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Jan 16, 2012

North Korea: The Most Evil Nation on Earth

The recent death of North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong-il, has reminded the world of the threat posed by this nation. North Korea has several nuclear warheads and it mans the fifth-largest army on earth. It has made an endless series of threats against its neighbor.

What seems to be lost is the evil nature of the North Korean regime. I would rank North Korea as the most evil nation on earth. Here we have the liberal media acting like the North Koreans just lost a kindly and loving political figure. A delegation from South Korea even came to help mourn the passing of Kim Jong-il.

The government of North Korea is based on total control of its citizenry. The nation's media apparatus has crafted a powerful personality cult around both Kim Jong-il and his father, and is now beginning to do the same with his son and successor, Kim Jong-un. Every member of society is required to worship the Kims as gods.

Despite being dead since 1994, daddy Kim Il-sung is still the leader of North Korea. His son was only in charge of the military and the national party. There are countless monuments, murals, paintings, etc., in the name of the "Great Leader." I watched a documentary that showed Western visitors encountering a park bench encased in glass. They were told the reason the bench was under glass was because Kim Il-sung had once sat on it, making it sacred.

Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gadhafi were brutal dictators of the Middle East nations that they ran, but their rule had limitations. If you were a goat farmer out in the desert, you could expect to mostly live your life without any interference from the central government. In North Korea, enslavement extends all the way to the mind of every citizen. You can lose your freedom or your life for not constantly showing you love the Kim family. Amnesty International estimates that as many as 200,000 people are being held in political prison camps around the country.

An underground North Korean newspaper said that following Kim Jong-il's death, “authorities are handing down at least six months in a labor-training camp to anybody who didn’t participate in the organized gatherings during the mourning period, or who did participate but didn’t cry and didn’t seem genuine.”

It is well known that power corrupts the human mind. The life of Kim Jong-il was no exception to this rule. Here are ten examples of weird facts that show how warped his mind had become:

1. Divine Birth - A double rainbow and a glowing new star appeared in the heavens to herald the birth of Kim Jong-il in 1942 on North Korea's cherished Baekdu Mountain. Soviet records, however, indicate that he was born in the Siberian village of Vyatskoye in 1941.

2. He Invented Hamburgers - North Korean newspaper Minju Joson once reported that Kim Jong-il had invented something called the "double bread with meat" and created factories to produce them in order to feed his students and teachers. Given North Korea's anti-American stance, it wasn't practical to admit they were in fact hamburgers.

3. Vampirism - Kim Jong-il reportedly injected his body with the "blood of virgins" in an effort to stay young. Obviously, it didn’t work.

4. He Could Control the Weather - According to reports, the former leader could make it rain on demand. His powers must have been under repair during the great drought that killed over a million people.

5. Kim Jong-il Had All The Short People in North Korea Killed – Jong-il’s government issued a letter to every short man and woman in the capital, telling them of a new wonder drug that would boost them to average height, if not beyond; but, when the short people arrived, they found no drug present. Rather, they found themselves whisked away. These people were never heard from again.

6. High Achiever - Official records reportedly show that Kim learned to walk at the age of three weeks and was talking at eight weeks. While at Kim Il-sung University, he apparently wrote 1,500 books over a period of three years, along with six full operas. According to his official biography, all of his operas are “better than any in the history of music."

7. Internet Expert - North Korean citizens were not able to freely use mobile phones or the Internet, but Kim considered himself to be a communications expert. "I'm an Internet expert too," he told South Korea 's president in 2007. "It's all right to wire the industrial zone only, but there are many problems if other regions of the North are wired."

8. Golfing Legend - In 1994, Pyongyang media reported that the first time Kim picked up a golf club, he shot a 38-under-par round on North Korea's only golf course, including eleven holes-in-one. Reports say each of his seventeen bodyguards verified the record-breaking feat. He then decided to retire from the sport forever.

9. Loved and Admired around the World - The people of North Korea were told that Kim's birthday is celebrated throughout the world. His bouffant hairdo, platform shoes, and collection of jumpsuits has made him a fashion icon of the American youth.

10. Didn't Defecate - It is reported that Kim's official biography on the North Korean state website claimed that Kim did not defecate. It has since been taken down, probably because someone realized the obvious implication. If true, this fact would explain all the other categories on this list.

The madness that is North Korea would not exist if it wasn't for the aid it received from the free world. When the USSR collapsed, Pyongyang was on the ropes. What saved the communist state from doom were shipments of fuel oil and grain from America. We thought the assistance would steer them away from a nuclear program. The whole time United States taxpayers helped pay for this lavish aid, the North Korean continued to develop an atomic bomb. When North Korea announced in 2004 that it had nuclear capability, it became clear that Pyongyang had played us for fools.

It is much easier to just kick the can down the road by offering appeasement. There is no stopping the type of cancerous lunacy that has enveloped North Korea. Kim Jong-un may soon put his old man to shame with his own list of insanity. Since he only has one year of training to be dictator of North Korea, the risk of a fatal military error on his part is very high.

-- Todd

Nuclear Iran: To Be or Not To Be?

Iran continues to resist and/or ignore all attempts by the UN and the international community to warn that nation to back off its nuclear development program. The threat implicit in that bombastic government’s attempts to join the world’s nuclear club have been the fodder of supposition, conjecture, and postulation for years, now. It seems that predictions of Iran having a nuclear weapon about to be a reality has been predicted for a near time-frame every week I can remember for the past 24 months or so.

It is almost as if Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is getting a thrill of some perverse sort out of tweaking the world--and particularly the U.S. and Israel--with his sly threats. Of course, his threats have been of the straightforward sort, too. He has threatened to wipe Israel from the map many times in public speaking forums. He has threatened to shut down oil shipments through the Straits of Hormuz. But, as of late, he has taken to playing slyly worded games of threatening, like a junior high school prankster forewarning of hijinks being planned for his classmates.

For example, he and his bully-pal of Venezuela have been noticed off in a corner whispering to each other and grinning knowingly while casting mischievous glances at the rest of us.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, on a visit to Venezuela, shared jokes about his country's nuclear project with one of his closest foreign allies, President Chavez. "One of the targets that Yankee imperialism has in its sights is Iran, which is why we are showing our solidarity," said Mr. Chavez during a joint press conference with the Iranian president in Caracas. Scorning western fears of Iran's nuclear ambitions, Mr. Chavez added: "That hill will open up and a big atomic bomb will come out." Mr. Ahmadinejad responded by praising his host as the "champion in the war on imperialism." (David Blair, Peter Simpson, "Russia 'worried' over Iran's Nuclear Ambitions," Telegraph, 1/20/10. My thanks to Jonathan Stettin.)

So, the question comes to mind: With this nation, at the heart of what was ancient Persia, playing mind games for so long, but having not yet achieved--apparently--the actual objective of producing an atomic weapon, exactly what is Iran’s future with regard to becoming a nuclear military power?

Certainly, by all rationale one can muster, it appears that it is just a matter of time--perhaps days--until the announcement will be made and as Venezuela’s dictator says, “That hill will open up and a big atomic bomb will come out.”

Like so much else in this stage-setting era for end-times Bible prophecy to unfold, God’s staying hand can be sensed slowing, preventing Iran’s progress in producing that “big bomb.” We continue to wonder over why, for example, the world’s economic structure hasn’t completely imploded. The situation is unsustainable, untenable, to put it mildly. Yet there continues to be an air of normalcy--although the term "normalcy" certainly can be defined differently from, say, a decade ago.

Of course, when thinking on Iran, we who consider Bible prophecy as the guiding light for things to come believe we must put all of what is happening within the context of the Gog-Magog prophecy of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. This is because Persia is one of the chief allies mentioned to come down with the Gog-Magog force to “take great spoil” from the land of Israel. What the Iran of the prophetic day that attack takes place will look like is the question. Will Iran be a nation with nukes or not?

It seems safe to say that whether Iran is or isn’t a nuclear-weapons bearer at the time of that future attack, any such weapon doesn’t seem scheduled to be used against Israel.

Whether through God’s staying hand, or whether by the attack plan’s designer, Gog, Israel will apparently not suffer catastrophic damage in the Gog-Magog attack. There will be carnage from the damage the Lord will do to the attackers, that’s for sure. But, Israel will apparently be preserved throughout the assault. Will nuclear weapons be used at the time? The prophetic Word says “fire” will fall on “the coastlands.” This indicates the possibility of nuclear weaponry. But the term “coastlands” doesn’t indicate an interior nation--like Israel, even though Israel does have some coastal area along the Mediterranean.

So, Ahmadinejad’s consistent threat to wipe Israel off the map with a nuclear strike just isn’t going to happen. Neither is Iran or any other nation on the planet going to wipe Israel off the map by any means whatsoever. Israel is destined to be the head of nations as Christ rules and reigns over all of God’s creation, and King David rules in his supernatural body over God’s chosen nation atop Mt. Zion in the City of David.

How all of this nuclear weapons program stuff plays out will be most interesting to watch over the course of the days, weeks, and months just ahead.