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Jan 14

Dateline Jerusalem - Jim Fletcher

International policy makers disconnected from "real" reality

George Bush, from the elegant surroundings of Jerusalem’s historic King David Hotel, said today that the Palestinian people “deserve” a state. Condoleezza Rice, the president’s secretary of state, expressed her displeasure earlier with the Jewish community of Har Homa, between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

I think of both statements as “friendly fire” in the war against Islamic terrorists.

Bush knows better than anyone this side of the Israeli intelligence community that the Palestinians are a radicalized society, fed poisonous propaganda for years by their evil leaders. While Palestinians live in squalor in refugee camps in Gaza and elsewhere, their “leaders” live lavishly. Accountability for financial dispersion seems not to matter to Western diplomats, U.N. representatives and World Bank-types who stroll around Jerusalem, having coffee on the King David’s veranda, or a drink down in the bowels of the American Colony Hotel’s bar.

I’m convinced that many governments giving aid to the Arabs do it only to appease them. This is an attempt to push-off as long as possible a major Arab-Israeli war. It’s extortion money, to buy off the famed collective temper of the Arab street.

I do believe (with the caveat that I obviously don’t know him) that President Bush has some sincere motives.

However, two things prevent him from carrying out real progress, in the form of realistic peace efforts.

First, President Bush was raised in a mainline church, and has for 20-odd years been a member of the United Methodist Church. The UMC is one of the most anti-Israel denominations anywhere. Even when a solid, pro Israel evangelical gains an audience with the president or his advisors, they have little effect on policy…if they appeal based on the biblical promises to the Jews.

The reason for that of course is obvious: Washington is dominated by politicians and policy advisors and diplomats who have no real biblical foundation in their own lives. For the most part, their religious affiliations have nothing in common with the person who believes the Bible is literally the word of God.

In other words, President Bush and his advisors put little stock in the books of the Prophets, regarding any connection between modern and ancient Israel. To them, it’s symbolism or myth — with a good dose of Replacement Theology thrown in for good measure. That’s why it makes no sense for the Jews to insist on settling the Land of Israel. Dividing the land with the Palestinians makes perfect sense.

And Secretary Rice, touted by publications like Christianity Today as an old-fashioned evangelical, seems to have a nasty disposition toward Israeli “settlers.” Her displeasure with the building at Har Homa is but one example.

The second thing that handicaps President Bush is that American presidents have only limited real power. Our foreign policy is directed by diplomats who have no interest in the Bible. They don’t believe a word of it.

Har Homa, a decade ago, was a barren hill. Israel had always reserved the right to build dwellings there. I remember a speech Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave in Washington in 1997, in which he ridiculed the Palestinian insistence that the settling at Har Homa amounted to terrorism. “The terror of the walk-up apartments?” Bibi said to a huge gathering of pro Israel leaders.

The line is apt. Israel has settled the land, building schools, homes, and hospitals. Israel’s advances in technology have literally helped the world. The country has “taken” territory in defensive wars.

On the other side, the Arabs have carried out terror attacks against the Jews for one hundred years. Their people live like Third World countries. Constant threatening statements toward Israel and the West are made by Islamic dictators. A level of hate that can only be described as satanic has taken hold of entire Arab populations. Alleged peacemakers like Mahmoud Abbas refuse to acknowledge one of Israel’s few requests: recognize us as the Jewish state.

Herein lies a key to the Palestinian leadership’s true intentions. Make certain statements that appear peace-loving, but in reality, squeeze Israel into shrunken borders in order to carry out a final attack.

Yet it is Israel who is the aggressor (so the international community likes to say). It is today as Isaiah said it would be: people call evil good and good evil.

So if you are confused when the guys in the white hats, like Bush and Rice, appear to “not get it” and pressure Israel, realize that they do not subscribe to conservative biblical Christianity, when it comes to Israel. Rice might have grown up in the Bible Belt with old-fashioned values, but she does not believe Israel has a right to what is called the West Bank. That is to be a preserve for one of the great terror units in all of history: the Palestinian Authority. It seemingly makes no sense to us. But it makes perfect sense to the State Department.

There are certain political leaders in Washington who know the truth and even proclaim it: Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, people like that. But at the dinner parties and cocktail parties, they are whispered to be crackpots.

I believe Western leaders (it’s a given that others, like Russia’s Putin, know this) know Israel is being sacrificed to the Arabs. Biblically, this angers God. Even on the level of human morality, it is repulsive. But humans are into self-preservation above all else. I believe Adam, a real person in a real time in history, was prepared to sell-out Eve. It’s been going on ever since.

The key for Christian supporters of Israel is to really begin to live out what we believe. Redouble your prayer efforts. Keep yourself informed. Pray for individuals and nations. And above all, believe God. He declared a long time ago that He alone decides and judges. He alone will end history, in the manner He has chosen.

During these days, when dark storm clouds are gathering, I find that a great comfort.

I symbolically raise my glass to the great state of Israel. Eternal, wonderful Israel.

 Jim Fletcher is a member of the executive committee of the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel (NCLCI); he can be reached at