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Jul 7

Between Barak and a Hard Place

By Jim Fletcher

Danny Yatom, the Labor politician/military figure, resigned from the Knesset last week in Israel. He cited a compelling reason: an inability to actually get anything positive done for the country. When was the last time you heard a politician give up his or her perks and power…out of conviction?

Yatom is the former Mossad chief and a soldier. In fact, in his departure from government, he said that he had only been able to really aid his country when he was a young commando in Sayeret Matkal.  Yatom’s exit leaves his old friend, Ehud Barak, without another key ally.

Barak of course is the former prime minister, having ousted Benjamin Netanyahu in 1999. Barak didn’t last long, giving way to Ariel Sharon. Barak’s chief moment in the sun came when he bantered and giggled with the gargoyle, Yasser Arafat, at the Clinton-led Camp David talks in 2000. Barak made far-reaching concessions, including a handover of the Temple Mount to the Palestinians.

You might remember that Arafat turned it all down.

At least the mass-murderer stuck to his own convictions. Arafat had no intention of building a state. He was what he had always been: a terrorist bent on the destruction of the Jews. In effect, he telegraphed those desires to Barak, Clinton, CNN, and the whole wide world. In fact, Clinton, safely out of the White House, admitted later that Arafat had torpedoed the talks. Clinton might be yellow, but he understands what’s going on.

Ehud Barak thirsts to be prime minister again. Why? Ego.

As I enter my cynical middle-aged years, it seems to me that very few politicians have the public’s interests at heart. Barak would like to be the one to lead Israel to real peace; we’ve discussed this before in the context of Bible prophecy. Isaiah knew a little about the intentions of Israel’s future leaders and he predicted none of them would get the job done.

Barak currently serves as Israel’s defense minister, in the Ehud Olmert government. Israel’s political environment is nothing if not fascinating. Sitting cabinet ministers can openly oppose the prime minister and further their own political interests. The question is, what would Barak bring to the table for Israel? A paper peace with their arch enemies?

Thirty two summers ago, Barak and others were involved in planning the famous Entebbe hostage rescue. The assault force then was led by a man who had no political pretensions: Jonathan Netanyahu. The Sayeret Matkal leader, brother of the future prime minister, simply picked up his weapon, boarded a plane, and led the shockingly successful raid. Barak was in the planning stages and initially was supposed to go along, but he was dropped from the operation, thus freeing Netanyahu to succeed with his men.

For those of you who don’t know — or wondered —  Barak is not religious. Few of Israel’s leaders today are religious. Thus, they see things as the world sees them: man can fix himself.

We know better.

Israel’s enemies are becoming more emboldened with each passing week. The cabinet decision to release 1,000 terrorists to Hezbollah, in exchange for what is assumed to be the bodies of two Israeli soldiers, is a problem. Hamas will now likely up their demands for the release of Gilad Shalit, now held for two years by the barbarians in Gaza.

It’s too bad Barak doesn’t draw from his former experiences, when he was a brave battlefield commander defeating the terrorists. In 1973, he took part in the operation, “Spring of Youth,” in which Golda Meir dispatched Sayeret Matkal to Lebanon, where they eliminated the killers of Israeli athletes at the ’72 Munich Olympics. In Beirut, Barak posed as a Lebanese woman strolling with her beau. The “lady” and her beau moments later burst into an apartment building and brought Israeli justice.

Barak also took part in storming the Sabena airliner at Lod Airport — an operation led by Benjamin Netanyahu during the same period of time.

I recently watched video of one of the participants in the Entebbe operation. A young women in the audience rose to ask him why they had done it — why those young commandos had risked everything in such a daring and dangerous operation.

“We did it for the same reason David fought Goliath — the people were in danger,” said the man.

Wow. Joshua’s heart beats in the chests of Israel’s fighting men and women. That will keep them until their Redeemer appears.

Danny Yatom killed his own political career. Jonathan Netanyahu literally died at Entebbe.

They had a higher purpose. Perhaps Ehud Barak will rediscover