Here we have several photo's me as small child. Nearly all of thesepictures date on or around 1968. My own personal experience lends much credibility to the popular belief: Good looking baby; ugly adult.

Wow! I must have hit a sour note.

Here you see me getting ready for the day we'll ride with Jesus on horses.

You'd think my brothers Jerry and Richard had never seen a camera before.

Mom and me take a break from painting to enjoy a good hug.

After downing three containers of Gerber's fruit juice, I was out cold.

My career was a pirate was cut short after I realized we lived 800 miles away from the sea.

Boy, back in 1968 they really put a lot of red food coloring in the Hawaiian punch.

It looks like I'm on a red rider rampage.

This was my version of the thinker.

In our family age two was the time you started earning your keep.