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Jul 28

Don’t Feed the Animals

By Jim Fletcher


Jerusalem’s King David Street is a pleasant place. Tree-lined and filled with boutiques, the nearby King David Hotel is the crown jewel of the meeting of the old and new cities.

This week, another Palestinian worker manned another bulldozer in an attempt to murder innocents. Just a few hundred yards from the King David, a five-minute walk from the Old City walls, the worker attempted to mimic a recent murder spree, in which several people died. This time, 16 people were injured before bystanders shot the man to death.

These are but the latest attempts by Arab terrorists to kill Jews. And you can count on one thing:

The international community will beg the Palestinians to take gifts. Gifts of land, gifts of a state, gifts of legitimacy. It’s the old strategy of feeding the beast someone else, and hope he doesn’t eat you.

Democratic nominee Barack Obama is but the latest to travel down the Road of Insanity in this insane dance with the Palestinians. He actually said in his press conference in Israel that he hopes Hamas will decide to become a legitimate political movement dedicated to the Palestinian good, and that Hamas will recognize Israel.

Is he a liar, or really that naïve? It is doubtful a guy as smart as Obama is naïve. Let me digress here for a minute and bring up a hard point. This is harsh, but hear me out.

Obama said in the press conference that he understands the danger Israel lives with. He said that if someone were firing rockets at his house at night, at his daughters, he’d do everything possible to stop it.

I do not believe him. A man who has such low regard for human life (see his votes on abortion-related issues) will not put his own life on the line to save anyone. It won’t happen.

It is reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s comical-repulsive commitment to get in a ditch and fight for Israel, if necessary. No one seriously believed Bill Clinton would face existential danger for anyone but himself.

Nor would Barack Obama. His arrogance and narcissism would not allow him to make a moral decision of that magnitude.

Rather than pander to the animals and zoo keepers of “Palestine,” Obama should have condemned the vicious attacks that just took place in Jerusalem. When asked what fresh initiatives he could bring to the Arab-Israeli conflict (the media knew the question and answer would be meaningless), Obama should have said:

“Fresh ideas? How about this. The barbarians who are demanding a state carved out of Israel will not have a state on my watch. It would be left up to my successor to chart his own course on the matter, but I do not believe the Palestinian people deserve a better fate than the one they currently have until they decide to firmly join the community of civilized nations.”

Rest assured, that would set off a firestorm of media activity, and would place Obama himself on the Palestinian hit list.

But alas, it didn’t happen and won’t happen because the Palestine Zoo houses some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Terrorists who storm tourist beaches at Tel Aviv; terrorists who kill children in front of their parents; terrorists who throw stones at vehicles; terrorists who train and dispatch homicide-bombers. On and on.

What if we stopped feeding the animals? Cut off aid. Shun them politically. Invite them to have a state in Western Arabia. The southern Sinai. The moon. Anywhere but the miraculous state of Israel.

Shaul Mofaz, former defense minister in Israel, said this week that he knew from personal experience — born and raised as a Persian Jew in Iran — that strength is the best option in the Middle East. The Arabs understand pain. They shrink back into their crevices and caves. But attempts to pacify them and understand them and help them ensure that you’ll get your hand bit off. Or worse.

Recently, Israel arrested a half-dozen terrorists with ties to Al Quaida…in east Jerusalem. If you’ve been a tourist in that part of the world, you know how close the eastern Arab city is to the civilized western part of the city. Stroll down the old stone streets and buy tourist junk and you’ll be greeted by smiles and offers of thick, black coffee. They love America! USA! USA! USA! So long as you keep the cash coming.

But rest assured that many Palestinians intend to mow-down Jews so they can get us in their sights.

Israel will survive, but it will be a hard road. For what it’s worth, I believe the Israelis will act to stop Iran’s nuclear program. The world quakes at the mere thought. The prevailing political advice is a knee-knocking “Don’t!”

That’s one of the reasons I hope they do. The Israelis won in 1948, and 1956, and 1967, and 1973. They won at Entebbe. They won in Beirut. They won at Osirik.

They will win against Haman, too, again. And they will do it in spite of cowards like the freshman senator from Illinois.