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Mar 24

Dateline Jerusalem - Jim Fletcher

"With Allies Like These, Who Needs Enemies?Ē

Angela Merkel said this week that Germany will always defend Israel.

No, they wonít.

The German chancellor since 2006, Merkel is actually quite an improvement over some past German premiers. She seems genuinely sincere, giving an historic speech in the Israeli Knesset. Merkel, whose father was a pastor in East Germany, conveyed her deep sadness over the Holocaust, even using the Hebrew word Shoah, to describe the ghastly murders of six million European Jews.

But Merkel is wrong for two specific reasons.

First, the prophet Jeremiah recorded that one day, all of Israelís friends will abandon her. This will happen in the last days, which Iím convinced we are experiencing now.

Secondly, Merkel also subscribes to the wacky theory that cementing Israelís security means endorsing the ďpeace process,Ē that opiate of the diplomatic masses. Sadly, Franceís new president Nicolas Sarkozy also endorses the Oslo Delusion. How different our world might be if these leaders, along with President Bush, would stand up to the global blackmail thrust on us all by the Palestinians.

Israelís Arab population is deranged, driven mad by evil practiced by Yasser Arafat, his Fatah lackeys, and the wider Arab world, so dominated by dictators. The Palestinians feel a sense of entitlement and, but for some minority segment of their population, feel that violence is okay. Violence directed at other people, of course.

The international community will realize at some point that there is no diplomatic solution, and when they see that UN forces and shuttle diplomacy donít work, they will conclude first that itís unsolvable. Then when things get worse, they will conclude that itís all Israelís fault.

All this is another indication that my current obsession ó If the Bible were true, what would we expect to see in the real world? ó is confirmed. People can pay lip service to the security of the Jewish state, but because Godís word says otherwise, we know the latest pathetic peace process is an illusion. Amazingly, even if humans try to fool themselves, the Bible always confirms ďrealĒ reality. The international community wants us all to believe that there is a peace process thatís working, or can work, in the Middle East. The Bible tells us something else, and is confirmed by reality.

In a poll recently, the Palestinians indicated that they favor Hamas strongman Ismael Haniyeh over the wax figure rolled out by Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas, aka, Abu Mazen, aka Holocaust Denier. This is telling, if for no other reason than it shows the Palestinians favor the overt violence employed by Hamas.

As Middle East analyst Barry Rubin noted in the Jerusalem Post, there is no good solution to the crisis in Gaza. Rubin astutely advocates for a buffer zone to be created in Gaza by the IDF, to keep Palestinian rocket launchers far enough away from Israeli cities like Sderot and Ashkelon. One only has to fly into Ben Gurion airport to get a chilling, birdís-eye view of just how small Israel really is. Everyone knows ó even if it isnít talked about ó that if rockets can hit Ashkelon, they will eventually hit Tel Aviv, and then west Jerusalem.

The two peoples live in such close proximity to each other that itís difficult to imagine a more difficult problem. In Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), Jewish communities are within rock-throwing distance of Palestinian villages. The so-called boundary, marked now by the security fence, has Jewish and Arab communities on both sides of the border. In a region full of crazy ideas, the idea that these two can live together is the craziest of all.

The Arab-Israeli conflict has occupied the most brilliant minds in the world. No one can solve it. Israel has tried heavy handed approaches, subtle approaches, diplomacy, cajoling, empty threats, real threats. Nothing works. Do we need more evidence that the Bible is true and God is alive? He declares over and over that He alone will save the Jews.

The current situation is perilous, because weapons of mass destruction are now being sought and used by Israelís enemies. This is a relatively new reality, that makes the apocalyptic scenarios in the Bible more and more plausible.

In Jeremiah 30:16, God tells the Jews, ďTherefore all they that devour thee shall be devoured; and all thine adversaries, every one of them, shall go into captivity.Ē

Every one of them. How delicious.

God then tells His people that he will restore health to them, that their long and painful exile will come to its conclusion. Because the Lord has rebuilt Zion, we know that this is the season.

Angela Merkel has good intentions. Sheíd also better make plans to duck when the shooting starts.