Israel is the key to all end-time prophecy.

Keep your eye on Jerusalem  

May 5


By Jim Fletcher

The piece on Jimmy Carter prompted more feedback than I’ve ever had. Evidently, there are many discerning Christians out there who understand what we’re up against (what the scholars have termed “Zeitgeist,” the Spirit of the Age).

Carter’s hostility — his viciousness — directed at Israel is, I believe, shared by other U.S. politicians. We know that Bill Clinton, like a great white shark, is guided by his appetite. His appetite for power.

But there are others who are willing to kill Israel while at the same time expressing undying support for her. Don’t believe it.

While he was vice president, Gore addressed a Jewish audience in Washington, and invoked the famous Dry Bones prophecy of Ezekiel. Later, when running for president, he invoked the same passage during a speech in Tennessee to describe how the Lord breathed life into Al Gore’s old bones to enable him to continue a hard campaign. Recently, the former vp said that he fears global pollution more than nuclear terrorism.

Gore is like a lot of politicians: pragmatic. If something works, it’s good. If flip-flopping, depending on which audience you’re in front of — if it works, then you’ve succeeded. That’s why Al Gore can use Scripture for his own purposes. He was part of an administration purported to be one of the best friends Israel has ever had. The same administration that massaged and nurtured the evil Oslo process, which has brought Israel to a place of terror today.

Clinton and Gore coddled that arch-terrorist, Yasser Arafat, calling evil good. Their secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, actually chased the killer once, when he left a meeting in a huff (a calculated huff, by the way). She begged him to come back to the negotiating table.

What has America come to?

Just this: closer to the end of the age.

Am I an alarmist? Many would say so. But I’m simply pointing out that we now find ourselves in that place described by the prophets, and by Paul. It is clear to anyone who has read the Bible.

Our leaders today are making colossal mistakes. They are doing exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. Our military is not allowed to fire on a psycho killer of Americans like Al-Sadr in Iraq. Can you imagine President Roosevelt ordering his commanders to pick their spots against the Nazis? No, it was total war. Unconditional surrender won the day for the United States then.

We apparently have no such courageous political leadership today. That includes our churches.

When Carter, Clinton, and Gore — all famously Southern Baptist until Carter left the denomination in a huff a few years back — can pressure Israel without impunity, well, something is very wrong.

All three are very smart men. Gore in particular is calculating and discerning, simply because he isn’t driven by lust or, in Carter’s case, an infantile need for approval and attention.

So it is that they will be without excuse when the God of the Jews looks at their records when dealing with Israel. All three are abysmal in the extreme on this score.

We assume too much if we think that the denomination of these three men did its job in telling the truth about Israel. It has plenty of company.

A politician like Gore, raised in Southern evangelicalism, is shrewd when it comes time to campaign. He knows that most Bible-believing Christians would never know about his book, Earth in the Balance, much less read it. The thing is an offering of incense to the New Age. It is steeped in pantheistic world view. The globalist mindset set forth in the book is precisely the kind of clue that tells us how he deals with geopolitical realties: It Takes a New World Order!

This kind of skill enables someone like Gore to be all things to all people. He can shout and sing hymns in a Southern church, then jet-set with his friends in the entertainment community and worship Pan the Goat god, or whatever it is they do.

And for our purposes here, this ability enables him to empathize with Jews and Christians, then host Palestinian terror-masters in the White House, or Blair House (the vice president’s residence in Washington).

Bill Clinton is famous for his chameleon-like personality. And Carter used the same skill in running for president as an outside/insider/evangelical/born-again/friend of Southern rock bands when he ran for president in 1976. He taught Sunday school and participated in Bible studies, and discussed at length his spiritual heritage as a son of the South.

Then he went in and twisted Israeli arms at Camp David to appease the serial killers who control Arab states.

Hillary Clinton, an old-time Leftist, always had time for receiving Palestinian delegations. Now she says she’d obliterate Iran, which funds and feeds Palestinian psychotic behavior.

Barack Obama has “honey talked” American Jews concerned about Israel’s security, then told Palestinian sympathizers in private that political realities don’t allow him to be more open about his Arab sympathies.

Where are the strong political leaders America once knew? I would argue that their bodies are “a-mouldin’ in their graves.”

Is George Bush tired? Is someone pulling his strings? Is he pulling our strings?

And what of the politicians in our denominations? One thinks of Jim Winkler in the United Methodist Church. Frank Griswold, the former presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. Rowan Williams, the leader of the Anglican Church in the UK.

These men and their underlings are well-known enablers of the Palestinians. Educate yourself and read about them sometime.

I am thrilled beyond words that there are still many strongly pro Israel Christians in America. God bless all of you.

At the same time, we are where we are. Israel is being trashed constantly, from all angles. Al Gore is a classic example of an ostensibly staunch friend of Israel who in reality has contempt for her. I’m simply pointing this out so that you will pay attention and try to make a difference in the upcoming election.

Barack Obama is a thorough-going phoney who doesn’t have the spine to stand up to terrorists, including those in the United Nations. Hillary Clinton will sell herself as anything to anyone — a cackling joke-teller in rural Pennsylvania; a cold policy wonk in Washington; a hardcore United Methodist in church; an arrogant temporary occupant of the White House; the list goes on.

John McCain? I don’t know. He has a core that most of us don’t have. In Hanoi, he was offered early release and refused, citing others who had been held prisoner longer than him. This cost him five years of his life.

As to his views on Israel, I suspect they are a mixed bag. I think he would continue the American stance that we will do what is good for us ( as we think of “good” these days). If that means standing with Israel from time to time, we’ll do it. If it means appeasing the Arabs, we’ll do that, too.

McCain professes to be a Christian. Hillary Clinton professes to be a Christian. Barack Obama professes to be a Christian.

So do Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Al Gore.

Jim Fletcher is a member of the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel (NCLCI). He can be reached at