brandy gave birth to a litter of 10 puppies.

We had Queeny the longest time period. She was a good dog, but because she was all black in color, so she didn't take very good photos.

Snoopy was my brother Jerry's dog. This little stinker had a bad habit of running out in front of cars. Snoopy went to dog heaven with tire marks on his back.