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April 14

Les Feldick for President

By Jim Fletcher

 I suppose several will write about the Tulsa Prophecy Conference, just concluded, and sponsored by Thy Kingdom Come Ministries.

It was great. Thatís my summary.

Iíve spent 15 years in the Christian book publishing industry, and that arena ó the one possible proof of Darwinís theory, since the competition and blood-letting is vicious and horrifying to watch ó is at once grotesque and sweet.

What I mean is that the sweetness is evident in the teachings of people like Les Feldick ( Les taught at the Tulsa conference. These people are technically in the Christian book industry. They usually self-publish their books, and have some distribution channels.

They just donít have access to the main ones, and thatís where religious publisher Henry Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde.

The world, as never before, needs teachers like Les Feldick, who was so good in Tulsa. Instead, they are treated to Joel Osteen. Emergent voices. Tony Campolo. Phillip Yancey. The list goes painfully on.

Christian publishers spend a huge amount of time designing book covers, brainstorming about innovative interior design and other gimmicks. They put metal covers on Bibles. They put colored metal covers on Bibles. They produce Bibles that look like magazines sold in Wal-Mart.

But there is precious little Bible teaching. For that, you have to be a detective. Worse, there is bad Bible teaching.

Christian publishing has spent the past few years subtly telling everyone that the King James version is akin to a brittle Egyptian papyrus manuscript from the first century. Hopelessly old and impractical.

Look, the Bible isnít hard to understand, not really. Sure, there are difficult passages here and there. But itís all there. The history of the world, the meaning and purpose of life. God. And one can certainly understand the KJV. Our problem today is, it takes more effort to open and read the Bible than it does to watch a mind-numbing TV show.

How sad then that we are saddled with biased, humanistic philosophy masquerading as Bible teaching. This is a subject I could turn to again and again.

When ďEmergent voicesĒ trash Bible prophecy and dispensationalists, do you understand how biased they are? Do you really understand how mean they are? Center-left Christians speak softly and are often entertaining. They have publicity photos that are heavy on easy smiles and caring eyes.

Donít be fooled. There are plenty of voices in the Christian community today that loathe true Bible teaching. In the tall grass, they bare their teeth and stare intently, hatefully at the Les Feldicks of the world. The ones who hold up the Bible and proclaim its goodness and lasting value.

These wolves in sheepís clothing gave given themselves over to the diabolical for myriad reasons: financial gain; a thirst for secular approval; backlash against skewed, conservative Christianity forced on them in childhood. The list goes on.

What boggles the mind, though, is that they are so effective. We are living in the days of itching ears, my friend. You know it and I know it.

Thatís why the jammed ballroom in Tulsa wasnít a thousand jammed ballrooms. What on earth are people thinking? Are they thinking? Why do a thousand people gather for a Bible prophecy conference and hundreds of thousands drive by on the freeways?

Is there good teaching in the Christian community? Of course. Here and there. Guys like Les Feldick know thereís power in the blood. They understand who the Star is.

By contrast, toothy, telegenic frauds are warmed by the glow of lights, cameras, action. They bask in the adulation of congregants who donít know if there are 66 books in the Bible, or 666. People who want nothing more from church every Sunday than to by golly feel good about themselves.

This is where we are.

Thatís why it is vital that Bible-believing Christians get creative. You wonít find solid books in Christian bookstores, by and large. So you should go grass-roots. By word-of-mouth buy and circulate good books and teaching tapes and CDs. Shift your spending priorities from goofy trinkets and smarmy plaques and Max Lucadoís latest book, and consider making a donation to Les Feldickís ministry, or Thy Kingdom Come (which sponsored the Tulsa conference), or RaptureReady.

Which brings me to the subject of competition. In the Darwinian world of Christian publishing, where the smaller and less beautiful are torn to shreds by meat-eating large publishers, we do have a choice. The chain bookstores, which by and large do not support writers like David Reagan and Phillip Goodman (The Assyrian Connection)Öthey thirst for your dollars. They really do. They need you to come in and buy a candle and cheesy picture so they can pay the light bill.

Instead, you might consider doing a little heavy lifting by researching the ministries and teaching materials that are worthy of your hard-earned cash. The Ariel Center for Policy Research, in Israel, has wonderful publications that teach us about the terrorism threat, and Israelís right to the land.

David Reaganís Lamb and Lion Ministries is one of the best teaching outlets anywhere. Dave is solid and very discerning about the times. You might consider supporting them with a financial gift. Pick one or five ministries/organizations you can support and support them.

Zola Levitt Ministries has dealt with the untimely passing of Zola to rebound with a wonderful team, Sandra Levitt and Dr. Jeffrey Seif. Check them out. I had dinner in Branson, Missouri with Zola a few months before he passed away and I cherish the moment. Here was a man who gave himself, literally, to the teaching of Godís word.

There are other people who can teach us, people you might not be aware of or think of right away.

HonestReporting and CAMERA are two media watchdog groups that deserve more support from evangelical Christians. Check out their websites and consider supporting them.

One of my dear friends is Benzion Netanyahu, patriarch of that great Israeli family. A world-renowned scholar, Benzionís book, Don Isaac Abravanel: Statesman and Philosopher, is exquisite. Itís about a Jewish philosopher who lived a few hundred years ago and explored the great questions of life, especially reading the Prophets. Check out Amazon and get a copy for yourself and 10 for your friends. Bible prophecy students should not be without this book.

Another friend, Caroline Glick, has just released her first book, Shackled Warrior, about Israelís precarious position in the Middle East. Caroline is deputy managing editor of the Jerusalem Post; Gefen Books is her publisher.

In essence, I am asking you for something: pass on this reading list to everyone you think might be interested. Do this by phone calls and emails and letters. Letís make Carolineís book a bestseller, first because itís important. Her analysis of the war on terror is a must-have, literally.

Letís build a grassroots community of informed Christians who will bypass the regular outlets ó bookstores ó and give a platform to those who truly deserve it. This is a theme I will return to again.

The American mind is turning to pudding. This from the consumption of books that purport to teach you how to live a really swell life every day until you pass away peacefully in your sleep at age 100.

This is not reality. It is a false reality.

The real world, the one we live in and must deal with realistically, is speeding toward its conclusion. We owe it to our fellow man to spread the word.