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Sept 1

The Emerging Antichrist

By Jim Fletcher

In a recent blog on his website — and another for Beliefnet — self-described “author/activist/speaker” Brian Mclaren let slip the fangs behind his thoughtful smile, again.

Mclaren, a leader of the so-called Emergent community (a coalition of center-left Christians who lament the influence of conservative Christians), urged readers to beware the proponents of eschatology. In his blog, Mclaren mentioned the internet claims that Sen. Barack Obama is an antichrist-type figure. He wrote:

“Over the last few weeks, Mara Vanderslice and Amy Sullivan and others have drawn needed attention to some more and less subliminal messages coming from the McCain campaign. These TV ads, they explain, seem to target Evangelical Christians in profoundly disturbing ways, using language and imagery that would have a special effect on Evangelicals (especially devotees of "left-behind" eschatology), inspiring anxiety of the most primal spiritual form: fear of the Anti-christ.”

He’s irritated, of course, because some Christians have alleged that Obama has some of the skills of the coming antichrist, as described in the Bible. Notice I used the word “coming.” And therein lies the rub.

Besides the fact that Mclaren and his “Matthew 25 Network” have openly endorsed Obama for president (an aside: how can Emergent leaders — who talk constantly about feeding the poor and working for justice for the oppressed — endorse the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in history?), this poses another problem for Emergent.

They don’t believe in the “end-times.” In their world, eschatology is for the naïve, mentally dull, and hucksters. In his personal blog piece, Mclaren ended with a subtle, clever, and nasty jab at those Christians he considers to be ignorant:

“A reminder to us all…don’t believe everything you hear, even if it’s on ‘the internets.’”

Get it? Christians who have simplistic views of the world (black-and-white) are those who would refer to the Internet as “the internets,” so says spiritual healer and bridge-builder Brian Mclaren. Wikipedia describes it thus:

“’Internets’ is a Bushism-turned-catchphrase used humorously to portray the speaker as ignorant about the Internet or about technology in general, or as having a provincial or folksy attitude toward technology. United States President George W. Bush first used the word publicly during the 2000 election campaign. The term gained cachet as an Internet humor meme following Bush's use of the term in the second 2004 presidential election debate on October 8, 2004.”

Emergent and their pals have contempt for Bible-believing Christians, and Mclaren’s “internets” jab is typical garbage rhetoric from a liberal Christian.

Yet his hubris evidently keeps him from seeing the hypocrisy inherent in liberalism.

The “internets” comment cuts both ways, although Mclaren intends it to be a one-way street. You, the reader, must be careful that you discern what you read on Mclaren’s website, or any other website.

 Back to eschatology.

 Emergent presents its own view of reality, and it is at odds with Bible-believers’ reality. In his blog, Mclaren attempts to ridicule the discussions of a “messianic” figure in this year’s presidential campaign:

 “These McCain approved TV ads have linked Senator Obama to the – gulp – Anti-Christ, using imagery and language Evangelical Christians would resonate with.”

Now, we’ll leave for another discussion the fact that Mclaren’s hypocrisy and extreme bias prevents him from decrying, say, Madonna’s disgusting comparison of John McCain with Hitler. He’s got a one-track story and he’s sticking to it.

But the attempt to portray “evangelical Christians” as weird Bible thumpers is unacceptable. And his own naivete (is that what it is?) helps make the world a more dangerous place.

It is documented that Hamas and other Arab terror groups are gleeful over the prospects of an Obama presidency. Mclaren endorses Obama. Hence, terrorists are emboldened by the West’s “useful idiots” who don’t see the world as it really is. In Mclaren’s world, international politics is a gauzy dream-world in which dialogue and goodwill can usher in the Kingdom of God. It’s the same theme Rick Warren peddles.

How unfortunate for Israel that people like the Emergent folks have some influence in society. If there are no end-times (except on the “internets”), then there is no legitimacy to Israel’s claims to the land. If there are no claims to the land, then “Palestine” is demanded, the 23rd Arab state in the Middle East.

If Palestine is established, can we expect that Hamas — a partner in the Palestinian Parliament — will continue with its openly stated goal of eliminating the Jewish state, through violence?

Does Brian Mclaren care about the genocidal foundation of Hamas, or is his brand of peace and justice the exclusive burden of the Jews?

I don’t know if Barack Obama is the antichrist. I don’t think about it and, by the way, most of the Bible-believing Christians I know do not make that claim. It is an effective way for the Brian Mclarens of the world to tar Christians as ignorant.

But I do believe an antichrist figure is coming. John spoke of him. Paul spoke of him. The world has not yet seen him, simply because no truly world-dominating figure has ever arisen.

He is coming.

Just not in Brian Mclaren’s world.